Is Anne+ coming to Netflix

Is Anne+ coming to Netflix? Know When It’s Coming


Are you excited to watch anne+? Do you know something about Anne+? Anne+ is a movie that is based on a Dutch drama television series that was premiered on 3Lab in 2018 on September 30. It was set in Amsterdam and it also follows the love life of Anne. Anne is a lesbian and she is twenty-four years old. 

This was created by Maud Wiemeijer, Valerie Bisscheroux, and Hanna van Vilet. Talking about the production of the movie it was produced by Millstreet Films.

Talking about the plot of the movie Anne+ we have to tell you about the season’s plot as it is based on the seasons. So in the first season of Anne, she moves to her own place and there she unexpectedly runs to her ex-girlfriend lily. 

She broke up with Lily four years ago and also she was her first girlfriend. Then there happened a lot of things. After that, she reflects on the relationships that she has been through over the student years in Amsterdam. 

You will get to know about the turbulent love life of Anne and all about the stuff that led her to be the girl that she is right now in the series.

Anne+ Trailer

Is Anne+ coming to Netflix?

This Anne+ followed two television series and after that, it came as a movie now. 

This is based on a titular character who is a writer and also at the same time she tries to understand what she wants from her life before she will move to Canada and she will continue her relationship with a woman with whom she was connected during the series. 

As we know about the show it was a heartfelt exploration of the main character and also about their relationship and also it provides interesting and amazing storylines. 

The cast of the series has returned to the movie so fans can now expect a great emotional and also grounded look at the protagonist and her journey.

Anne+ will be aired on Netflix on 11th Feb 2022.

Talking about the plot of the movie now we will tell you more like Anne there seems to have been things that were going for her and she also has a job at a creative agency. 

She has plenty of friends along with this she is dating a lovely girl and she is living in an apartment in the city center of Amsterdam. 

Despite all she is restless. She wants to change her career as she is not happy with what she is doing she doesn’t know where to start and she is distracted continuously. 

When her ex-girlfriend is standing at the doorstep she is having more trouble. 

Now you have to watch this to see what happens and how she manages her things and also her personal life. This is all about balance. 

You need to watch this and learn something from this.

Cast of Anne+

Anne+ cast on netflix

The main characters are Hanna Van Vliet as Anne and Eline Van Gils as Lily. The other characters are Jade Olieberg as Jip, Flip Zonne Zuijderland as doris. Alex Hendrickx as Casper. Huib Cluistra as Teun. 

Jouman Fattal as Sara, Amy Van Der Weerden as Daantje, Jacqueline Blom as Liesbeth, Hein van der Heijden as jos, Jesse Mensah as max, Valentijn Benard as Oscar, Myrthe Huber as Caro, Ayla Satijin as Maya and laura Gomes as Cecila

Although there are many guest appearances too in the series as well as the movie. You need to watch this to see those characters. 

So this was all about Anne+. We told you the release date of Anne+ on Netflix so now you can easily watch it and see how she struggles with her life and gets out of all the troubles that she was facing in the movie. If you have any other queries then do ask us in the comment section. 

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