Amazing Pixelmon Texture Pack for Minecraft

8 Most Amazing Pixelmon Texture Pack for Minecraft


Are you tired of having to wait for your pixelmon to be mined before you can scoop it yourself? If so, this is the pack for you! It has Eight Amazing Pixelmon Texture Packs that will make your mining experience a pleasant one.

If you have ever mined pixelmon yourself, you know that it is not only tedious… it is also extremely boring! That is why this pack was created. To help make your dining experience more fun and less tedious. And to speed up the process of obtaining those valuable resources.

For many people, mining pixelmon becomes a mind-numbing chore. And many times, they decide not to do it at all, which means they never get to enjoy those awesome rewards, which is just a big waste.

In this article, I will reveal 8 amazing pixelmon texture packs that you can use with Minecraft. Other Minecraft users have created these texture packs, which have had the same mind-numbing experience I described earlier.

So if you want to experience the joy of mining pixelmon yourself… without having to endure the agony… then read on…

1 Project Pokemon’s Pack

Project Pokemon’s Pack

The very first texture pack is referred to as Project pokemon’s pack. It is a trendy texture pack for Minecraft players.

This will allow you to have the best experience playing pokemon when playing Minecraft. Furthermore, this texture can be downloaded pack with music if you want or with no music if you do not want to.

I would recommend installing this texture pack that includes music for the most enjoyment.

Download Link

2. PokeBallers Texture Pack

PokeBallers Texture Pack

The second texture pack is listed as the texture pack for pokeballers. This texture pack is extremely popular for Minecraft players.

It is also possible to benefit from this texture pack, similar to the pokemon project’s collection. However, this texture pack is unique in its distinctness.

You can also install the shaders pack to get a better Pixelmon experience. So it is a good idea to give it a go.

Download Link

3. Pokebox Pack

The following texture pack for pixelmon includes the pokébox texture pack. This is a great resource pack that will give you the feeling of a pokemon.

Additionally, it features a beautiful blue-colored GUI, and you’ll see the designers tried to create a playful look to make it more fun for pokemon.

Download Link

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4. Pixelmon Legacy Pack

This resource pack includes distinct and unique features to provide a more enjoyable experience. For example, you can see the appearance of the sky, and the water is stunning within this resource pack.

Additionally, the pack includes new music and a revamped GUI.

5. Pixelmon Merge

Pixelmon Merge

The Pixelmon Legacy Pack is extremely popular among Minecraft players. Qualthron created it. 

The resolution of this texture pack is 16x, and it works on the 1.12.2 Minecraft version. So I highly suggest you check out this one as well.

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6. Pixelmon Faithful Pack

This pack is most well-liked by users of the classic Minecraft. Pixelmon faithful packs modify the appearance of the items in Minecraft. 

Unfortunately, the grass textures haven’t changed, but this isn’t an issue.

Download Link

7. Nix Pix Pack

The final texture pack for pixelmon on the list is the Nix Pix Pack. Nick of L8Games created it. I’m sure it will be your top pack.

It is different from other pixelmon texture packs. However, it looks similar to HD.

8. Adventure Pack

This is also a good texture pack that you could use to experience the whole pixelmon experience Minecraft.

The texture pack is altered every time a texture is added to Minecraft. Therefore, it is among my top choices.

How to install texture packs in Minecraft in 8 Easy Steps

Step 1 Get the texture packs that you are looking for.

Step 2 Then, open Minecraft and choose the options menu from the main menu.

Step 3 – Then select ‘Open Resource Packs.’

Step 4 – Then, it will bring up the folder for resource packs of Minecraft

Step 5 – Then, put the downloaded texture pack file in the appropriate folder.

Step 6 – Open Minecraft and go-to resource packs, and then select the texture pack.

Step 7 – Click done.

Step 8 – This is all you need to do. Enjoy now!

Each texture pack will not work with the latest version of Minecraft. Therefore, you need to take a break and lunch Minecraft using the version that is supported by the pack. You can switch to the latest version of Minecraft by operating within the Minecraft launcher.

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