How To Watch Recaps On Netflix – 3 Easy Steps

With the variety of shows that Netflix has made available, it can be confusing to decide what to watch and what shows to skip. You want to avoid investing your time and data in a show you might not want to see after two episodes.

Also, it is easier to remember what happened in a show’s previous seasons if they take longer than usual to release a new season. 

Netflix has come up with the perfect solution to solve this problem; you can now watch recaps on Netflix and then decide whether you want to play or skip. Watching recaps on Netflix gives you a general idea of what the show is about; it is a trailer. 

However, navigating the application can be challenging if this is your first time on Netflix. Therefore, in this guide, we have briefly explained how you can easily watch recaps on Netflix.

How To Watch Recaps On Netflix: A Step-By-Step Guide 

How To Watch Recaps On Netflix: A Step-By-Step Guide

Most of the time, Netflix does all the work for you, and whenever you click on a show, it will automatically play its recap for you. Nonetheless, if you have skipped the recap or want to see it again, down below, we have briefly explained how you can watch recaps on Netflix.

The first step is obvious: locate and launch Netflix on your device.

Once you are successfully in, select the show to watch recaps on Netflix. If you can’t find the show on the home page, you can manually look for it; Netlix’s search icon is in the top right corner.

Right below the show’s poster, you will find the “episode and info” option; click on it.

Now, besides the list of episodes, you will find the “trailers and more” option; click on it.

There you will find a list of trailers, season recaps, and some show extras, like interviews, BTSs, etc. select the one you want to watch and enjoy. 

How To Watch Recaps On Netflix On A Desktop

How To Watch Recaps On Netflix On A Desktop

Now, if you access Netflix through a desktop and want to watch a recap the Netflix, the steps are the same as mentioned above.

However, you will find the “trailers and more” option beneath the show’s poster. Click on it, and you can watch the season recap you want.

You might also notice certain shows where you don’t find the “trailers and more” section because there is no extra content related to that particular show or movie on Netflix.

This mostly happens with shows which are not Netflix originals. For example, you can easily find recaps of the exhibition “Crown” next to its episodes; however, that is not the case with “The Vampire Diaries.”

Additionally, you can check out these trailers and show recaps on Netflix’s Youtube channel, or you can directly search for the show, and its related videos will be available.

If it can be highly advantageous for you, if you watch Recaps on Netflix, now you can actually “Netflix and chill” instead of just scrolling through the lists to decide what to see and what not to see.

That’s all from me; you can share your thoughts and queries on the article in the comment below. 

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