How To Write A Recommendation On LinkedIn

How To Write A Recommendation On LinkedIn


Many of us have had the pleasure of working with various wonderful colleagues, bosses, and colleagues we’d love to recommend to LinkedIn (or anyplace else, actually).

The problem is that writing the recommendation takes longer than you expect. What do you think will help your friend be noticed yet sound authentic? Do you need to describe every incredible ability this person has or keep it brief and simple? Learn in this article How To Write A Recommendation On LinkedIn?

What Are LinkedIn Suggestions, And Why Should I Write Them To Individuals?

What Are LinkedIn Suggestions, And Why Should I Write Them To Individuals

Let’s back up for a sec and cover the what and the why: This little feature of everyone’s favorite business-meets-social-media platform allows you to write brief testimonials of people you’ve worked with. Consider them an online version of reviews for former and present coworkers or employees and managers (or any other people you’ve had the pleasure of working with).

Employers and recruiters often look up a person’s LinkedIn suggestions when deciding whether to interview them. Although those blurbs might not be as crucial as a solid resume and properly-written cover letters, they provide additional information about the person’s background and skills from a different perspective. It’s the equivalent of a mini reference review.

Why should you create a review? Consider the reasons to write reviews for your favorite salon or restaurant. It’s a simple method to show your appreciation and respect for their work and helps present them as attractive in the eyes of potential clients (or employers). It’s also a great way to stay in the forefront of your mind with your acquaintances from the past. They’ll be notified once you share your recommendations, and it’s bound to make them smile and hopefully inspire them to do the same in the future when searching for your suggestions.

A final advantage? Giving an individual a LinkedIn recommendation can show all the professional and personal networks you belong to that you’re a caring and kind colleague – the kind that anyone who is a potential employer would naturally like to work with.

How To Write A Recommendation On LinkedIn

How To Write A Recommendation On LinkedIn
  • Discuss the purpose the nature of your relationship with your employer.
  • Please provide the specifics of the position you recommend to the individual.
  • Tell us how they’ve grown the company.
  • Indicate how their contribution has helped increase the effectiveness of the team or the company.
  • What do these accomplishments indicate about this person?
  • Finish with a note on the personal aspects of working with the person.

Define The Purpose And The Nature Of Your Relationship With Your Employer.

It sounds important; however, it’s an important piece of information that serves as the “intro” for your recommendation. It could be a colleague you’ve worked with for many years, a supervisor or direct subordinate or point of contact with the agency, or anything Other than that. It sets the scene for your reader to understand why you’re making this recommendation.

For example:

I’ve worked with Lisa for nearly two years.

Please Provide The Specifics Of The Job You Recommend to The Individual.

Do you recommend this person to work with them in a particular job? Are you writing about their work in multiple roles they’ve had while you were working with them? Whatever the case, a good second step would be to describe certain aspects associated with the job(s). It could be not easy to comprehend, like giving the job description. However, this can be very useful to anyone reading the advice trying to understand what exactly they’ve done in their job.

Avoid the temptation to make a list of all their tasks. If they’ve worn many hats, I would suggest contacting them to determine what part of their job they’d like to be emphasized more than other areas.

For example:

In the two years that she’s been working, I’ve witnessed her excel in the fundamental aspects of her job, including copywriting and copyediting, but also master additional tasks that go well beyond her job, such as the marketing of emails, events planning, and even being a champion for the company’s internal communication.

Tell Us Why They’ve Grown The Company

If the person is reporting (or previously had reported) directly to you, this part of a LinkedIn recommendation could make a big difference. Explaining why the individual you recommend developed — whether in their position or between roles is a good way to demonstrate their capacity to grow when the organization grows.

Be careful not to overstate any weak moments in the individual’s career that could reduce the worth of the progress you’re trying to emphasize.

For example:

Lisa has increased in size as fast as our business has, and her eagerness to take on new responsibilities should be desired of any business professional.

Indicate How Their Contributions Helped To Grow The Company Or Team.

