Rene From Storage Wars Still Married To Casey Nezhoda

Is Rene From Storage Wars Still Married To Casey Nezhoda?


Are you excited to know about their relationship? Are you curious to know how are they holding things in their life? Although you are going to see Rene on the new season of storage wars and fans are there excited to see if Rene from storage wars is still married to Casey Nezhoda. Fans out there are eager to know about this.

Worry not we have the answer to your question here and we have already seen that both of them are making their debut for years and fans were eager to know about some couples when they got to know Jarrod and Brandi that they both broke up. Talking about Rene he first appeared on storage wars in January 2022 and he has done his role amazingly following the footsteps of his father.

Now discussing any further about these two let us start with our topic of discussion and see if they both are still together or not or they still have their wedding rings or not. Keep reading to get the full information about these two.

Is Rene From Storage Wars Still Married To Casey Nezhoda?

Rene From Storage Wars Still Married To Casey Nezhoda

The answer to this is Yesss!! They are still together and this was clear from the Facebook status of Casey Nezhoda as she often updates his fans with certain posts and videos with her husband and the question of breaking up came after Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante quit.

They both are business partners as well as husband and wife and they have made the move from TV to YouTube as a couple.

Rene is coming on the A&E bidding series and he has a daughter too that comes up with her and sometimes she comes up with Casey. They have both been together since the fourth season of storage wars and they became the main buyers until season 5 came in the year 2014 and it has the favorite duo that you will see in the season 14 cast. 

They both are married for almost 16 years and they both are the owners of 7,000 square feet foot shop and it is called Bargain Hunters Thrift Store and that store is in San Diego, California. Rene and Casey are planning to pass their shop to their eldest daughter who is Tatiana.

They both decided that they will not continue with the lease on the building in the year 2021 in June. 

This couple decided to put their stock on sale as they both were facing losses and losing money every time when they were so close to that. Whatever was unsold was then put into the storage until everything fully opened and when there were no interruptions in the opening. They also posted one video about the temporary closure on their Channel named BargainHuntersThrift which is on YouTube.

They both are selling their items on eBay and mostly selling their bargain items and these items include everything from comic stickers and silver to a little Pony set and a Lamar Odom used basketball. 

Nezhoda Family And The Storage Wars

If we talk about their family then there are three members and it includes mom, Rene, and Casey along with their daughter. Talking about their daughter Tatiana she was born in the year 2006 and she also appeared in one of the episodes of storage wars along with her parents. They had their baby in the same year they got married.

They grew together in their relationship as well in their business too as they both were business partners too and also had their families. The family spends most of the time thrifting from San Diego, California. Rene has very good thinking and he likes to spend most of his time with his wife and daughter. This is highly shown in their social media posts and they keep posting stuff.

Talking about his father from where they both got the surname was a former bass guitarist and he was also featured on the show and it helped them to get out of their thrift store. Talking about Rene he was raised in Frankfurt, Germany till 1990, and after that their families moved to the USA in San Diego.

Now if we talk about Casey Nezhoda she was born to Casey Lloyd in the year 1974 on September 6. She is currently 46 years old and then 16 years she got married to Rene. they both in their business sold whatever used treasures they find at their California thrift store, bargain hunters.

They both were in the spotlight for many years. The last day in their business was June 6 and on that day only they both posted their video on their YouTube channels of which we talked earlier. 

Talking about their Instagram usernames so it is @cbargainhunters for Casey and for her husband it is @rbargainhunters. Now if we talk about the storage wars show it is a great reality show and this show is about rich housewives and finding love and this is unique as there is no other show about bidding on foreclosed storage units. 

This show was criticized for being staged and there are a lot of reality shows that got similar shade. So this was all for is Rene from storage wars still married to Casey Nezhoda. We mentioned here the answer and along with that we mentioned here everything about them.

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