Maplestory Reboot Training Guide

Maplestory Reboot Training Guide


Maplestory is undoubtedly among the top adored games that are free to play in 2D and side-scrolling. It’s been over two decades since the Korean version came out, yet the game’s popularity isn’t slowing down.

It has a lot of maps to explore and many monsters to be eliminated. Thousands of Maplers are seeking a Maplestory instruction guide. People just beginning to play the game might find it challenging to locate mobs or monsters that can be used to their level of training Stage.

No matter what level you’re at, regardless of the level you are currently at, no matter what level you are at, our Maplestory Reboot Training Guide can aid you in finding the most effective training locations. It is important to note that this guide can be used on both Reboot and regular servers.

Reboot Vs. Normal Servers

Reboot Vs. Normal Servers

Unlike a regular server, Monsters can be very effective in The Reboot server. Instead of the standard level, it is necessary to visit every training location between two and four levels in the Reboot server.

It is only possible to reach the recommended level when you are a multi-character character on your account. You can also provide link abilities as well as legion-related buffs.

Similarly, if you’re playing on the standard server and have several buffs and powerful leveling items, you may go to the training locations just a few levels prior.

Maplestory Training/Leveling Tips

Maplestory Training/Leveling Tips

MMO games such as MapleStory usually require an extensive amount of learning. If you’re looking for ways to level up quickly in MapleStory, you’ll want to maximize the value of your MapleStory learning experience by following the following suggestions:

  • Maple Guide: The vast majority of locations below can be found via direct or indirect access to the handy Maple Guide within MapleStory. If you’re unsure about the area, you should focus on training; this may be a great first alternative.
  • Damage Enhancements A slight increase in your damage could significantly boost the leveling speed if you shift from a two-hits to kill an enemy to a one-hit position. One of the most effective choices is to use the Monster Park Blue, Green, and Red potions which can be found quickly and will give you 30 minutes of damage buffs.
  • Runes activating runes when they appear can provide you with an experience multiplier and an effect that could aid you in defeating monsters. They are available from level 30 and create a difference in a beast at level 29 and a 30 monster map drastically different. Runes themselves are in use until you reach the max level. Be aware of how an Evan link skill increases their duration.
  • Burning Maps Also, players must look for maps that burn after level 100 or higher, which provide different experiences. These decrease slowly as you (or other players) eliminate mobs that are on the map. They also renew over time, even when no one is playing on the map. This may result in a map with solid burning more effective than most well-known training spots. Before you begin a training session, I suggest changing channels several times to locate maps with high burn and keeping a list of them to switch channels as the burn decreases.
  • Unique Portals open up randomly on your map as you train; there are two different versions of this with Pollo, Fritto, and the Inferno Wolf, which could give you significant experience and rare items. They’re generally worth it for the benefits and an increase in knowledge as you advance. But at higher levels, when maps are in high demand, be aware that you could be unable to use your map by a different player.
  • Hyper Teleport Rock is more suitable for Rebooted players who have access to these using Mesos instead of NX. A hyper teleport rock will assist you in the beginning levels when you’re constantly moving between different locations that aren’t part of Maple Guide. With no stone to choose from, it is more effective to stay clear of the non-Maple Guide content due to the time required to travel to a specific map.
  • Another Maple World Travel: If you don’t own a teleport rock, the best way to travel throughout the Maple World is after level 60 of the Sleepywood completion stamp to kill 250 copper Drakes. After that, you can teleport back to Sleepywood at any time. Go through the leftmost gateway through The Six Path Crossway and click the Interdimensional Portal (Pantheon Portal) in the upper left corner of the map. You can click on the map to open the Interdimensional Portal (Move to Maple World) on the right-hand left side. You can select any important Maple World town to teleport your character to.
  • Battle Analyse For the mid-to-late game’s progress between 150-250, the built-in battle analysis tool lets players compare various maps and gain experience to determine which gives you the most return on time. This can be run for 15 minutes intervals, and then comparing it against other maps to gain experience will quickly help you determine what map will be the best alternative.
  • Wild Totems: An important feature to enhance your MapleStory playing can be Wild Totems that offer increased mob maximum numbers and a lower respawn rate to increase your per hour increases. While not necessary initially, as you progress past 150, it’s worth getting and is almost mandatory following 200.
  • Experiential Boosts to assist in leveling up your game. MapleStory offers a wide range of items to boost your experience, and you should be as available as possible. It includes EXP coupons for special events like Legion Coin Shop and Monster Park Sundays, Link Skills (Mercedes, Evan and Aran), Legion EXP grid, EXP Accumulation potions (alchemy or auction house), MVP Buff and Monster Park gold potions. Hyperstat points could also increase performance, but they are generally not worth the money and are only available after 140.