It could be a reason for how they have helped them achieve hard-to-measure numbers or show their contributions to more obscure tasks, like the leadership of their colleagues or encouraging new ideas.

For instance:

Lisa’s ability to master her primary job, and the tasks that extend beyond it, have been essential to the company’s success. Indeed, her approach to company communications within the organization was aligned with improved employee satisfaction.

What Do These Accomplishments Show About The Person?

Now that you’ve provided certain details let’s talk about what those details refer to for the overall concept of your recommendation. Did the examples you’ve given indicate that someone is committed? Ambitious? Excellent to boost team spirit? Link their achievements to their strengths.

For example:

This unique combination of ambition and productivity is a wonderful example for everyone on the team. It’s also why everyone enjoys working with Lisa regardless of where they are on the organizational chart.

Finish With A Note On The Personal Aspects Of Working With The Person.

In this section, drive the nail on the head by mentioning your experience when working with them, your goals for their future, or a simple prediction regarding the future of their career.

For example:

Although Lisa’s hard work continues to yield dividends well into her time at the office, I definitely would like to have her around daily. I’m optimistic regarding her professional path.

How Do I Post A LinkedIn Recommendation?

How Do I Post A LinkedIn Recommendation

There are two possible ways to approach it:

  1. On your account: Go on to the profile, then look down until the “Recommendations” section, and click”+” to add a recommendation “+” sign. You’ll be asked whether you want to ask for or give a recommendation–select the latter. After that, a pop-up box will ask you to select the person you’d want to recommend.
  2. From the other person’s page: Head to the profile of the person you’d like to recommend. Select the “More” or “More” button to the left of the “Message” button and then click “Recommend.” Alternatively, you can browse through the “Recommendations” section and click on “Recommend [Name].”

In either case, you’ll be asked to type in the following information:

  • Your relationship with the person: Did you supervise the other person? Did they work for you? Did you work with them? Choose your relationship from one of the options on the menu dropdown.
  • Their status at the time: In which position were they at the time you worked with them?
  • Your suggestion: A brief (no more than 3,000 words, but a shorter than that is more effective) about your time working with the person. It’s where you’ll want to concentrate your time. Which is why we’re here…

10 Best LinkedIn Recommendation Examples

10 Best Linkedin Recommendation Examples

While we suggest following the above steps to make the new recommendations for each person, Here’s a simple template to use in case you’re short on time. Just make sure you fill in the appropriate information!

“[Descriptive phrase is the word that pops into my mind whenever I think of [Name”[Descriptive phrase] is what I am thinking of when I think about [Name. I’ve had the pleasure of being acquainted with [Name] throughout [time], and during that time, [description of your relationship with you is the description of your relationship. In the end, I was awed by [Name’s] ability to describe the qualities that make others notice the person]. Also, as the personal characteristic, they possess. [Name] is an absolute asset for a job that requires the [1-2 skills they excel in and comes with my sincere advice .”

It’s that easy. Five steps will take you through five (or five or) sentences and five minutes for a suggestion to ensure your contact is shining. Are you curious to know exactly how it all comes together? Take a look at these examples. (You could take them as a source of inspiration for your recommendations, but we won’t divulge them!)

To Recruit A New Member To Your Team.

One of the values we have on the engineering staff is “constant improvement,” and I’ve never met anyone who would embrace the same philosophy as Meha. Since we’ve collaborated and I’ve watched her continuously search for new challenges to solve, whether finding the source of a bug in software or script that will get a reservation in an always-booked restaurant or completing charity races during her off-working hours. Meha is also the first person to help when new employees have problems. I’ve enjoyed working with Meha, and I’m sure anyone wanting to hire or collaborate with Meha will be pleased, too.

A Colleague With Whom You Worked On An Assignment

Maintaining a group of more than 50 individuals focused on the same goals may seem daunting; however, it was an easy task for Peter. We worked together closely over six months to roll out an innovative product launch, and I was always impressed by his project management technical capabilities and how he managed to stay the team focused throughout the inevitable challenges and disruptions to the supply chain. I am confident that I have left every weekly meeting he held with a more positive outlook. Peter is your guy for any company or team that needs a proven PM with a get-it-done-with-a-smile approach.

