If Walls Could Talk Lifetime movie 2022

If Walls Could Talk Lifetime Movie 2022 Cast, Summary And Everything That You Need To Know


What do you know about if Walls Could Talk Lifetime? Well, it is a life teaching movie that is based on a true story. It is a great thriller that warns us not to trust everyone. Even if you are feeling right you should not trust everyone. So here we are with if walls could talk about lifetime movie cast and much more about that.

Olivia Garland moves home to help her mother Rebecca after the death of her father. After that, she becomes very concerned about Rebecca’s claim of the ghost in the house and then she wonders if Rebecca is going to decline mentally. After that when she breaks her hip then Olivia hires health aide Jake winters. 

Her warmth and patience seemed to be too good. There was one strange thing that kept on going and during that moment of time, Olivia decided that she can trust and then how can she keep her and her mother safe. It got released on 6 March 2022. It aired on lifetime. Keep reading to know the cast of the movie.

Cast of The Movie: If Walls Could Talk Lifetime 2022

If Walls Could Talk Lifetime movie 2022 cast
  1. The role of Olivia was played by Margo Eve Parker.
  2. Role of Corner Floyd was played by Jake.
  3. The role of Rebecca was played by Nicole Danielle.

Summary of Movie If Walls Could Talk Lifetime

The storyline of the movie is inspired by Lisa Frame and it is directed by Mariah Murlowski.  The total time of the movie is one hour and thirty minutes and the story revolves around a woman who is helping her widowed mother and who claims that there is some kind of energy in their house and they are feeling the ghost energy.

Talking about actress Margo Parker, she is appearing as the protagonist in the movie and she is a successful part of agencies like Zero Gravity Management, CESD Talent Agency, and Ferrari Talent. She has also appeared in other movies too like Deadly Girls Night Out and in Retrograde Los Angeles.

If we talk about Corner Floyd he is also a writer and he is from Texas. He has played the role in My Girlfriend is black and it is a TV mini-series. He has also appeared in the young and the restless, malicious motives and help wanted. He keeps sharing many kinds of snippets shots on his Instagram account.

Now talking about Nicole Danielle she is mostly famous for My Little Girl, the cleaning lady outcast and trapped daughter. She is a vocalist, dancer, and also professional actor. She has played a great role in comedy as well as drama. She is also playing the role of a distorted widow in the upcoming movie.

So this was all about if walls could talk lifetime. We told you about the cast, plot, and storyline of the movie. It is a must-watch and you should not skip this. Still, if you want to ask anything then you can ask us in the comment section.

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