Is Sons Of The Forest Cross Platform?

Is Sons Of The Forest Cross Platform? in 2022


Son’s of the Forest will be released in the coming year following the delay of five months. The Forest sequel was announced years ago, but it has encountered production problems because of the pandemic. This week, the release was deferred from May 2022 until October 2022, meaning that players will be waiting a bit longer to experience this survival-themed game. But Is Sons Of The Forest Cross Platform?

The 2018 version of The Forest first was released in the US on PC in April, with the PS4 version coming later in the same year, in November. Although Xbox players have hoped for the game to be brought to consoles, it has not. That means Sons of the Forest is likely to not appear on Microsft.

Is Sons Of The Forest Cross Platform?

Is Sons Of The Forest Cross Platform

The developers themselves haven’t made an official announcement. However, we believe it will be cross-platform compatible. But do you think this feature is necessary?

It turns out that cross-platform compatibility allows players of different platforms to communicate and play together. For example, example, a PC player could have a game with Xbox players, whereas PlayStation 4 players might be playing the same game on PC and vice versa.

There weren’t just us that thought about cross-platform play for Sons of the Forest though several other players have also asked the exact question:

Adly, however, as it appears, there has been no official response from the developer to date. We’ll be updating this article when we can get an absolute either or.

Cross Generation Compatibility

The game is anticipated to come with cross-generation play at a minimum. For those who aren’t aware, cross-gen play allows gamers to play on a newer console alongside players from the previous version of the.

For instance example, an Xbox Series X or S player can lobby Xbox One players. This can be done for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. However, the reverse is not feasible.

Cross-Save in Sons of The Forest

This feature typically goes in hand with crossplay. It lets you use one game and be saved to any other platform. Although it’s a wonderful feature the likelihood of cross saves being created by the game is grim.

It’s because cross-save demands you to use crossplay, and it’s simpler to do than say. If the Forest project of the developer was intended to serve as a guideline, we can safely suppose that we’re not receiving any kind of cross-save.

Will Sons Of The Forest Be On Xbox?

  1. There’s no confirmation yet about when Sons of the Forest will be available on Xbox however it is most likely the game is going to launch on the Xbox platform.
  2. The developers are currently working to release the game exclusively for PC as they haven’t yet announced any plans to release the game across other operating systems.
  3. However, they haven’t said no to making it available for Xbox shortly.

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