How To Wash The Spirit Of The Sea T-Shirt

In this article, We have outlined a few tips and tricks about How To Wash The Spirit Of The Sea T-Shirt. By following our tips and tricks, you may be able to learn how to appropriately clean and care for your sea T-shirts and slow down the natural aging of your t-shirts and eventually increase the life cycle of your favorite T-shirts.

1. Turn The Shirt Inside Out

 This is the oldest trick in the books to wash the spirit of the sea T-shirt, first, turn the T-shirt inside out. This is because the spirit will experience less friction, which can lead to the ink separating or slipping off. Graphics will not crack or peel in the wash. Also, the shirt will not pill or fade if there is less friction. The shirt will still be clean.

2. Use Cold Water 

One of the main reasons behind fading away of the spirit of a sea T-shirt is using warm or hot water while washing it. It is a bad idea to use warm water to wash your t-shirts no matter how much heat is used, it will cause the shirt’s fibers and graphics to deteriorate. The spirit of the sea t-shirt’s longevity can be increased by avoiding heat contact. Sea T-shirts do not like hot water. Cold water is healthier for the Earth, and it saves you money on your energy bill.

3. Do Not Use The Dryer

Do Not Use The Dryer

 This is a reminder that blow dryers are a bad idea through and through. Don’t dry your sea T-shirts. This depends on how your spirit was applied to your sea T-shirt. Iron-on graphics will show peeling or cracking within the dryer. Screen-printed graphics work better in the dryer but can crack over time. The old fashion hang-dry method is recommended. If you are in a hurry, dry your shirt inside out.

4. Do Not Use Bleach Or Other Harsh Detergents

 These products will cause the adhesive to come off your sea t-shirts. Use a mild soap or detergent. Sometimes, you might want to wash your sea tee by hand rather than putting it in the washer along with another laundry. Although it may seem tedious, graphic tees have a greater chance of a longer life span.

Avoid ironing clothes. Heat, or heat. Ironing clothing can cause the graphics to become duller over time. This can impact the quality and longevity of your shirt’s graphic. Remember that heat can cause heat to build up on your favorite sea T-shirt.

These steps, taken together, will help prevent your graphic tees from cracking or fading. Fading and cracking can’t be prevented if you don’t wear your shirts. It will happen. These tips are a defense against wear and tear. These tips can also protect your graphic tees from eventual wear and tear. Distressed clothing looks super trendy right now

5. Use The Right (amount of) Detergent

There are now more environmentally-friendly detergents on the market that are based on natural ingredients while avoiding chemical (oil-based) ingredients.

However, it is important to remember that even ‘green detergents’ can damage clothes if they’re used in too high amounts – as they can contain a wealth of different groups of substances. Since there is no 100% green option, remember that using more detergent will not make your clothes any cleaner.

The fewer sea T-shirts you put in a washing machine the less detergent is needed. The same applies to T-shirts that are more or less dirty. Also, in areas with rather soft water, less detergent can be used.

6. Do Not Tumble Dry

Do Not Tumble Dry

It’s worth noting that all cotton products will have natural shrinkage, which generally happens during the drying process. The risk of shrinkage can be reduced by avoiding a tumble drier and air-drying instead. While tumble drying might sometimes be a convenient solution, a T-Shirt is definitely best dried when hung.

When air-drying your sea t-shirts, avoid direct sunlight to reduce the unwanted fading of colors. As mentioned above: 100% cotton products generally do not like excessive heat. To reduce creasing and unwanted stretching, delicate cotton fabrics should be hung over a rail.

Skipping the dryer has not only a positive effect on the durability of your T-Shirt but also a massive environmental effect. The average tumble dryers need up to five times the energy levels of a standard washing machine, which means that a household’s carbon footprint can be reduced substantially by avoiding tumble drying completely.

7. Iron On Reverse

One more thing you need to keep in mind while washing the spirit of the sea t-shirt is that if you iron it, iron it in reverse, cotton can be more or less prone to wrinkles and creasing. However, by handling your T-Shirts correctly when taking them out of the washing machine, creasing can be minimized. And you can give each garment a gentle stretch or shake to get them back into shape.

Take extra care around the neckline and shoulders: you should not stretch them too much here as you don’t want the T-Shirt to lose shape. In case your washing machine has a special setting that allows you to ‘reduce creases’ – you can use this to prevent wrinkles. Reducing the spinning cycle of your washing program also helps to further reduce creasing but this means that your T-shirt will be a bit moister when coming out of the washing machine.

If a T-Shirt does need ironing, then it is best to refer to the garment care label to understand exactly what temperature setting is safe. When ironing your T-Shirt, we recommend ironing in reverse and to use the steam function of your iron. Giving cotton fabrics some moisture before ironing will make their fibers smoother and the garment will flatten more easily.

And for an even better look, and even more gentle treatment of your T-Shirt, we generally recommend a steamer instead of a conventional iron.

8. Store Your T-Shirts Correctly

Ideally, your T-Shirts should be stored folded and lying on a flat surface. Knitted fabrics (like the Single Jersey Knit of The Perfect T-Shirt) could stretch when hung for a long time.

In case you really prefer to hang your T-Shirts, use wide hangers so their weight is more evenly distributed. In case of hanging your T-Shirts, make sure you insert the hanger from the bottom so you’re not over-stretching the neckline.

Lastly, in order to avoid fading of color, avoid sunlight during storage.

9. Treat Stains Immediately!

In case of emergency, when getting a stain on a specific spot of your T-Shirt, the first and most important rule is to treat the stain immediately. Natural materials like cotton or linen are great at absorbing liquids (such as red wine or tomato sauce), so the faster you start to remove the stain the easier it is to get it out of the fabric entirely.

Unfortunately, there is no universal detergent or stain removal product that is ideal to eliminate all kinds of substances. Research has shown that the more effective a stain remover works, the more aggressive it unfortunately also is to the color of a garment. As an initial step, we, therefore, recommend rinsing the stain with warm water and subsequently ad some mild detergent or soap.

For persistent stains, you can use a commercial stain remover, but avoid stain solutions with bleach for colored cotton garments. The bleach might remove the color from the fabric and leave a light mark.

To clean the Spirit of the Sea T-Shirt, you should use mild detergent and water. Always keep in mind that it is made of cotton, so you’ll need to take extra care when washing it. In addition to washing it properly, you should also make sure that it doesn’t shrink or fade. By following these steps, you’ll have a clean T-shirt that looks new for years to come.

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