How To Use Sweepstakes To Get Sign Ups

How To Use Sweepstakes To Get Sign Ups?


Suppose you’re seeking an opportunity to increase the size of your reach, connect with your customers and trigger decisive actions. In that case, there might be nothing you could accomplish that’s more effective than running online sweepstakes But do you know How To Use Sweepstakes To Get Sign Ups?

Online sweepstakes are among the most effective and efficient methods you can employ to build your business or brand, and using Gleam’s robust competition application managing the process has never been more simple. To assist you in starting your own, we’ll walk you through what you can do with Gleam to design and manage an effective sweepstakes campaign that will result in relevant, fun actions and help you increase your revenue.

What are Online Sweepstakes?

What are Online Sweepstakes

Online sweepstakes is a kind of prize giveaway on the internet that selects winners randomly from a pool of participants who have fulfilled a specified task list. Participants are usually allowed to win multiple entries when they complete numerous tasks.

Why You Should Run An Online Sweepstakes

Why You Should Run An Online Sweepstakes

An online sweepstake is an excellent opportunity to expand your reach and trigger a myriad of appropriate actions that could aid you in reaching every goal or target. The online sweepstakes you run with Gleam is an effective promotional method for many vital reasons:

  • With Gleam’s wide range of entry methods, you can use sweepstakes to propel virtually any activity and meet any goal.
  • Sparkle has a wide range of social and sharing features that can increase the reach of your sweepstakes and introduce your brand to new audiences.
  • Entering sweepstakes is generally quick and easy, encouraging entry and improving participation.
  • Its randomness of the winner selection and the possibility of gaining more entries through completing more tasks make sweepstakes a great option to trigger a range of user actions.
  • A campaign that gives away prizes is sure to be entertaining and attention-grabbing. Sweepstakes are a perfect way to engage your existing followers and attract new audience members.
  • Gleam is a widget that you can put all of your sweepstakes into an elegant, compact gadget that makes it much easier for you to announce your sweepstakes and more accessible for participants to participate.
  • Gleam allows you to set the sweepstakes, keep track of entries, and draw winners, an easy task to ensure you don’t waste your time worrying about the details of contests.

Different Types of Sweepstakes & How To Use Sweepstakes To Get Sign Ups

Different Types of Sweepstakes & How To Use Sweepstakes To Get Sign Ups

With the use of technology increasing every day, The days of entering a sweepstakes contest by just filling out a form and dropping it into an envelope are away.

Contests and sweepstakes that are digital tend to be more prevalent today than traditional formats due to:

  • Ninety percent of text messages are read within six minutes after receiving them.
  • 10x is the number of times mobile coupons are used more significant than traditional coupons
  • 51% of all digital media-related time spent in the U.S. is spent on mobile phones, and 42% of the time is used on computers.
  • If they receive marketing-related text messages, 29percent click hyperlinks, and 47% of these people make a purchase.

Let’s examine different ways you can integrate digital sweepstakes into your promotional and marketing strategies:

Omnichannel Sweepstakes

Omnichannel Sweepstakes

Omnichannel is not just an issue of conversation. It’s the future of customer experience. Utilizing omnichannel to run sweepstakes or different promotions is challenging; however, Snipp simplifies the process for your brand and customers.

Goose Island (AB Inbev) is a maker of craft beers sought to provide its customers with an omnichannel and more seamless shopping experience by integrating customers’ behavioral and transactional information from their offline and online channels within the U.K. Goose Island relied on partner Z.X. Ventures and Snipp’s promotions solutions and transaction processing platforms to implement an effective strategy to collect first-party consumer data.

Customers could capture an image of their receipts for every Goose Island qualifying product or upload a photo of a Goose Island pint glass to an individual website. Snipp has integrated our receipt validation system into an embedded widget on the Goose Island website to provide a seamless customer experience. An authentic receipt or photo allows consumers to enter the sweepstakes to win certain prizes.

Influencer Sweeps

Internet influencers or celebrities can aid in the promotion and become in your sweepstakes. For instance, GlaxoSmithKline used stories of famous people who had stopped smoking to drive attention and increase sales of its Nicorette products. Additionally, they provided a sweepstakes entry for family and friends to connect with loved ones via these stories.