Where To Find Maps In MapleStory

Where To Find Maps In MapleStory

Locating maps in Maplestory is simple. If you’re having difficulty finding any map within the game, simply open your map using W, and search for the map you are looking for by using the search bar at the top; after that, double-click to open the map.

It is important to note that not every map can be identified through this method. Some maps are hidden within Maplestory and are only accessible through following the instructions. Read on if you’re unsure what these maps are and how to get them.

Hyper Teleport Rock

For those who aren’t familiar players, the addition of Hyper Teleport rock can make it much easier to advance in Maplestory. If you’re using its Reboot server, make sure to purchase it. If you are playing Maplestory on the regular server, you can get Hyper Teleport Rock buy using the daily gift event that runs between days 1 and 15.

After you have purchased Hyper Teleport Rocker, you just need to double-click the globe map to make you teleported to your chosen destination in a flash.

Maplestory Reboot Training Guide

Maplestory Reboot Training Guide

Level 1- 10

  • Map: Class Tutorial
  • Mob (s): NA

We’ve already covered the various Maplestory training locations and their locations. Now we will look at how you can arrive there immediately. For those who aren’t aware of training spots, there are no particular places to train between levels 1 and 10.

The easiest and most effective method to get to level 10 of this game is to complete the tutorial quests required for the job. Once you have completed this quest, you’ll reach level 10.

Level 10 – 20

  • Map: Golem’s Temple: Golem’s Temple 3
  • Mob(s): Flaming Mixed Golem
  • Level: 19
  • HP: 350 (Normal) / 525 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 39 (Normal) / 54 (Reboot)

There’s no better place to get started than in training Flaming Mixed Golems at levels from 10-20. This is the place I would recommend for training all-new characters from Maplestory. The most significant feature of this map is that you won’t need to move around to combat creatures, and the amount of exp you earn per mob is incredible.

To get to Golem’s Temple: Golem’s Temple 3, You must take a right turn from Henesys.

Level 20 – 30

  • Map: North Forest Green Tree Trunk
  • Mob (s): Curse Eye
  • Level: 27
  • HP: 650 (Normal) / 1,300 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 50 (Normal) / 75 (Reboot)

When you’ve reached level 20 of Maplestory, it is time to go toward the Curse Eye, which can be found in the North Forest Green Tree Trunk in Ellinia. This map is significantly larger than the one before it, and it is home to a variety of monsters that you can take on.

To get to this map, you’ll need to go to Ellinia first and then utilize the portal that is located in the town. Then, you can use the map of the world to navigate further.

Level 30 – 40

  • Map: Gold Beach: Gold Beach Seaside 2
  • Mob (s):Violet Clam Slime
  • level: Scaling from levels 30-59
  • HPScaling starts at levels 30 to 59 (Normal and Reboot)
  • ExPScaling begins at level 30 to 59 (Normal and Reboot)

In contrast to other maps, Gold Beach has multiple maps to explore and is generally considered the best location to get a head start on training between levels 30 and 40. Players in Maplestory seek this map because all mobs found at this location offer precisely the same exp.

Suppose you are looking for the mob known as Violent Clam Slimes. I recommend you practice on Gold Beach: Gold Beach Seaside 2. For access to this map, you’ll be required to travel to Six Path Crossway and have an exchange with Pilot Irvin. You can find two doors to the right of the Gold Beach town for the uninitiated.

