JLab Go Air Right Earbud Not Working

JLab Go Air Right Earbud Not Working – 10 Easy Fix


JLab earbuds are high-quality earbuds that everyone loves. However, some issues can arise when you notice that your ears aren’t working in a particular direction. Most often, it will be the left-hand side since the right Earbud is responsible for it directly.

One of the most common problems is one of the headphones that is not functioning. Many users have complained that their JLab Go Air Right Earbud Not Working.

The issue could result from several causes, such as an incorrect initial setup, problems with pairing, battery exhaustion, and malfunctioning hardware.

We’ll be required to investigate some methods to solve the problem. This article will teach you how to solve the problem with your JLab headphones quickly and efficiently.

This guide can be followed for both scenarios if the left or right Earbud isn’t working. In addition, the solutions listed are compatible with all JLab types of earbuds.

How To Fix JLab Go Air Right Earbud Not Working?

How To Fix JLab Go Air Right Earbud Not Working
  • Initial setups were incorrect.
  • Your Jlab earbuds need to be reset manually.
  • They have to be connected to Bluetooth.
  • The earbuds may be damaged.
  • Reset the Troubling Earbud
  • Reset Both Earbuds
  • Recharge the Troubling Earbud
  • Clean the Earbuds
  • Check If There Is Any Physical Damage
  • Contact the Manufacturer

Initial Setup Was Done Wrong

When you use your earphones for the first time, you must follow specific steps to use them precisely again. Let’s review these steps and ensure there’s nothing wrong with the initial setup.

Autoconnection preparation in the process

First, you need to set up your earbuds to ensure they can connect automatically. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • If your earbuds are off, hold them for three seconds to turn them on.
  • When they are lit up, you will see a glowing white light on the left Earbud and an emitted white light flashing on the right.

Let’s try the next step if we find the proper lights.

Synchronizing Bluetooth

In your phone’s Bluetooth settings, select the option ‘Jlab Buds Air,’ and you’ll hear your device declaring ‘Bluetooth Connected. The earbuds will appear white to confirm that the connection is in place. Verify that you can listen through both earbuds; if you aren’t, proceed to step.

Your JLab Earbuds Must Be Manually Reset

  • Navigate to your phone’s Bluetooth settings and remove the ‘JbudsAir’ earphones box.
  • Keep the charging case open and put your earbuds into it.
  • Touch the button on your headsets four times, beginning with one. The blue light should flash four times before turning solid blue.
  • The exact process can be done using the other Earbud.
  • Remove your earphones from the charging case, and place them at least two inches from each other. The left Earbud will shortly become solid white while your right Earbud should blink white and blue.

If the light appears to be correct, it is necessary to reconnect the earbuds with Bluetooth.

They Must Be Reconnected to BlueTooth

We don’t need to replace the devices in this instance since we have already chosen to erase the Jlab entry on the device’s Bluetooth settings. If you have Bluetooth enabled, go to your Bluetooth settings and search for the new Jlab access. Choose. Choose this entry to reconnect the devices and see whether the issue is solved. If this isn’t the situation,

It Could Be an Actual Damage to Earbuds

Although they are durable earphones, the circuitry can be damaged, and the following three points are to be considered when deciding whether to purchase earphones:

  • Damage caused by crushing or dropping
  • You can use this when there’s an abundance of heat, humidity or cold.
  • After cleaning them, they were put in the case but were not dried.

Reset the Troubling Earbud

Make sure that your earbuds are reset if they’re not working correctly. The reset method can differ between JLab versions. This method is, however, universal.

  • Take both earbuds out of the case, and turn off Bluetooth on any device in the area.
  • Make sure to turn off the earbuds with a press and hold the sensor for a couple of minutes.
  • Then, grab both earphones in place until the light indicates illuminates.
  • After that, remove the functional Earbud, but keep the non-working earpiece for a few minutes.
  • If the earpiece blinks white or blue, it can release the grip.
  • If this doesn’t work If doesn’t work, try the next step.