To Be A Boss

I could not have had an ideal first manager other than Seema, whom I was a direct supervisor for two years before her promotion to VP of Sales. Thanks to her training and coaching, I went from meeting my sales goal 50 percent of the time to surpass the quarterly target. She was also willing to go beyond her means to help us understand diversity and different perspectives, strengthening our bonds with our team members and helping us become stronger as a unit. If you ever get the opportunity to work for Seema, I’d highly recommend taking it.

For A Mentor

As an ex-brand manager who knew anything about the subject of paid advertising, I am grateful to my lucky stars that I was able to have Jordan to learn from. While not my direct manager, Jordan always went out of their way to assist me in learning the basics of digital ads in my first year at APO Agency.

As a result of this education, I could create various profitable programs for my customers. Additionally, Jordan provided monthly office hours (with DONUTS!) for everyone on the team to inquire about the latest platforms and features. If you’re searching for someone to collaborate with, a manager or leader of your team of digital marketers, I’m not able to imagine anyone else I would suggest more than me.

For Someone Older Than You.

I have learned many things about managing a team as a result of Cris. Cris was the head of the communications team in Fintech Focus while I worked in project management. However, in the moments our teams worked together, I could observe and benefit from his direction. In a field known as hard-charging, Cris broke the mold and created a space that made everyone feel valued and respected. (Except when it was football time, that’s a different story.) Everyone is fortunate to be able to work with a person like Cris.

For A Direct Report

I was sure Susan was an outstanding person when I hired her to fill the role of social media coordinator, and she showed up to the interview to give a talk about how brands can engage with (the emerging) TikTok. In all three years she worked for me, she was promoted from manager to coordinator and finally to team leader because of her ability to identify new trends and rapidly execute on-brand strategies for our clients. The best part is that her social abilities are coupled with the ability to get some of the largest bureaucratic customers into swift actions. I’d employ Susan for the second time in an instant.

If You Are A Junior

Nikita is an emerging superstar on Nikita is gaining traction in the PR world. As the team’s account coordinator, she effortlessly manages reports, scheduling, and analysis for our five accounts managers (myself as well). However, her skills go way beyond keeping track of the team’s needs and particulars. She demonstrates her passion and passion for the field every day by taking the time to connect with editors and scouring for the out-of-the-box potential for clients. (She’s been a huge help to me to improve my PowerPoint game – big time.) Any PR team is blessed to have Nikita, and I can’t be patient to see where her future will take her.

For Freelancers

The word “efficient” is the way I’d describe Sehoon. He’s been my real-estate company’s primary freelance writer for the last two years, working on long-form white research papers on market trends and emails to sharp social media content. Since we’ve started cooperating, the amount of compliments I’ve received about my newsletters (and the number of client referrals I’ve received from the newsletters) has exploded. In addition, Sehoon’s turnaround time is consistently incredibly fast. If you’re searching for someone to elevate your content to the highest level, I’d strongly suggest hiring Sehoon.

A Client

It’s rare to find clients who feel like genuine partners; however, that’s exactly the feeling I’ve seen in Kat when my agency’s content team has worked alongside her marketing staff over the last two years. As a client, she’s amazing. She provides detailed project briefs, is a trusted partner in creating content, and keeps me informed with project and content performance results, which allows me to enhance the products I create. Also, she pays on time every moment! If you’re considering hiring Kat for an employer, colleague, vendor, or employee position, I could not rate her experience higher.

A Student’s Needs

It is rare for undergraduates to come with as much enthusiasm as Chandler. In his sophomore year, he took two of my classes on business strategy and was head of the Future MBA student group I was chair of. During my time with him, I was impressed with his ability to tie the topics we covered in class to the latest case studies and business news. He also demonstrated his leadership skills in the outside world, effortlessly juggling a range of extracurricular and social activities. I’m certain that Chandler will have a promising future ahead of him in his career path in consulting in management and will greatly benefit any business.

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