Is Ark Cross-Platform

Is Ark Cross-Platform in 2022


The Ark community has a burning question: Is Ark Cross-Platform possible? Ark: Survival Evolved, an open-world MMO viral in 2021 and still prevalent today is well-suited for cross-play. This allows players from different platforms to play together.

You will also need to know the million-dollar answer if you want to share the action-adventure gaming experience with friends on other platforms (PC, Xbox One and PlayStation) and mobile.

Is Ark Cross-Platform?

Is Ark Cross-Platform

There is good and bad news. We will start with the positive news, just like a good storyteller. It’s here:

You can find the answer right here. It’s a simple sentence with no bells or whistles. It’s here —

It All Depends On:

We all agree that the solution looks anti-climax. It isn’t very easy. Many factors go into deciding whether you can play cross-play with your friend.

We have made this post highly detailed for you—everything on how to play Ark across platforms.

Ark: Survival Evolved Is An Excellent Platform For Cross-Platform Play

Ark: Survival Evolved is an action-adventure MMO that challenges you to survive on an island home to various exotic creatures. Studio Wildcard, the game’s creators, got their inspiration from extinct animals like dinosaurs. However, imagination was behind other games, such as the next-generation robots.

You can hunt, jump, tame, and ride many colorful creatures in this game. To survive in this game world, you can build a portable home base from their backs.

Its nature as an exploration-adventure survival game with a massive user base makes Ark: Survival Evolved perfect for cross-play. Shooting games are not disadvantaged in any way that makes them unsuitable for cross-platform play. The MMO feature means that the game’s popularity grows with each user. The more you play, the better.

Crossing The Chasm

Before we get to the meat, one last thing. Cross-platform play is often described in the same terms. To fully understand the Ark cross-play issue, you will need to be able to distinguish the subtleties between them. This part will teach you everything you need about Ark: Survival Evolution cross-platform or across multiple platforms.


Cross-Play allows you to play with friends on any hardware platform. Xbox One, PlayStation 4 PC, Nintendo – Cross-play allows players from any device to come together in a community spirit. This allows the game to grow quickly and provides great fun.


Cross save game support lets you save your progress and continue on other platforms. Cross save support is required for certain games.

Cross progression is another industry term.

Cross Generation

The cross-generation term is the final one. It means you can play the game multiplayer on multiple versions of the same device. Cross-generation support allows two friends to play the same game on different devices, such as on PlayStation 4 or PS 5.

Let’s now move on to the good stuff.

With Other Devices

  • Arc is Cross Generation for PlayStation
  • You can’t cross-play Ark with any other device outside the PS ecosystem.

If both of you are playing on a PlayStation device, you can play in multiplayer mode with your friend. He may be on PS5, and you may be playing on PS4. You can play together as long as both players have the PlayStation platform. They can play together if someone uses Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or both.

Wildcard Studio has yet to release Ark: Survival Evolved on the PlayStation 5. The PS5 version of Ark: Survival Evolved is still available. However, the PS4 version can be used by players who have the PS5.

Wildcard Studio is the only gaming studio that has gained a reputation purely because Ark was their original studio. They are working with many subsidiaries to improve Ark. We can only hope we will soon see a PlayStation 5 version to allow cross-generation support.

With Other Hardware

  • Cross-Play Xbox with Windows PC is possible, but it’s not possible.
  • To play between Xbox One and Windows PC, you must download the game directly from Microsoft Store.

Other platforms do not support multiplayer cross-platform support between Xbox One and Windows PC. You cannot play with your friend if you’re on a Sony PlayStation or Nintendo Switch.

To enjoy the ability to play Ark cross-platform, you will need to download Ark from Microsoft Store. If you use Steam or another storefront, you can’t play Ark cross-platform between Windows PCs and Xbox One.

Microsoft and Steam use different servers and do not support one another. However, Xbox One runs on the same Microsoft servers as Steam. You can use cross-platform Ark with it.

Mobile Devices:

  • Yes, Ark Survival Evolved can only be played on mobile devices across platforms
  • Both the iOS and Android platforms allow players to face off
  • It is impossible to match up with console or PC players

Ark’s only actual cross-platform ability is on the mobile platform. You can play together on both Android and Apple iPhonesAll other platforms are out of bounds. You cannot, for example, play with your friend on Nintendo Switch or Xbox One from your phone.

Nintendo Switch:

  • The worst-case scenario is Nintendo Switch
  • Cross-play prohibited
  • Cross-generation support is also absent.

Mobiles are the best option, but Nintendo Switch has the worst odds. If you’re on Nintendo Switch, you can’t play with other players on Xbox One or Windows PC, Mac, Linux, and PlayStation.

You cannot also cross-platform play between different Nintendo Switch models. You can only play with friends with the same Switch console model as you once you’ve purchased it.


  • Steam players can play across all versions of Linux, Microsoft Windows PC, or Mac.
  • Multiplayer gaming is impossible with consoles such as the Xbox One, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Switch, or mobile players.
  • Steam players must download the game from the same store. Epic Games Store purchases will not cross-play with Microsoft Store downloads.

Steam allows you to play with others, whether you’re using a Mac, a PC, or a Linux operating system. Cross-play is not possible with other forms of media – mobiles and consoles are not supported.

What does it all mean? Van Ark: Survival Evolved is enjoyed cross-platform?

You can’t take them altogether. These are the two main takeaways:

  • Ark cross-play is mainly restricted to devices within the same ecosystem.

All Sony platforms can match up, regardless of whether they use the PlayStation 4 or 5. They can’t play with Xbox One or Nintendo Switch players.

The Microsoft ecosystem also allows users to play together, e.g., Xbox One and Windows PC users. Cross-play is not possible.

  • Gamers from different ecosystems can play together in most cases, but only if they have the same form factor.

All mobile users can play together, but not consoles or computers.

Similar to the PC, they can match up with Steam users if they buy the game from the same retailer – however, these players cannot play with console or mobile gamers.

Cross-Platform Ark: The Road Ahead

Is Ark cross-platform play coming soon? Crossplay is becoming a popular trend and is suitable for business. No studio can afford to ignore seamless cross-play between multiple players online with social computing and gaming, which are the future frontiers of tech.

Ark is a highly rated survival game. Its huge success has led to its conversion into an animated series featuring a stellar star cast, including Gerard Butler and Russell Crowe.

Studio Wildcard will soon include Ark cross-play support, so we think it’s only a matter of time. Ark 2 will be released soon, according to the official website.

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