Reset Both Earbuds

Resetting the two JLab Earbuds is the most basic and most efficient solution. Follow the steps outlined in this post.

  • Place both earphones inside the charging case with the lid opened and switch them off.
  • Navigate to the Settings > Bluetooth menu.
  • Click the JLab’s name on your Earbuds, then press the button ‘forget. Based on the phone you use, you’ll be able to choose ‘Forget,’ unpair,’ disconnect, and then ‘Remove.’
  • After that, you should tap one Earbud quickly and often for 4-7 repetitions until it turns three times in blue.
  • Repeat the same procedure with the other Earbud while keeping both in the case for charging.
  • Remove them from the case and put them 2 inches apart. Make sure to connect them to your phone device right now.
  • The process of resetting for different JLab Earbud models can be different.

Recharge the Troubling Earbud

Make sure that you charge any earbuds that don’t work. It could be because they haven’t been appropriately charged. When setting, ensure that the earbuds are on the point of contact.

The Earbud could sometimes not be set at an angular angle within the case. This means that it’s not able to be charged adequately. It is important to adhere to the charging instructions in full.

Place the Earbud into the case of charging, close the top and allow it to sit for 30 minutes to charge. After that, try switching it on and pairing the two earbuds with the Bluetooth device.

A user posted a unique solution for the problem. If the left Earbud isn’t able to charge, swap it with the other Earbud inside the case for charging.

Turn it around and try to place it in. It will remain there for a few minutes and return to its original place. It will start charging and might even begin to reanimate again.

Clean the Earbuds

The speakers are blocked by something. It does not sound as if the right or left earbuds are on. This means that the device must be thoroughly cleaned.

Using a soft-bristled fresh, clean, and brand new brush, a paintbrush, and a cosmetics brush is an easy way to clean. Clean the grill of your speaker by gently moving the brush over it.

The trick is to suck the Earbud that has malfunctioned. Another method. This technique is very effective and has assisted a wide variety of customers. The theory is that ears are flush with earwax.

The wax builds up inside, which can block out sound as time passes. In the end, sucking helps eliminate the wax.

Cleanse the case’s contact points and charging ports too. They are also subject to dust and dirt.

Check If There Is Any Physical Damage

The issue must be solved by resetting and charging the device. If either of the left or fitting earbuds aren’t working, this could result in physical injury.

They’ve been dropped in the dirt or submerged in water. The sensitive components could be damaged if dropped on the floor or a hard surface.

They become disconnected from each other. Use one finger to tap your earbuds to reconnect the parts gently.

Many people have used this method to restore lost connections, and the device began to work again.

The dampness and moisture, however, can wreak havoc with your device. This is typically the case when you’ve damp hands or insert earbuds with wet ears.

If your Earbud came into contact with water, ensure it’s dry. The Earbud should be wrapped in an enveloping towel and set outside on the patio for a few minutes.

It’s recommended to put the earbuds into an earbud holder filled with silicon gel for 12 hours or overnight. Verify if the Earbud is functioning after this.

Contact Manufacturer

The suggestions in this article seem to work in solving the issue. Contact the manufacturer if you think the earbuds you are using are damaged physically or have defective hardware.

But, the issue can’t be blamed for being a manufacturing defect. If the earbuds are under warranty, you can request repairs or replacement.

If none of these procedures appears to have remedied your problem, go to https://www.jlab.com/pages/manuals and look up the latest manual information for your Jlab earphone model. There you can find model-specific troubleshooting instructions, some of which will be available in video format to help you.

We’re hopeful that these methods will fix the issue. If you’re still experiencing issues with one Earbud, which isn’t functioning, Look for the word”support” at the top left on Jlab’s Jlab page. This will let you get in touch with Jlab’s support and find out whether there are other options for your Earbuds.

If you have accidentally damaged your earbuds, get them repaired by an expert local. If the expense of the repair is too high, then you might want to look into purchasing new JLab Earbuds.

We hope this guideline has helped you solve the problem that you are experiencing with your JLab left or right Earbud.

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