Core i5 Good for Gaming

Is i5 Good For Gaming? Know Before It’s Too Late


The first model to be introduced in 2009, the Intel Core i5, has been since its introduction to power low-end laptops from various manufacturers. The 12th generation was released, showing its processor’s capabilities have changed in time to keep up with the ever-growing demands of the public and gaming. Do you think is i5 Good for Gaming in 2022, specifically, the latest generation? Let’s see.

It’s in the Generation, Really

It's in the Generation, Really

The evolution of the processor is the most basic version that is released during the same year or the following. The initial two generations of Intel Core i5 were released in 2010 and 2009, respectively. The subsequent generations came out each year, and today we have the 11th and 12th generations of Core i5 that even support the built-in AI instructions of the Intel CPUs.

Not every generation is appropriate for gaming, so be aware.

For instance, they do not want to purchase PCs or laptops that feature the 3, 4 or even the fifth-generation Core i5 for gaming.

The reason is apparent – these models aren’t powerful enough or have sufficient graphic rendering capabilities to allow you to play games.

This Intel Core i5 processor 1st generation was not advertised as a gaming CPU.

Also, can core i5 be used to play games?

A Word on the Benchmarks

A Word on the Benchmarks

If the older generations were not intended to be used for gaming, What about the new ones? That is the right question to be asking yourself.

If you answer it with a yes or no way is inefficient; therefore, let’s set the benchmarks now.

I’m going with the PassMark benchmark, which is available on There are some other benchmarks. However, I chose this one because it is a reliable representation of the performance of a CPU, regardless of what system it is running. It ranks processors based on their performance and gives the CPUmark.

The list currently is led in the present by AMD Ryzen 9 5950X with the highest score of 46,165. This is insane; in my opinion, however, the price is also insane. It’s a $700 cost. If you’re building your PC or are thinking of purchasing a new laptop with similar specs, keep the price in mind.

Intel Core i5-10600K – The Leader

Intel Core i5-10600K - The Leader

In that list, I wrote about the Intel Core i5-10600K, the most powerful of the Core i5 CPU gamut. It runs at a speed of 4.10GHz with six cores and 12 threads.

Add 16GB of RAM with a sound graphics card, and it can play games the way you’d like.

However, the list isn’t updated as it seems, as it is expected to contain the 11th and 12th generations of Core i5. However, this list gives you an overview of what these CPUs compare to the rest of them.

In terms of performance, the Core i5-10600K has a superior rating to Core i7-9700K. In terms of performance, it is getting closer to its predecessor, the Apple M1 8 Core 3200. It’s the M1 8 Core. The standard Apple processors for MacBook Air?

I’ll call the Core i5-10600K a gaming CPU, and it’s the most powerful available among the Core i5 CPUs as of the moment.

What About the 11th and 12th Generations?

What About the 11th and 12th Generations

The 10600K model is superior to all other generations, including the 11th. Its Intel Core i5-1135G7 at 2.4GHz is lower than the Core i7-1165G7 at 2.8GHz. It’s even outclassed by the Core i5-9600K at 3.7GHz.

However, before completely ignoring it (which you ought to at this moment), take note that the speed of the CPU plays a significant role in determining the performance of the CPU, regardless of its generation.

You’ve just read one of its most famous examples from above.

Go for the Clockspeed

As I mentioned, a gaming CPU’s performance is dependent on its clock speed. It doesn’t mean that you need to be searching for the Core i5 1st generation with the fastest clock speed of a million because it’s not there.

As you move up in the generation ladder, the more likely you are with the most recent AAA games. Also, you’ll receive more support from Windows if you say that you’re running a 12th gen CPU rather than the first.

A good example is the denial of support for specific versions from Core i3 CPUs to move to Windows 11. In the present, regardless of the power of the version that you’re using, you’ll never be treated the way you should when you upgrade to the latest generation.

You should look for a newer generation CPU like Core i5 10th generation, for instance. Core i5 10th generation with 4.1GHz clock speed instead of one of the higher-end models such as Core i5 11th generation. Core i5 11th gen with just 2.4GHz clock speed.

A Word on the Importance of the Graphics Card

A Word on the Importance of the Graphics Card

You can purchase a laptop or a PC with the most potent processor; however, in the absence of a sound graphics card, you’ll not be able to play AAA games with all of your heart.


The concept is straightforward. Games require graphics and require dedicated processors to run. To maximize the performance of your gaming device, you require a more powerful processor. The more powerful your GPU is, the more influential the performance you will get.

This is to ensure that you can reap all the advantages of your card. The capacity or power of the CPU will allow the graphics processor to achieve its full potential of it.

For instance, if your laptop runs Intel Core i5 4th generation equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070, you’ll be unable to enjoy the game in 4K. You could play games in 1080p, but it also has slight stutters and frame rate drops.

However, using the same card using Core i5 10th generation will yield superior results. You’ll be able to play games at high resolution and a high frame rate.

Therefore, the importance of graphics should not be ignored when trying to perform well.

The card I would recommend is NVIDIA GeForce the RTX3070, RTX 3080/3080, GeForce 3060/3060 Ti RTX, AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT, Radeon 6800 along with the MSI the RTX3090 Gaming X Trio.

These cards can play games such as GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2 or Hitman 3 at a decent frames rate.

So, Is i5 Good for Gaming?

So, Is Core i5 Good for Gaming

With the list of processors that we have provided above and how they compare to other processors available, you’ll be able to answer that question for yourself. However, if you’re talking about the newest generation of Intel Core i5, the answer is yes!

The costs are relatively low and will provide the best value for money. However, if you’re planning to play but don’t consider the cost, I suggest you get one with a higher processor than the Core i5-10600K.

Are i5s suitable as a gaming device in 2022?

The more recent 12th Intel Core i5 is perfect for gaming in 2022. However, be sure to have a high-quality graphics card as integrated graphics cards don’t work to play.

Is Ryzen 5 superior to the i5?

Ryzen 5 series are equipped with more cores than Intel i5, especially if you compare them to the earlier generation Processors, which typically have less Cache capacity than their Ryzen counterparts.

Are Ryzen or Intel more suitable for gaming?

Ryzen has better performance in testing when compared with Intel processors, which are in the lagging position and need enhancement to compete with AMD counterparts.

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