How To View Facebook's Locked Profile

How To View Facebook’s Locked Profile – 5 Working Tricks


Do you find it annoying that you cannot view a blocked Facebook profile photo? It’s not the case now. After hours of exhaustive study and testing, we’ve selected five effective tricks toHow To View Facebook’s Locked Profile. Let’s get started.

How To View Facebook’s Locked Profile

How To View Facebook's Locked Profile

Make Use Of Online Tools To View Facebook’s Profile Locked.

There are a lot of websites online that claim to show photos of locked Facebook profiles. However, we found one specific website which does exactly what it claims to do. With this application, users can quickly copy and paste the Facebook profile URL into the search bar and view the full-size profile image of an account that has been locked. This is how you can do it.

1. Copy the profile URL of the targeted account that is locked Facebook account to see the profile photo.

2. Then, open Next, open the Profil Viewer Online Tool and copy the link to your profile into the Search Bar.

3. Additionally, select an option from the available methods and complete your captcha verification. After successful bot verification, click the Get Profile Image button to open the profile picture for the blocked Facebook account.

4. If Method A displays an error when displaying the profile image, you can switch to alternative methods and then repeat the steps above to see the profile picture locked.

Make Use Of The Browser on Your Phone To Browse The Facebook Profile That is Locked.

Another way to see the profile photo of the account that is locked Facebook account would be to utilize an alternative method to access the simple method that is available on Facebook Mobile browsing. You can follow these instructions using this method to see the same profile photo.

1. Start your internet browser application on your phone and sign in using your Facebook account.

2. Then, type in the profile locked on the search bar to display the profile photo you want to see.

3. Then, tap the address bar in the upper right, add ‘mbasic before the ‘Facebook” keyword, and search for it. This will open your closed Facebook page in the basic viewing mode on your device.

4. Press long to the profile image now, and tap the Download Image option to download the secured profile image to your device.

That’s it. Now you can look at the profile image you downloaded of the Facebook account you have locked in your phone’s gallery app.

Utilize The “Photos of Method’ To Search For Related Content

In addition to looking at the locked Facebook account profile photo, you can also see additional information on the profile in question, including photos and other posts, by using the Photos of the method. While this technique doesn’t promise that you will get the correct results, it can be used to search through all results of a search to discover the locked profile details (such as posts, photos, and posts, etc. ).

1. Go to Facebook within your browser, and log in using your account.

2. After that, you can click the Search bar and type in the keyword below.

Replace the by an indication with the name of the locked Facebook account you would like to know. For instance, ‘Photos by Paras Rastogi’.

3. You can look through the various categories on the left-hand sidebar to get more details from search results, like Posts, People photos, etc.

This technique works as it’s a hit-and-trial method to collect information unavailable on your Facebook profile.

Contact Friends Of The Account Locked Account

Another method of viewing the photos or other posts of the unlocked Facebook profile would be to connect to friends on the accounts and join them on your friend’s list. After you’ve accepted them, you may be able to see the profile photo of the targeted Facebook user on which his friend may have added him to his.

Also, you’ll be able to see the photos shared between your locked profile of the account and the user you’ve recently created on your account.

Create And Use A Different Facebook Account

Perhaps you don’t want to endure the burden of using online tools and techniques to see the profile image and other updates from the account locked on Facebook. If that’s the scenario, you could create a new profile on Facebook and include them as friends to view their updates and posts.

Make sure you hide your initial details when creating your new Facebook account since you don’t want your target Facebook user to see you on the timeline of his friend.

How Come People Want To Lock Their Profiles On Facebook?

How Come People Want To Lock Their Profiles On Facebook

Many people do secretly observe Facebook. Facebook has implemented the Locked Profile feature to safeguard users from such individuals. The great thing is that when you choose to have a private profile on Your Facebook username, no person other than your acquaintances will be able to see your photo. The benefit of this feature is that it ensures that no strangers can view your posts or other details. Additionally, a photo of your profile locked cannot be taken. If you’re concerned about your privacy, it’s fine. However, the problem arises when you receive requests for friends from locked accounts. Because you aren’t able to view the profile, you will have difficulty receiving the friend request.

Additional Methods To Reveal The Lock Profile

Method 1: Identifying a blocked profile on Facebook is not difficult. The first step is to visit Locked Profile on your laptop or desktop. Then, right-click on the profile image. After that, click Copy the Image URL. Please create a new window and paste the URL into it. A picture of the profile that is locked will be displayed.

Method 2: This is an alternative method to access the profile locked. Look up the username on the profile that is locked. Now go to ‘’ and type name in place of username. Your profile image will show.

While we’ve provided numerous ways to look at a locked profile, we strongly advise against this route to view the picture of the profile that has been locked, the user of Facebook has blocked their profile due to reasons and privacy of privacy; everyone must be respected. If you wish to invite someone to become a friend, it is best to send an invite to friends or a message to the person in question and wait for a response.

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