Level 40 – 45

  • Map: East Pantheon: Enchanted Forest
  • Mob (s): Gravi Stonegate
  • Level: 41
  • HP: 8,242 (Normal) / 24,726 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 155 (Normal) / 294 (Reboot)

For a mob called Gravi Stonegear, there is no better place for training than East Pantheon: Enchanted Forest. When you reach the area, you’ll find many mobs with higher HP than normal mobs; however, they offer an extra amount of EXP for each mob.

Instead of waiting for level 40 or 45, you can go directly to Gravi Stonegar at level 35. You only need to consider that your character must be sufficient in strength. To get to the map, you’ll need to travel towards Pantheon through the Interdimensional Portal at Six Path Crossway. Then, enter the portal on the right and utilize the world map to navigate to the next step.

Level 45 – 55

  • Map: Burnt Land: Wild Boar Land Wild Boar
  • Mob (s): Terrified Wild Boar
  • Level: 55
  • HP: 8,000 (Normal) / 24,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 187 (Normal) / 355 (Reboot)

Map Burnt Land: Wild Boar Land is too long compared to other maps of Maplestory. It is home to a lot of Wild Boars and Terrified Wild Boars. The thing that makes this map highly desired is its amazing spawn rate. It’s arguably the most influential map to practice from Level 45 to Level 55.

To access this map, you’ll have to go towards Perion first. Then, go through the portal. You can then make use of the map of the world to navigate further on your way.

When you reach the level 50 mark, you’ll be able to have Easy Zakum unlocked, which is thought of as the less powerful version of Zakum boss. If you can defeat it, you’ll receive lots of EXP rewards.

Level 55 – 60

  • Map: Excavation Site Military Camp 1
  • Mob (s): Skeledog, Mummydog
  • Level: 62
  • HP: 12,600 (Normal) / 50,400 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 256 (Normal) / 614 (Reboot)

Excavation Site Military Camp 1 is a fragile map with a teleporter feature at the top of the map, bringing your back down. It’s a thin map, but it’s the most influential map for training any character since it doesn’t require you to be proficient in AoE or mobility to clear the map in a matter of minutes. In this area, there is a Skeledog as well as Mummydog.

The most appealing feature of this map is that it is possible to stay on it until you’re at level 65 instead of the 60 levels recommended. As we mentioned earlier, it’s one of the maps that can’t be found on the world map.

To get to this map, go to the Excavation Site ExcavationIntermission Zone in Perion. You can walk to the tower when you arrive and then enter the open gate.

Level 60 – 70

  • Map:Swamp: Silent Swamp
  • Mob (s): Copper Drake
  • Level: 66
  • HP: 16,000 (Normal) / 64,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 302 (Normal) / 724 (Reboot)

The mob you’ll meet on the Swamp: Silent Swamp in Sleepywood is Copper Drakes. It is one of the most effective places to train from sixty levels. No matter what server you use to play Maplestory, locating this map on your own will be challenging.

If you’re having difficulty getting to this map, you could try the following map, Swamp: Humid Swamp, where you can take on Copper Drakes. If you have a powerful character, you can remain on the map until you reach level 75 rather than level 70.

Level 70 – 75

  • Map:Orbis: Stairway to the Sky
  • Mobs:
    • Mob 1: Cellion
    • Level: 71
    • HP: 22,000 (Normal) / 99,000 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 382 (Normal) / 955 (Reboot)
    • Mob 2: Gruppen
    • Level: 71
    • HP: 22,000 (Normal) / 99,000 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 382 (Normal) / 955 (Reboot)
    • Mob 3: Lioner
    • Level: 71
    • HP: 22,000 (Normal) / 99,000 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 382 (Normal) / 955 (Reboot)

There are a variety of mobs you’ll encounter at Orbis The Stairway to the Sky I. The names of the mobs include Cellion, Grupin, and Lioner. Two cloud springers are on the map, which can be used to clear the map quickly. The most appealing feature of this map is that it has a phenomenal spawn speed, making it much easier to take down the mobs you’d like.

To get to the map, you’ll have to go to Orbis first. Then, you will need to go through the portal. Then, utilize the map of the world to find further.

