Is Fitbit Calories Burned Accurate

Is Fitbit Calories Burned Accurate?


The calorie counter, for example, is a critical feature to consider before spending your hard-earned cash on a Fitbit ensuring that Is Fitbit Calories Burned Accurate?

The issue has been in the minds of consumers since the Fitbit was introduced in September 2009.

The Fitbit was the first to break new ground in this field in the early days. Within a few years, it had become a success.

Is Fitbit Calories Burned Accurate?

Is Fitbit Calories Burned Accurate

In fitness tracking devices, Fitbit is considered one of the most reliable, effective and precise brands. However, most fitness trackers such as Fitbit tend to underestimate the number of calories burned each day. In other instances, Fitbits may underestimate the number of calories consumed.

The most well-known Fitbit model is Fitbit Charge 2. In an investigation conducted by researchers from Aberystwyth University, the researchers were interested in knowing how precise the Fitbit Charge 2 was.

Their research discovered that the tracker was exact in determining the calories burned during running. Fitbit underestimated the number of calories burned by only 4%, which is impressive.

However, the Fitbit Charge 2 is inaccurate in determining the number of calories burned when walking. The majority of models underestimated the number of calories burnt by over 50 per cent. This is extremely far from the actual results.

Within the study, researchers were looking to compare the precision of Fitbit Charge 2’s accuracy Fitbit Charge 2 to cheaper Fitbit trackers available on the market. The results were, however, reversed. The lower-cost products underestimated the number of calories burnt from running by 40 per cent. In addition, some of the less expensive products overestimated the number of calories burned by walking by about 2%.

What can this study tell what we know regarding Fitbit accuracy? In simple terms, it tells us that Fitbit is more accurate in recording the number of calories burnt through running.

If you’re walking around the city and want to know the many calories you burnt; however, the Fitbit isn’t as accurate; it is possible to get a better alternative for less money that is more accurate in estimating the number of calories consumed.

Are Fitbit’s calories exact when it comes to the burning of them?

Are Fitbit's calories exact when it comes to the burning of them

In studying Fitbit Charge 2, it was found that actions are essential in terms of accuracy.

Calories burned when running was significantly more accurate than those burned while walking.

The study also looked at some of the less expensive fitness trackers sold on the market and determined that the results of those tests were reversed.

As of now, the Fitbit is about as precise as any other device available right now.

Are Specific Fitbit Models More Precise Than Other Models?

Are specific Fitbit models more precise than other models

It is said that the Fitbit Surge has an error rate of around 25 per cent Which makes it among the most precise fitness trackers available.

Other Fitbits perform a bit less well, and other fitness trackers may be off by as much as 93 %.

Certain Apple Watches are close to being as good as the Fitbit Surge, but they also have issues of not correctly assessing calorie burn.

In the end, this is a flawed scientific method.

Let me give you an explanation.

Fitness Trackers: An Imperfect Science

Fitness Trackers: An Imperfect Science

Since fitness trackers are costly to purchase, why can’t they be more accurate regarding the number of calories burned? These trackers will only provide you with an estimate of the number of calories you’re burning while engaging in a particular exercise.

Each of these devices is designed with a specific algorithm that incorporates various factors that affect calorie burning.

Based on these variables, the fitness tracker will only estimate the number of calories you’re able to burn when exercising.

They can’t provide a precise 100% error-free, accurate count. No treadmill at the gym can provide this.

There is always room for errors.

What Is The Way That The Fitbit Monitor The Calories Burned?

What is the way that the Fitbit monitor the calories burned

The Fitbit analyzes a variety of aspects when it monitors the calories burned.

Many factors are considered, from the rate of your basal metabolic rate up to the heart rate when exercising.

Your Body’s Basal Metabolic Rate

What are the calories you’re burning to support the body’s essential functions? This is known as your metabolic rate of basal.

It is different for every person and considers age, biological sex, weight, and height.

Because our BSRs are somewhat different, they can affect how fitness monitors measure the calories burned.

We aren’t all burning calories precisely the same way, and we all have different fitness levels.

We all have levels of fitness that change depending on the day!

Heart Rate, Exercise, And Movement

The tracking of your body’s movement isn’t a flawless science, which is why it contributes to the level of errors.

For instance, if you’re walking your shopping cart around the shop, the Fitbit might not register it as walking even though you’re walking and burning off some calories.

But, if you slightly adjust your watch, Fitbit may interpret this action as a full-body motion and make a mistake.

Do Other Manufacturers Track The Number Of Calories Consumed, Moreover Fitbit?

The majority of cheaper fitness trackers available aren’t doing better than the Fitbit in tracking calories burned from running.

The fact that they can handle walking better suggests that you don’t need to spend more money to gain more.

But the Fitbit is well-known as being more durable and has many functions and features that are not available on those of lesser quality.

Does It Matter To Get The Fitbit?

If you’re not able to find much money to spend, look into getting an older Fitbit.

Fitbits are pretty excellent overall, and there are many strategies to reduce the cost when buying one.

A fitness tracker can help you track the most critical elements of your exercise and exercise routine, so don’t dismiss the idea of getting the Fitbit yet.

How Does Fitbit Compare To Other Brands?

How Does Fitbit Compare To Other Brands

Because of how inaccurate Fitbits are, you might be thinking of buying a different fitness monitor. However, every fitness tracker is inaccurate and overestimates or underestimates the number of calories burned during the day.

We had already mentioned that the less expensive fitness trackers used in the study proved to be highly inefficient when estimating the number of calories burned by running. They were much more accurate in the estimation of calories burned by walking.

If you keep this in mind, we can conclude that you don’t need to spend more to get a reliable fitness tracker. If you intend to calculate the calories, you burn through walking, choosing one less expensive fitness tracker model could provide better results.

There are plenty of reasons to choose a Fitbit instead. For instance, Fitbits are believed to last longer and have many features. These features can aid you in staying engaged and motivated to exercise that can allow you to lose weight even if the Fitbit isn’t tracking your workouts correctly.

However, at the same time, the Fitbit Surge constantly ranks as one of the most accurate fitness trackers available on the market. This is because the most precise fitness tracker failed to be accurate about 27 per cent of the time, roughly the same as the Fitbit Surge has. This means that the Fitbit Surge is more accurate than any other fitness tracker currently available.

Should You Still Use A Fitness Tracker?

Should You Still Use A Fitness Tracker

If you’re at this point, you could be tempted to ditch your Fitbit entirely. Is there any reason to continue having it if it’s not up to date? Though you should not place all your fitness goals into the form of a Fitbit or any other fitness tracker, they’re an excellent method to remain healthy and fit.

Fitness trackers are valuable tools to incorporate into your exercise routine. It will keep you motivated to remain active and work towards your goals. You can set reminders and many other options to keep you shaky all day long.

Closing Thoughts

Fitbits aren’t foolproof; they can make issues with accurately recording calories burned.

Some less expensive models may be better than others but don’t offer many of the available features or are as robust.

The calculation of calories burned isn’t a precise science for any device. However, the Fitbit is most likely as close as you be when it comes to fitness trackers.

Despite their high cost, they aren’t precisely determining the number of calories consumed. But they cannot accurately estimate these numbers as it is based upon generalized assumptions. Compared with other fitness tracker brands, Certain Fitbits, including the Fitbit Surge, tend to be the most precise available.

The fact that a Fitbit isn’t perfect isn’t a reason to not utilize it. However, they can be fantastic for keeping you motivated and enthusiastic about working out. Keep in mind that the estimate of calories burned isn’t always precise. However, you can use your Fitbit to stay motivated and keep healthy.

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