How To Withdraw Money From Bank Without A Card?

It is becoming increasingly apparent that people want to have as few things as possible. The advancement in technology has given people the ability to choose from various options, for example, how The question is, how How To Withdraw Money From Bank Without A Card? Utilizing your smartphone to cash out from an ATM could be like something from Back to the Future, but it’s happening and could facilitate more transactions.

Have you ever gone to an ATM and had trouble remembering your PIN? No more! With applications that offer internet-based banking and cash transfer budgeting and are much more accessible via your mobile, It was only a matter of time until it was normal. The question is, how How To Withdraw Money From Bank Without A Card?

How To Withdraw Money From Bank Without A Card

Option 1 – Head to the Bank

The first method to withdraw cash using an ATM card is easy: visit the nearest branch of your Bank and request a cash withdrawal directly from your current account with the cashier.

Although this service isn’t offered everywhere, most traditional banks provide ATM withdrawals at the counter, making it simple and easy to withdraw cash without an ATM card. Most of the time, the withdrawal is considered a regular ATM withdrawal, which means that when your Bank has the withdrawal of cash with a certain amount (either in value or frequency), it will likely apply to ATM withdrawals as well. Additional service fees may be imposed on withdrawals from the branch, but it is not always the situation.

Most banks require that only the account’s signatory or owner can withdraw funds from the branch, which means you could be required to carry your identification card to complete the task.


  • Secure and safe.
  • Great for withdrawals larger than ATMs can be restricted.


  • Limits and fees for bank withdrawals typically apply.
  • Only available on weekdays.
  • Sometimes, you need to provide the need for a 24-hour notice.
  • Additional fees for service may be charged;
  • Bank branches are typically less accessible than ATMs.

Option 2 – Cash a Check

While they’re becoming an increasingly obsolete method to get cash, cheques are an extremely valid and frequently used method (approximately 7 percent of all of the US population) for cash withdrawal without an ATM card.

If you want to cash a cheque is possible, it can be completed quickly at the majority of banks’ branches. However, it’s not feasible to cash checks at ATMs however which means you’ll need to visit your bank branch to have it completed.

If you’ve got a bank account, you could even make an individual check to cash into your Bank; a method that is typically free is much less expensive than cashing it out over the counter in the banks.


  • Rarely are their fees for writing or cashing cheques.


  • Only available on weekdays.
  • Bank branches are generally less accessible than ATMs.

Option 3 – Get Cashback

Suppose you need money quickly and have been making payments using a credit card (or an electronic debit card via your phone) in some shops. In that case, you might be able to include some cash in the total amount of your transaction and have the cash transferred to you.

However, the service isn’t readily available at retail stores, and present cards like PayPal or checks are typically utilized as the primary cashback payment method rather than cash. When cash is available, a cashback payment is typically limited to a small limit between $10 and $30 but rarely greater than $100.


  • This is useful for those who have accrued cashback points.


  • Not readily available.
  • Limit the maximum amount of money you can withdraw.

Option 4 – Use a Cardless ATM

If it’s possible, The most effective and most convenient method to withdraw money without an ATM card would be to utilize the mobile banking app of your Bank to withdraw cash from an ATM with the barcode generated by your Bank, which means you’ll only need your phone, a checking account with a bank, as well as the Bank’s mobile app or Mobile wallet (e.g., Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay).

Although cardless ATM withdrawals might sound odd, they’re a frequent way to withdraw cash based on near-field communications (NFC) technology. This means that all you have is to tap the screen of your smartphone (either by using a QR code or scanners that are contactless) or utilize biometrics on ATMs ATM to cash out without needing an ATM card. However, cash withdrawals made using cardless technology may require you to enter your PIN manually.

The first step is to find out if your Bank provides this service. Although many banks have not adapted to this trend, a lot of large banks around the globe have, such as the following:

If your bank offers debit card withdrawals, the next step will include downloading the applicable mobile banking application or mobile wallet and configuring the process according to advice.

In the case of ATMs, It’s important to note that not all ATMs support debit card withdrawals by default; however, those that belong to banks offering the service will.


  • Highly safe;
  • Fast and easy;
  • There are no withdrawal fees.
  • Contactless withdrawals with zero-touch.


  • Not supported by banks in all states or ATM networks.

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