I am legend 2 release date 2022

I Am Legend 2 Release Date 2022


What do you know about I am Legend 2? Well, it is a novel written by Richard Matheson. I am Legend was released in the year 1954 and many people loved it. That’s why later it became an inspiration to make a movie on this and then in 2007, I am Legend got released. Francis Lawrence made a mark in the movie and along with him Akiva Goldsman and Mark Protosevich co-wrote this.  So let’s discuss the I am Legend 2 release date and everything that we know.

Will Smith played the role of Robert Neville and he makes it more awesome with his appearance. Robert Neville was a US Army virologist. Most of him has been wiped off in New York City, Neville. It is basically the sole survivor of a virus that has been created to cure cancer. 

When the virus doesn’t touch him then he was trying to find a cure when he was fending against the mutants. Well, this is his third novel of him that is going to hit the screens after the release of The last man on earth and the omega man. There were a number of different actors and directors that were working on this I am legend initially in 1994. Later it got delayed due to some budgetary issues with the screenplay.

This all got started in New York City with a $5 million scene that was filmed on the Brooklyn bridge in 2006. So I am legend got in Canada and the United States on December 14, 2007, and it made a good profit. It earned a total of $585 million from domestic ticket sales and also from international ticket sales. It was the highest-grossing movie at that time. 

I Am Legend 2 Release Date 2022

Well,  Will Smith made this more amazing with his performance and he got some extra praise for that. The movie is a bit different from the novel. You can see some changes at the end and it is mainly focused on criticism. It is mainly focused on the Red Cross evacuation ship from South Paulo after it escaped the plague there. 

There was no such camp there and he denied this according to Neville and it works on the theory that the female dark seeker is lowering their body temperature with ice and it would improve their efficacy. The dark seekers were keeping an eye on Anna and Neville at the night before they burst in. 

In order to safeguard the female patient, Ethan along with Anna and Neville flee to the basement laboratory in order to safeguard the female patient. When the dark seeker was smashing his head there was an effort to storm into the building then Neville looked at the issue. 

Ethan and Anna were in a coal tunnel at the lab’s back. On the other hand, Neville then heals a lady and then he offers her his blood and he also risks his life in order to preserve the cure by throwing the grenade at the dark seekers. On the next day, Ethan along with Anna make it to the Bethal survivor camp after a long time.

A tale of bravery has been narrated by Anna of his bravery and selflessness in order to make Neville a true hero and show that he saved everyone on earth. Although there was no sequel to I am Legend before, after getting so much popularity it was made and now it is going to be released soon.

Although the sequel of I am Legend was not required, it was still made in order to earn more money. Fans were waiting to see this as the easter egg in I am Legend mentions Batman v Superman. Since 2008 the announcement was made that it was coming. Still, it took longer to arrive.

After that in 2011, Lawrence announced that I am Legend 2 is going to arrive but it got delayed as there were no new developments that were made during that time. Then later on in 2012 and 2014 Warner Bros said there is a prequel made and it is coming soon. Later Kevin Smith the director of the movie said that in 2018 he is making I am Legend. 

Still the process is going on and we need to see when it will actually be released. So this was all about the I am legend 2 release date. We told you about the plot and told you about the characters. Still, you need to wait to watch this.

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