How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos | 4 Best Solutions


YouTube has a broad selection of user-generated and commercial content, ranging from songs to DIY videos. With all this stream of content, there are times when the video content you love or want to view is removed for reasons of any kind. The uploading channel may have released the video, or YouTube occasionally pulls videos when they are not complying with any of the rules set by the platform and displays the ominous warning,

“We’re sorry, this video is no longer available.” You’ll think that it’s likely impossible to retrieve deleted YouTube videos you would like to see so much. While this may be true to a certain extent, there is no way to guarantee that anything disappears from the internet. To assist you in watching videos that have been deleted from YouTube content, learn here How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos.

Can You Watch Deleted YouTube Videos?

Yes, you can watch videos that have been deleted from YouTube videos! Although YouTube offers no official method to view the footage deleted, we do have several tricks to try to view deleted YouTube videos.

Before moving on, we need to understand how this is feasible.

As we all know, once it’s published on the internet, the website says “here” for the rest of the time. There is no way to leave truly. The content is copied from diverse locations online the internet. Certain are classic instances of direct plagiarism, whereas many others are concerned with archived content on the internet. This is supported by thousands of BOT crawlers whose principal objective is indexing and archiving the whole internet for various reasons.

How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos
  • Part 1: View deleted YouTube Videos using an URL
  • Part 2: View deleted YouTube Videos without the URL
  • Part 3 Deleted YouTube Video from Backups
  • Part 4 Recover deleted YouTube Videos using Recoverit.
  • Part 5 Contact YouTube Support

Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Using the URL

Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Using the URL

The Internet Archive(also known as The Wayback Machine) is an archive system for websites that have been cataloged and collecting sites since. This means that the system has effectively preserved the website’s current layout and information. The massive archive of the Web’s history has amassed over 100 Terabytes of storage, with approximately 10 billion pages on the Web.

On the website, you will see many of your most-loved websites “snapshots” at a time in the past. We’ll need to locate and view deleted YouTube videos in our situation. We require the video URL, and we’ll likely find the video on The steps to identify and retrieve removed YouTube videos are accessible and are as follows.

  • First, locate the URL within your YouTube account, email, or channel account, if you’re looking for the video you uploaded. The URL can be found in your browser’s history or YouTube history, or you might have posted the link on social media.
  • Go to Go to the site, copy the video’s YouTube URL into the search bar, then hit return.
  • When you locate your video in the online archive, you will be able to see the specifics of the video.
  • You will not be able to watch the film in its entirety; however, you will be in a position to download it. Right-click on the video, and you will see an option for downloading the movie.
  • This technique works best when it is an excellent way to watch YouTube videos since the Wayback machine is active and constantly searches the internet to archive websites. However, there are times when this method might not work and require a more sophisticated approach to view videos that have been deleted from YouTube videos.

Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Without The URL

Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Without The URL

What if you don’t have a URL to that video deleted from the YouTube video? It’s a network. Every aspect of the internet is connected, and this can be beneficial; for instance, even if the YouTube video could have been deleted from YouTube, users will be able to access and view the lost YouTube videos without having a URL since people often replicate videos and post them on various YouTube channels or other social media platforms. To ensure that you can watch your most loved YouTube video, We will delve into the internet’s vast resources and locate videos that have been deleted from YouTube videos.

This approach could be a little difficult and requires your full attention to the movie you’d like to see. Luckily, you’ve found this page.

Start a new tab on your browser, and navigate the Google search box. We’ll be using one of the techniques from the SEO experts’ toolbox: Google Search Operators.

In the search bar, type “ + name Of TheVideo”

In this method, Google will search for all relevant videos in the YouTube databases and guide us closer to locating the missing YouTube video.

  • If you can verify that the video was posted by someone on Facebook or another online social network, you may alter the URL of the site by using the search bar and changing YouTube with Facebook.
  • If you locate the URL of the video, you need to return to the previous method that we discussed and then paste the URL into the online archive. The archive will show you the video, and you will be able to watch an unrecorded YouTube video.
  • Please note that if you cannot find the video by this method, I’m sorry to inform you that the video could be removed entirely from the server, and you won’t be able to reaccess it.

Find YouTube Videos That Have Been Deleted From Backups.

Find YouTube Videos That Have Been Deleted From Backups.

As mentioned in the previous procedure, you’ll be able to retrieve deleted YouTube videos if you know the URL of the old video. However, this scenario wouldn’t have occurred if you had backup YouTube videos. YouTube videos.

A backup can assist you quickly accessing the video. Given the low likelihood of a disaster, It’s likely that you could never require a backup. That’s why the majority of people do not create backups. However, regular backup of information is an excellent practice to retrieve any lost data. Additionally, it can be beneficial in the event of a similar unfortunate incident to come up.

Even if you backup YouTube videos, The steps required to locate and restore YouTube videos can differ depending on the operating system and the backup tool you employ; if you’re consistent in your backups, you retrieve deleted YouTube videos with Recoverit.

It should be able to recover YouTube videos quickly and efficiently.

These methods are significant in your search for ways to retrieve deleted videos from YouTube. If, however, these methods don’t work for you well, you could use data recovery software that allows you to access the deleted YouTube videos.

Recoverit Data Recovery is among the best options in these instances for software to recover data. Here are a few essential characteristics.

The first step is downloading Recoverit Data Recovery software and installing it on your system. Follow the steps below.

Step 1. Select the location where the video is lost

Choose the location from which you wish to transfer the lost YouTube files. Select the external device in case you’ve saved the YouTube files on external hard drives.

Step 2: Begin Scanning the Selected Files

When you click on the “Start” option, it will start the process of scanning deleted videos on your computer.

Step 3: View and Restore the Deleted Videos

After the scan is complete when the scan is complete, you will be presented with the list of documents that have been recovered from the external drive. You can click the “Preview” option to verify if you find your files listed. The preview provides all the file size, name, format, and relevant details. After that, you can tap to play the Youtube video and choose the option “Recover” to get them back.

Contact YouTube Support

Contact YouTube Support

If you’re not able to retrieve the videos deleted If you are unable to restore the videos, you can contact YouTube support. You can send your email address to YouTube and ask them to reinstate the upload. If you have more than 10,000 viewers on YouTube, you can quickly get in touch with them with these steps.

Step 1: First, sign in to your YouTube account and click the link ‘Help’ at the bottom of the page.

Step 2. Click the “Need more help” and choose “Get Creators Support.”

Step 3. Choose the appropriate category for the issue and click “Email Support.”

Step 4. In addition, you could click on the URL, which is identified as “Contact Creator Support team.”


YouTube is one of the most well-known social media channels with millions of videos. But, once the videos are removed from YouTube and are deleted, it is impossible to retrieve them because of permanent deletion. However, if you’ve created backups of your system, the recovery process can be done with ease. Alternately, you can employ one of these methods listed above to retrieve deleted YouTube files and watch them once more.

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