Level 75 – 85

  • Map: Ice Valley
  • Mob (s): White Fang
  • Level: 81
  • HP: 54,000 (Normal) / 243,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 780 (Normal) / 1,950 (Reboot)

Ice Valley II is yet another thin map you’ll have to discover in Maplestory. The map is situated inside EI Nath. The mob you’ll meet on the map will be the White Fangs. I highly recommend staying here until you’re at level 85 since it’s considered the most suitable map to level up in Maplestory.

To get to this map, you’ll be required to go by the Danger Zone Taxi in El Nath to Ice Valley II.

Level 85 – 100

  • Map: Sunset Road: Sahel 2
  • Mob (s):
    • Mob 1:Sand Rat
    • Level: 89
    • HP: 86,000 (Normal) / 387,000 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 1,145 (Normal) / 2,862 (Reboot)
    • Mob 2:Scorpion
    • Level: 90
    • HP: 90,000 (Normal) / 405,000 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 1,188 (Normal) / 2,970 (Reboot)

Once you’ve reached level 85, you’ll need to head for Sunset Road: Sahel 2. It is located within the Nihal Desert. You will need to work against Sand Rats as well as Scorpians. There’s no better location to start preparing until you are at level 100.

Contrary to other maps, the monster only appears at the bottom of the map, which is entirely level and runs from one end to the other.

To get there, it is necessary to walk two maps left of the portal near the center of Magalia.

Level 100 – 105

  • Map: Final Mission: Zakum’s Altar
  • Mob (s): Normal Zakum
  • Level: 110
  • HPArms 700,000 per or Body 7,000,000
  • experts between 44,800 and 67,200 for body / 360,340 for the body.

When you reach level 100, you’ll encounter a mob called Normal Zakum, which is not unlocked. You don’t require an upgrade in your gear or link skills to defeat this monster. To get past this group, you must talk to the instructor you are working with within EI Nath or use the boss menu.

You must activate a rune before attacking Normal Zakum, which will bring you up to 105 levels from 100. It will take you to the next level much faster when you use the burning event in just one session.

Level 105 – 115

  • Map: Minar Forest Sky Nest 3
  • Mob (s): Blood Harp
  • Level: 107
  • HP: 904,550 (Normal) / 1,356,825 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 6,165 (Normal) / 7,398 (Reboot)

Blood Harps is the mob you’ll meet in Minar Forest Sky Nest 3 in Leafre. In addition, it is the first place in Maplestory that you’ll need to meet the requirement of star force. If you don’t satisfy the criteria and fail to meet the requirement, you will not be able to take on Blood Harps on this map.

To access this map, you’ll be required to visit Leafre to use the Danger Zone Taxi to the Entrance to Dragon Forest and then go through the portal to the left. You can then use the world map to navigate the journey’s next part.

When you reach 105, you’ll be able to access Monster Park unlocked. It is a unique dungeon that can be visited twice per day. Be sure to use both entrances as they offer an impressive amount of EXP.

Level 115 – 125

  • Map: Hidden Street Unbalanced Time
  • Mob (s): Dual Ghost Pirate
  • Level: 119
  • HP: 2,186,175 (Normal) / 3,279,262 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 10,530 (Normal) / 12,636 (Reboot)

The Hidden Street that is Unbalanced Time is another hidden map within Maplestory. This map can be found in Ludibrium. It is necessary to work against Dual Ghost Pirates on this map. It is said to be a great map due to its several platforms and a teleporter on the bottom, bringing players back to the top.

To get to this map, you’ll need to visit the Ludibrium Warped Path of Time, go up to the top of the map, and then go through the orange portal.

Level 125 – 135

  • Map: El Nath The Cave of Trials
  • Mob (s): Bain
  • Level: 136
  • HP: 4,578,750 (Normal) / 6,868,125 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 19,107 (Normal) / 22,928 (Reboot)

At El Nath, The Cave of Trials III, you’ll need to work against Bains between levels 125 and 135. This map is everybody’s top choice because it features a special spawn rate and offers excellent exp per mob. It differs from other maps because it features a teleporter to the right.

