Monster High Movies In Order | The Complete Monster Guide in 2022


Are you a big fan of monster high movies just like me? Or you are the one who is going to start monster high movies? If yes then you should start now because you are missing all the fun.

It is one of the best-animated movies that you can watch. This is getting another shot at television. 

Talking about the characters of the movie they play amazing roles named Draculaura, Frankie Stein, and Clawdeen Wolf.

They have joined Niclodean and Mattel on two projects. And those two programs will debut in 2022 on the Viacom-owned network.

Monster High Movie is basically a high school comedy so surely you are going to love it. If you are a teen looking for a great high school drama then you should go for it. 

The plot of Monster High Movies


This animated series will follow all the characters as they will negotiate through high school comedy. One of the DC Superhero girls named Shea Fontana will be in charge of the program. While Nickelodeon’s SVP Animation Development Claudia Spinelli is in charge of the project.

Talking about the charge of Mattel, Mattel’s executive producer Adam Bonnett and SVP Content development Christopher Keenan are in charge. 

Jenny Jaffe who is working for the new show Rugrats and also worked on the big hero 6 tv series will collab with Jason Oremland and Greg Erb to create a live-action musical event (princess and frog).

The charge of Monster High film production is Zack OlinShauna Phelan of Nickelodeon. Adam Bonnett leads the live project of Mattel.

The president of Nickelodeon named Ramsey Naito says that these iconic monsters have long captivated children’s imaginations and that he is thrilled to bring Monster High for his new generation of children.

He says that he can’t wait to show the comedy and the animation he produced and also talks about the adventure of the characters as they defy expectations and take on the world. Ramsey wants to thank the expertise of the Nick Creative team that is being led by Claudini Spinelli.

She is in charge of the animation development side and on the other side wants to thank Zack Olin and Shaun Phelan for the live-action side.

Monster High Movies In Order

Anyone watching to start this monster movie obviously is going to start from the beginning to know the whole story. So let’s not wait further and know the sequence of the monster high movie and start watching if you missed it.

Monster High: Fright On

Monster High-Fright On

In this Monster High Fright On the different turtles and ghouls, those at the Maul are eagerly waiting for the release of the Twin Heart film.

Those two also discover the rivalry of vampire-werewolf after hearing the werewolves and vampires talking among themselves after witnessing the Draculaura and Clawd holding hands. Turtles and ghoul are just pointing out the toilet paper that was clinging to Draculaura’s footwear. 

The ghouls were swept up in the excitement of the announcement in the school. The headmistress Bloodgood announced that Monster High will be merged with two other schools.

Belfry Prep is for the vampire school and Crescent Moon High is for the werewolves.

The ultimate goal of her was to bring all the humans and the monsters together. On the other hand, Draculaura and Clawdeen were in awe after this, and taking this as a chance Frankie brought the two worlds together.

The ghouls put up a great setup with Abbey’s assistance to destroy it when the two schools arrived.

Clawd’s best buddy for life Romulus warns the werewolves not to create problems on the first day of school. This happens just after the three pass snide remarks to one another.

After this two vampires named Gory Fangtell and Bram Devein were introduced.

Monster High: Boo York, Boo York

Monster High- Boo York Boo York

Ramses, who is the father of Cleo de Nile invites his daughter to a banquet in New York. Here they will be announcing the approach of the comet from outer space where the comet crystal. Here Cleo invites her lover Deuce and her classmates Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Catty Noir, and Operetta who are all trying a unique song.

They encounter a budding performer Luna Mathews, dancer Mouscedes King, robotic DJ Elle Eedee. Cleo’s sister Nefera who invited Toralei also appeared there. Nefera and Ramses took over Boo York by setting Cleo with Lux Ptolemy’s son Seth, the gala patron where Seth and Cleo made a vow under the comet’s influence that can’t be broken.

In the meanwhile, Ghoulia learns that a comet is heading for the earth and attempts to stop it before the whole planet destroys. 

Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef

Monster High- Great Scarrier Reef

Draculaura, Frankie, and Clawdeen were preparing a dance performance and were rehearsing for that in the Clawditorium on a typical day at Monster High and they couldn’t perform the way they wanted because of the Toralei’s Shoddy instruction.

During that time Lagoona observes this and Toralei requests to host a party but she refuses to attend the party with her friends.

Monster High: 13 Wishes

Monster High- 13 Wishes

This is about the eclipse that is in another country that Frankie tells about. Gigi grants that one genie is pursued by a shadow sister. Wisp tries to give the whole control to the shadow genie. 

Wisp becomes true as Gigi attempts to stop Fawn from making the wish. During that time Gigi is forced to violate the rules and use them to release the fawn.

Monster High: Escape from Skull Shores

Monster High- Escape from Skull Shores

Lagoona invites her friends to her place for spring break. During that time the ship is attacked and collapses in the route, trapping the survivors on a tiny raft. Bartleby Farnum and Kipling, his helper, hide their faces under a bag. 

Farnum hears the young monsters screaming and rescues them pretending to display them. She resembles an explorer who had a special connection.

So I guess I told you all about the order of Monster High Movies and also gave the brief plot of these. You can now find them on the web and start watching them. 

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