Is Monster Hunter World cross-platform

Is Monster Hunter World Cross-Platform | Everything You Need To Know


There are many people out there who are searching for this whether they can play monster hunt world cross-platform or not? Are you also one of them who doesn’t know the answer to this well if yes then you are at the right place for that as we are here with everything about the monster hunt world and also tell you is monster hunter world cross-platform or not. 

We all know that Monster hunter world is the most famous and fantastic game that is based on hunting mainly and it is for PS4 and Xbox One. it was released in the year 2018 on January 26. And for windows, it was launched in the same year but on august 9. You can play with your friends and you will get the chance to hunt down the monsters. 

The gameplay of this is just more than amazing and it has gained a lot of success due to this and it has the most innovative weapons that you will ever see and also the most amazing graphics. So overall it is just the best. Now the question comes whether is it cross-platform and it allows to play on other devices using the same account.

With cross-platform, you will be able to play it with your friends and it will not be limited to a single platform. So without talking any further let us start discussing about monster hunter world cross and know whether it is cross-platform or not.

Is Monster Hunter World Cross-Platform

If we talk about the Monster hunter world first then it got released in the year 2018 in January and the company that released this was Capcom company and it is part of the monster hunter series titles. It is full of adventure and full of actions and the role-playing makes this more unique from the other games.

The player will get in the fictional land and he/she will join as the hunter. When the player will play the role of the hunter then he has to deal with the monster’s invasion and at the same time, he has to steal resources from them. There are many different areas to explore on the map and it has the wild and town areas too where the players can hunt monsters.

There are many different tasks that the player needs to complete. The best thing that you will experience while playing is that you will get the opportunity to attack the monsters with the other three teammates. The game will start with a brief animation intro of the players to the characters once you start playing the game. 

This game is basically suggesting the style of gameplay. The players playing this can improve their items and they need to hunt the monsters with the help of this and then they need to finish the quests. Well, this is on every single platform along with the availability of this on every mobile and 3DS. 

This was released for Xbox One, PC, and PS4 and it transformed many things. Well, there are many crossplay platforms for Monster Hunter World crossplay and we are going to discuss them all. For now, there is no crossplay support that is available for now and it doesn’t contain the cross-platform feature.

If you want to play this with your friends then you need to have the same systems or the same game consoles then you will be able to play together. You can play single-player campaigns also there is no method for you to play with other players or with your friends if you want to hunt down the giant monsters.

Although these cross-platform features have already disappointed many fans and if you want to kill the beast and complete all the Monster hunter world missions. If they are unable to play on separate platforms then they will not be able to transfer the characters from one platform if they want to possess multiple copies of the game.

So talking about the cross-platform of this currently there is no cross-platform for monster hunter world and there is no option for the PC players if they want to play with their friends who are playing on the Playstation 4. Although this is available for both platforms and players can play with each other if they are on the same platform.

There is currently no news about the update and we need to wait and hope for the good news about the monster hunter world cross-platform feature. Currently, monster hunter world is not a cross-platform game, and the players who are playing on PC and the other players who are on the Xbox will not be able to play the game.

This game got good reviews not good but excellent feedback on Steam and it is available for both PC and Xbox One. the only drawback of this right now is the cross-platform feature. So in case if you have an Xbox Live account then you will not be able to play with others that will be playing on PC and PS4.

For now, we can only hope for the official forum. The company of this game Capcom does not allow monster hunter world crossplay to support on multiple platforms. So players who are playing on PS4 and Xbox One are unable to play together. The reason for not having the cross-platform is that both devices use different engines to run the game. 

Another reason for this can be cheating and maybe the company has decided to prevent the players from cheating when they are playing on separate platforms and also the system is very hard. In this, if both the friends are using the PlayStation then they will not be able to play together.

So this was all about is monster hunter world is cross-platform or not. We mentioned here everything about the monster hunter world and also gave you the answer to is it cross-platform or not and also mentioned the reasons behind that. Still, if you have any other doubt then you can ask us in the comment section.

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