Married At First Sight Season 14 Spoilers Who Stay Together

Married At First Sight Season 14 Spoilers Who Stay Together


Do you know that married at first sight season 14 couples are officially married? Well if not then you should know that they are married and they are also on their collective honeymoon at this time. But we need to know whether their honeymoon will feel like actual marriage for all the couples or not or will they face any kind of trouble in paradise. So here we are with the married at first sight season 14 spoilers who stay together.

You will get to know here everything that you need to know about this one thing you should know here lifetime’s official married at first sight also posted that on the Instagram page that the couples bracket and they also asked the fans to weigh in who they want to make decisions with and who they will see saying that I don’t before the honeymoon was even over.

You are going to know here everything who said what and to whom. Well, all the married at first sight season 13 couples were counting to a big fat zero and there are many people who are hoping that this season will bring the best pairs ever. But some couples seem that they are breaking soon and they are having a rough start.

So we need to know here what will happen. We are here some kind of predictions and when their wedding completed and they went on their honeymoon what all ever happened there will be explained here. We are with all the spoilers.

Married at First Sight Season 14 Spoilers Who Stay Together

Married At First Sight Season 14 Spoilers Who Stay Together

So we are going to tell you here about the couples who stay together and who got divorced. We are going to talk here about five couples and out of those five three of the couples go divorced and two of the couples stay together. 

Well, it is hard to live in a bond where you are not feeling right so it is better to take it off as to keep it dead and alive.

Steve and Noi 

Steve and Noi 

What do think of Steve and Noi? They definitely make a good couple and a cute couple and they had the long-term compatibility ranking for themselves. They stay together and they have a very good bond and chemistry. Both have spent some good time together alongside the pool because of the compatibility. 

At first, Noi expressed what she feels for steve, and at that moment of time steve was not sure to say it back to Noi but he did admit that he has some strong feelings for her. He was the kind of person who was ready to accept Noi’s cultural background and also her family as he was very open-minded. 

Noi was also ver understanding that she understood steve’s work situation. They both had the thought of long-term marriage and they both were ready for a long-term commitment.

We all know that both persons need to understand each other well then only the marriage stays when both are willing to sacrifice for each other. 

The only hurdle that they faced in their marriage was Steve’s love for camping and Noi’s hatred for sleeping outdoors. At this moment their thoughts didn’t match. But at this moment also they found a way out for them with some nice shower facility and high-end camping equipment. They both overcome the hurdle.

Both of them were destined to stay together for the decision day and beyond. All this depends on the two persons who are willing to stay together. 

Chris and Alyssa

Chris and Alyssa

What do you think about these two? Well, these two were not on good terms on their honeymoon too. Alyssa and Chris were too different for each other and she stated that experts have made a mistake by pairing them together. 

Well, what conversations she had with the guy from that three conversations doesn’t make it clear but it was clear from the wedding that they are not having a perfect time together. 

As you will see that Alyssa on one night spends alone time in a separate room and they both haven’t shared the room together yet. She explained that she can’t explain to everyone what she was not feeling right with this marriage and Chris. 

Alyssa told this again and again that Chris was not her type in physical terms and she also told that she doesn’t feel that he is hot enough for her. 

On the other side, Chris continues to try his best and makes an effort to get shot down by Alyssa. There are many couples who have a rough start but later they get back to each other as we see in season one with James and Doug. they both don’t seem like these two but at least they shared one room on their honeymoon. 

We can see that they both are not even sharing one common room so the decision for them will be a big fat no and this couple will not stay together.

Lindsey and Mark

Lindsey and Mark

What do you think about Lindsay and Mark? Things are not looking good for both of them and for Lindsey. As on their big day as on their wedding day, they couldn’t have the perfect day just because Lindsey had too much champagne before the marriage and she had to take a power nap on the local bench when the ceremony was taking place.

She was also uncomfortable to know that Mark has three cats and she yelled when she got to know this and this made Mark uncomfortable. Although she too had two cats and then the discomfort came between these two. 

Lindsay also started fighting with the new bride named Katina on the plane and also with the fellow castmate Olajuwon when they both reached Puerto Pico. the fight was made to that level that both of them had to run to catch their separate bus from the cast in order to go to the hotel.

Mark then comes to know that Lindsay had consumed three bottles of wine and that resulted in the fight and then he told her to be conscious as to avoid more fights on the trip. But there comes another fight between Mark and Lindsay. Lindsay was not agreeing with mark at anything and mark was trying to slow down things. 

This made mark feel embarrassing for the rest of the evening when they started to fight.

Then later we are going to see that Mark will get fed up with Lindsay’s behaviour and then they both will take a divorce and then Mark will look up for next Mrs Mark the Shark.

Katina and Olajuwon

Katina and Olajuwon

What do you think about them? Whether they stay together or get divorced? Well if we talk about the old Olajuwon who was a playboy and the most egoistic then we can assume that this marriage will not stay but we have seen that Olajuwon has changed his ways and he has said goodbye to the manchild that was known as Issac formerly in order to be happy in his marriage.

They both look very good together and they make one good pair. Talking about their compatibility it looks like skin deep. They both share a partying past but now they both are focused and centred. 

Katina and Olajuwon share a love language and focused on the love of their religion and family. They are towards making their careers and want to be successful. They both are going to be committed to the love life and they will succeed at that and they will stay together.  

Jasmina and Michael

Jasmina and Michael

What do you think about these two? Well, they both make a good-looking couple but talking about the compatibility of these two is not so great and they will get divorced. The chemistry between these two is off. From their post-wedding conversation to their honeymoon the disagreements between the two continue and then they will arrive at apologies. 

When they both were on their honeymoon then Michaela started experiencing some kind of problems in their relationship and he see that it was not working for both of them. At that moment Jasmina did not agree with him and they talked about this and thought it was just Michael overthinking. 

When there was a scene of that boat ride where Jasmina interrupted Michael when he was speaking but later she did not admit but later the footage was played then she apologized for this and she felt sorry that Michael felt that way. 

While Michael relayed that he did not consider a real apology.

They both have to disagree and this was a common threat that both had to face. Apart from these disagreements they both also faced boringness in their relationship. 

There was no passion between the two and there was very little chemistry. So we can see that they will walk placidly but awkwardly through the process. They will quit on the decision day.

So this was all about married at first sight season 14 spoilers who stay together. We told the stories of different couples and also gave the information that who will stay together and who will part. But still, there can be seen changes as couples change overnight. So you need to see what happens next. If you have any doubt then you can ask us in the comment section.

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