To access this map, you must visit EI Nath and then talk with your teacher at the Chief’s residence and request that they take your information to Zakum. It’s located on a map, which is located on the left side of the Zakum map of entry. Once you have reached 130 levels, you’ll be able to unlock Easy Horntail unlocked, which is one of the best bosses for leveling up in Maplestory.

Level 135 – 145

  • Map: Minar Forest Black Wyvern’s Nest
  • Mob (s): Dark Wyvern
  • Level: 141
  • HP: 5,671,500 (Normal) / 8,507,250 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 22,782 (Normal) / 27,338 (Reboot)

There’s no better place to be than Minar Forest Black Wyvern’s Nest in Learfre to learn how to train against Dark Wyvern from levels 135 and 145. Be sure to eliminate all Dark Wyverns since they offer a huge amount of EXP each time you encounter them.

You will need to use your Danger Zone Taxi up to the entrance to Dragon Nest to reach this location. Dragon Nest and navigate the remaining path utilizing the map of the world.

Once you have reached 135, you’ll be able to have Normal Horntail unlocked, giving you a staggering amount of exp. If your character isn’t well-built and equipped with good equipment, it will be impossible to conquer Normal Horntail.

Level 145 – 155

  • Map: Minar Forest The Dragon Nest Left Behind 2
  • Mob (s): Skelosaurus, Skeleton
    • Mob: Skelosaurus (Star Force)
    • Level: 153
    • HP: 9,126,000 (Normal) / 13,689,000 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 33,882 (Normal) / 40,658 (Reboot)
    • Mob: Skeleton (Star Force)
    • Level: 147
    • HP: 7,128,000 (Normal) / 10,692,000 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 27,558 (Normal) / 33,069 (Reboot)

When you have reached Level 145, you’ll need to travel a bit further in the Minar Forest until you get to Minar Forest, The Dragon Nest Left Behind 2. You will need to fight two monsters called Skelosauruses as well as Skeletons.

Unlike the other stages, mobs take longer than standard time to be eliminated because they increase their HP in a flash. This amount of EXP per mob is fantastic and is why this is the most effective training ground for you from 145-155 levels.

To get to the area, you’ll be required to use the Danger Zone Taxi to the entrance at Dragon Nest. You can also access the site with a Horntail boss teleporter and walk all the way.

Level 155 – 165

  • Map: Time Lane Detour to Oblivion 4
  • Mob (s): Chief Oblivion Guardian
  • Level: 166
  • HP: 21,489,000 (Normal & Reboot)
  • EXP: 55,374 (Normal & Reboot)

In the Time Lane Detour to Oblivian 4, you’ll need to prepare against Oblivian 4, the Oblivian Chief Oblivian Guardian, in levels 155-165. As it’s a great map, most players stay until level 170 instead of the recommended level of 165.

By using this Hyper Teleport Rocker, gamers can reach this place. If you don’t have a Hyper Teleport Rocker, you can access the map by completing one task in the Pink Bean requests that will lead players through the Temple of Time. Keep completing quests until you reach this map.

To reach the Temple of Time, head to the Leafre Station, talk to Corba and then fly to the left. When you arrive, you can speak to the Temple Keeper to start Pink Bean requests.

Level 165 – 170

  • Map: Knight Stronghold Armory 2
  • Mob (s): Official Knight E, Official Knight D
    • Mob 1: Official Knight E (Star Force)
    • Level: 176
    • HP: 30,380,000 (Normal) / 45,570,000 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 74,577 (Normal) / 89,492 (Reboot)
    • Mob 2: Official Knight D (Star Force)
    • Level: 174
    • HP: 28,482,000 (Normal) / 42,723,000 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 70,485 (Normal) / 84,582 (Reboot)

Once you have reached level 165, you’ll need to go into Knight Stronghold Armory 2, situated within Henesys Ruins. In this map, you must fight Official Knight E and official Knight D. It isn’t easy to take on these two monsters. They are a great source of HP and give lots of EXP once defeated.

