How To Watch Movies On A Plane

How To Watch Movies On A Plane – Easy Ways


Airlines are known to say that they don’t provide entertainment on the seatback because customers prefer to use their devices rather than the screens offered by the airlines. Then How To Watch Movies On A Plane?

Although this is a questionable assertion, we’re forced to accept that certain airlines do not provide any onboard entertainment. In contrast, others claim they offer entertainment you can enjoy on your device.

I’m with you that airlines will never have seatback entertainment; that is right, but it does not mean they should stop trying. I’m also sure that the removal of entertainment screens has nothing to do with being related to the weight and the higher cost of having them since we all know that airlines don’t care about trying to reduce weight on their planes, but it’s possible.

If you’re traveling alone, this is the information you must do before your flight to ensure you can watch the entertainment on the plane.

How To Watch Movies On A Plane

How To Watch Movies On A Plane

Bring along your own

If you’re traveling using Allegiant, Avelo, Breeze, or Frontier, you’ll have to download your devices, as there’s no entertainment on the flight or Wi-Fi to keep you busy. Therefore, stock up your tablet, Kindle, and laptops with everything you’ll need to get through the time during your flight. If you’re unsure, you have a bookshop at the airport, where you can purchase essential reading material.

Spirit has Wi-Fi available on the majority of its vehicles it is possible to stream your content if you purchase the streaming subscription. They don’t offer free content.

Download the application

If the plane you’re flying on has Wi-Fi, there’s an excellent possibility that you’ll be able to access any onboard entertainment. But, it’s essential to be ready. Don’t wait until you’re on the plane to try and download the appropriate application. Are there other people who can never receive a good signal on my cell when I am on the plane? Although we’re still allowed to use mobile phones when I board the plane, my password typically drops to zero, and even if I wanted to download something, it’s unlikely I’d be capable of doing so.

In-Flight Apps

Many airlines now have exclusive in-flight entertainment apps that generally allow watching TV and movies for no cost. They all function differently based on the carrier you’re with.

They generally function as Netflix-style streaming services. This means you go through a restricted range of TV and film shows and then click to play.

Although there are usually not a lot of choices, however, the majority of them are new, popular releases. Additionally, the content can be edited or censored to appeal to a general audience.

The significant advantage of this choice is that it does not require prior preparation. For instance, maybe you’re at the airport in the middle of your flight. If you’re not bringing any films and don’t have the time to download them, you could still benefit from the app for entertainment on board.

Offline Options for Streaming

In addition to the official in-flight application from your carrier, all available entertainment choices need to be turned off. Airlines will always request to put your gadgets into airplane mode (meaning that there’s no internet connectivity) during the flight.

Fortunately, many streaming services you’re registered to provide the option to download specific titles to watch offline. This article will give an overview of how these services work.


There aren’t all shows available on Netflix that are accessible for viewing offline. However, you can find the ones you want to view accessible via the menus within the Netflix app.

Before the flight, you should open Netflix on the device you’ll be taking on the plane. (You have to be online for this to function.)

Then, go to the app’s menu, and click the option labeled “Available download.” From here, you can browse or browse for a title that you’d want to save.

You can download as many movies or episodes as you’d like. Be aware that, as you’re downloading these movies, they will occupy the space on your computer. You should clear up space before downloading so that you don’t miss out on space.

Additionally, your offline Netflix content is available briefly following the download.


You can download YouTube videos to watch offline. There are many methods to accomplish this.

Subscribe to YouTube Red, and click the menu icon next to any video. After that, select “Save Offline”, and voilà! The video will download.

You’ll have to be a little more creative if your device doesn’t support YouTube Red. Don’t let that deter you.

There are variously accessible, simple, and legal methods to download YouTube videos using websites and third-party tools. 

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime also lets you download videos that are streaming through its service. Click the download button next to the video you wish to save to watch offline.

This feature is only available on mobile (and not Windows) devices, and it isn’t working on laptops.

  1. You can rent or Purchase Films.

You can also rent or buy titles for film and TV from online film stores. Here are some choices to do this.

Amazon Video

If you don’t have Amazon Prime or not, you can purchase or rent complete TV and movies through Amazon Video. Browse or search for the titles you want to watch over an internet connection, then click rent or purchase them. This offline content is only accessible through the mobile app and not on laptops.

Google Play Movies and TV

Google Play Movies and TV

Android devices give you the same options as Amazon Video via the Google Play Movies and TV app. You can download and search for content similarly; you can use Amazon Video. The app is also available for iOS devices.


To use iOS gadgets, Apple’s iTunes Store is the ideal choice for downloading movies and TV shows. One significant benefit that comes with iTunes is the length of time that you need to spend watching your rentals.

After you have rented and downloaded the movie from iTunes, the film is available for the entire month. You only have 24 hours to keep watching it when you start watching it.

However, the limit of 30 days will likely be more than the travel plan you’ll take. This leaves you ample time to view rented films at your own pace. You can download various titles before your departure and then watch them anytime throughout or after your travels.

Windows Store

Like iTunes like Google Play and iTunes Google Play, Windows devices can be rented or purchased and download shows and movies through The Windows Store. This is a fantastic option for those bringing a laptop instead of a tablet.


The digital store of Walmart, VUDU, is available on iOS and Android devices. It provides movies and shows for rental or purchase. The service isn’t available on laptops.

DVDs and Blu-Rays

A different option for laptop owners is watching films on DVD or Blu-ray. If you own an internal drive in your laptop that can read these discs, pack the movies you love in your bag for carry-on and bring them aboard the plane.

But, removing the movie from the disc is much more straightforward than saving the files to your laptop using an app from a third party. The most reliable app we know of to do this can be Handbrake. Download it for free and follow the directions on their website.


Once you’ve mastered the art of how to stream movies on planes, you can figure out the best method for you. Before taking your next aircraft, make sure you have digital, offline entertainment by using one or more of the options listed above.

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