The most convenient method of getting to this map is to use Hyper Teleport Rock. If you don’t have it, you’ll have to go via it through the Gate into The Future in Temple of Time. Whatever way you decide to take to get there, you must speak with Chief Alex and take on two quests entitled “Scouting for the stronghold” and “Piercing defenses.”

After you’ve completed these quests, you’ll be able to go into Knight Stronghold Armory 2.

Level 170 – 185

  • Map: Inside the Mothership Corridor H03
  • Mob (s): Gray Luxury Saucer
  • Level: 180
  • HP: 34,344,000 (Normal) / 51,516,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 74,577 (Normal) / 89,492 (Reboot)

The map is Inside The Mothership Corridor HO3; you must fight Gray Luxury Saucers between levels 170 and 175. This map is highly crucial in many aspects. It has an astounding spawn rate, which lets you eliminate every mob on the map within minutes.

Like the map before, this is a star force map; however, mobs on this map have larger HP and provide a decent amount of exp. Most players stay on this map until 180 because, at the level of 180, it will be possible to have Future Perion unlocked.

To access this map, you’ll be required to enter Omega Sector and go through the portal located to the left. It is necessary to continue until you get close to Boswell Field IV. Once you have reached Boswell Field IV, take the Intergalactic Transmitter on the top and continue walking the remainder of the way to the Mothership.

Level 185 – 200

  • Map: Twilight Perion: Forsaken Excavation Site 2
  • Mob (s): Sinister Rocky Mask
  • Level: 195
  • HP: 12,632,600 (Normal) / 63,163,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 59,075 (Normal) / 159,502 (Reboot)

The first thing to do when you reach the level of 185 is to head over towards Sinister Rocky Masks, located at Twilight Perion: Forsaken Excavation Site 2. The map boasts a fantastic spawning rate, making it the perfect map to prepare for Sinister Rockey Masks.

I highly suggest you upgrade your equipment before heading out to this area, as mobs can be pretty powerful and could cause massive injury to your characters.

To reach this map, you’ll need to go toward Henesys Ruins first and then follow the world map until you get to the location.

Level 200 – 210

  • Map: Lake of Oblivion: Weathered Land of Rage & Hidden Fire Zone
  • Mob (s): Raging Erda & Soulful Erda
  • Level: 201
  • HP: 46,056,000 (Normal) / 110,534,400 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 101,389 (Normal) / 233,194 (Reboot)

When you’ve reached level 200, you’ll be granted permission to access the Arcane River, which has the same system as Star Force; for those who aren’t aware, it requires a certain amount of Arcane Force to deal with normal damage to enemies.

It is important to note that I would advise you not to have your character train at the map with an increased Arcane Force requirement. If you cannot meet the requirements of an area for training in Maplestory, which we recommend, you should search for a different map that meets your needs.

There are two monsters you must fight when you reach Lake of Oblivion: Weathered Land of Rage. Between levels 200-210, There is no better spot to train other than Lake of Oblivion: Weathered Land of Rage in Maplestory to prepare yourself against Raging Erda and Soulful Erda.

To get to the Arcane River, you’ll have to go across the Gate of the Present and follow the World Map after completing the initial Arcane River introduction.

Level 210 – 220

  • Map: Slurpy Forest: Slurpy Forest Depths & Torrent Zone 1
  • Mob (s): Angry Flyon, Ripe Wolfruit & Green Catfish, Blue Catfish
  • Arcane Force Requirement: 100 Arcane Force
    • Mob 1:Angry Fly
    • Level: 213
    • HP: 129,519,600 (Normal) / 271,991,160 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 265,808 (Normal) / 611,358 (Reboot)
    • Mob 2: Ripe Wolfruit
    • Level: 213
    • HP: 129,519,600 (Normal) / 271,991,160 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 265,808 (Normal) / 611,358 (Reboot)

Once you have reached level 210, you’ll need to move to the next part of The Arcane River, Chu Chu Island. The best place to practice for levels 220-225 is Forest A slurpy Forest Depths. The mobs you’ll battle on this map include Angry Flyon, Ripe Wolfruit & Green Catfish, and Blue Catfish.

The only way to reach Chu Chu Island is after completing the storyline quest of Vanishing Journey.

Level 220 – 225

  • Map: Lachelein Night Market Chicken Festival 2 & Nightmare Clocktower 2F
  • Mob (s):Gallus & Dreamkeeper
  • Level: 222
  • HP: 197,219,720 (Normal) / 335,273,524 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 322,473 (Normal) / 741,687 (Reboot)

If you’ve reached the 220 levels, the best location to train your characters against Gallus and Dreamkeeper is

Lachlan The Night Market: Chicken Festival 2 This market takes place in Lachelein. The mobs you encounter here will award you with a fantastic amount of EXP when they are defeated.

It is only possible to access Lachelein after you have finished the quests in Chu Chu Island. on Chu Chu Island.

Level 225 – 240

  • Map:Arcana: The Forest of Earth & Cavern Lower Path
  • Mob (s): Earth Spirit & Befuddled Spirit
  • Mob: Earth Spirit
  • Level: 232
  • HP: 270,291,200 (Normal) / 459,495,040 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 408,778 (Normal) / 940,189 (Reboot)

Following Lachelein, the next zone you’ll require unlocking is Arcana, located in The Arcana River in Maplestory. Because it is a fantastic spawning rate, most players remain here until Level 250, which is 10 levels higher than the minimum level.

Some people will avoid an area called Morass because the map is not as great as Arcana Maps. After completing Arcana Arcana: The Forest of Earth & Cavern Lower Path and Cavern Lower Path, you’ll need to work against your crowd Earth Spirit & Befuddled Spirit.

To reach your desired location, it is necessary to complete the storyline quest Lachelein.

Level 240 – 250

  • Map: Esfera: Mirror-touched Sea 2 & Mirror-touched Sea 7
  • Mob (s): Aranya & Keeper of Darkness
  • Level: 244
  • HP: 431,142,000 (Normal) / 732,941,400 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 509,964 (Normal) / 1,172,917 (Reboot)

As we’ve already mentioned, most players bypass Morass and begin practicing in Esfera at the level of 240. If you aren’t sure how to get there, Efesra, but don’t fret; 

To get to Esfera the first time, you need to complete quests for the storyline in Morass. When you’ve made it to this point, you’ll need to prepare yourself for Aranya and The Keeper of Darkness at

Esfera Mirror-touched Sea 2 and Mirror-touched Sea 7, respectively.

Level 250 – 255

  • Map: Tenebris: Labyrinth of Suffering Interior 5
  • Mob (s): Dark Miscreation, Dark Construct
    • Mob 1: Dark Miscreation
    • Level: 244
    • HP: 591,261,000 (Normal) / 1,005,143,700 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 640,971 (Normal) / 1,474,233 (Reboot)
    • Mob 2:Dark Construct
    • Level: 244
    • HP: 591,261,000 (Normal) / 1,005,143,700 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 640,971 (Normal) / 1,474,233 (Reboot)

Once your level reaches 250, I strongly suggest going to Tenebris: Labyrinth of Suffering Interior 5 and training against Dark Miscreation and Dark Construct. The mobs you battle on this map will provide you with substantial EXP.

You can only access the Tenebris: Labyrinth of Suffering Interior 5 map when you’ve completed your storyline quests within Moonbridge.

If you’ve been unable to unlock Moonbridge, then you’ll need to complete quests for the storyline in Esfera.

Level 255 – 275

  • Map:Limina: End of the World 1-5
  • Mob (s): Ascension, Foreberion
    • Mob 1:Ascendion
    • Level: 262
    • HP: 655,470,200 (Normal) / 1,114,299,340 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 700,242 (Normal) / 1,610,556 (Reboot)
    • Mob 2: Foreberion
    • Level: 263
    • HP: 666,329,400 (Normal) / 1,132,759,980 (Reboot)
    • EXP: 710,121 (Normal) / 1,633,278 (Reboot)

When you reach Level 255, you’ll need to go to the training area in Limina. To access Limina, you’ll need to complete storyline quests within the Labyrinth of Suffering. There are a variety of maps available that you can use to train yourself in Limina, but the one that players choose most is Limina: End of the World 1-5.

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