G.S.K. requested family and friends to sign up on their site to be entered into the sweepstakes and nominate someone in their lives who would get a personalized message from a well-known celebrity.

After the competition, the winners were selected randomly and received a personalized video featuring a famous person to motivate them, the winner, to quit smoking. The turnkey Sweepstakes program from Snipp was introduced to the market quickly, and Snipp also offered a customized solution for G.S.K. to notify winners and fulfillment.

Gift Card & Sweeps

Gift Card & Sweeps

When considering sweepstakes, you may think of an enormous prize, but you could use smaller prizes to boost your marketing. Small prizes, such as gift cards, are an opportunity to increase retail sales, as Under Armour did with the Canadian retailer Sport Chek.

With the assistance from Snipp, Under Armour hosted sweepstakes in the national market in which consumers could buy the Under Armour product(s) at Sport Chek to earn an entry into the sweepstakes. Customers could choose to send their receipts via either text or upload to the web to be winner of the chance to win one of five $750 Sport Chek gift cards and one Grand Prize trip for four to experience the ultimate VIP NHL Experience.

Non-Purchase Based Sweeps

Making purchasing a product to participate in sweepstakes could increase sales. However, using non-purchase-based sweepstakes can be a great way to increase recognition and sales. For instance, Pinnacle Vodka wanted to boost sales and brand awareness through a sweepstakes contest and showcased the summer drinks as a great accompaniment to home parties.

The contest also utilized display space at North Carolina retail outlets that included signs and displays with patio themes encouraging entries to be the winner of the “Perfect Patio” makeover. Snipp’s mobile text-to-enter solution and itinerant sweep entry template drew in consumers. Users could text a specific keyword to access age and a state-controlled microsite on which they could sign-up up.

Punchcard that Includes Sweepstakes

Punchcard that includes Sweepstakes

Just a handful of winners of the sweepstakes are eligible to win. Snipp has helped the company Monster Energy(r) develop a promotion that allowed more people to win something with the unique punchcard system with an overlay of sweepstakes.

Utilizing our technology for processing receipts, Monster created a punchcard system that, when you buy 10 cans, earned customers a customized snap-back hat. The program also included the Sweepstakes overlay, where each receipt submitted, verified by our industry-leading platform on a microsite that was branded, resulted in an entry into the chance to be the winner of the Monster “Strat Guitar.”

The turnkey service offered by Snipp included winners drawings, notification of winners, and the option of a mail-in A.M.O.E. to ensure that the “no purchase necessary” guidelines are followed.

Gift-with-purchase along with Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes can be a way to get consumers to certain retailers to purchase your products. It can also bring existing customers back to the new retailer and increase the brand’s visibility at that particular retailer. Skinny Cow wanted to drive customer loyalty and increase the size of its basket, emphasizing the leading retailers within the ever-growing, highly competitive ice cream market.

With the help of Snipp, Skinny Cow developed a program that allowed shoppers who made a predetermined amount of money in several transactions to win a gift card for $10 when shopping at one of the major retailers or a $10 V.I.P. coupon when shopping elsewhere. Additionally, Snipp created a sweepstakes overlay to allow participants into a draw of winning a trip to Hawaii or a $250 Visa prepaid card and VIP-branded swag bags. Participants needed to text a word to start or go to a Snipp-hosted website branded by Skinny Cow to send receipts or learn more about the contest.

Sweepstakes Within a Loyalty Program

The most rewarding aspect of being a faithful customer of the brand is the benefits that come with it, such as early access to sales and limited merchandise. Why not offer exclusive loyalty sweepstakes for members to reward the most loyal brand followers?

Blue Buffalo wanted to create awareness and generate sales and loyalties to the Blue Wilderness line of dog and cat food. Snipp created a Customer Loyalty Program that allowed pet owners can sign up and send receipts for the Blue Buffalo purchases via web upload or email and earn points with every dollar spent on Blue Wilderness products.

Alongside the option to exchange points to win prizes, the application also had a pet-exclusive sweepstake which allowed PetSmart customers to earn entries to be entered for a possibility of winning a Petsmart gift card through the monthly drawing.

Retailer-Specific Sweepstakes

Retailer-Specific Sweepstakes

Whether your brand is launching the retail market for the first time or you would like to show your appreciation to the existing retail partner, sweepstakes for retailers are an excellent source of sales and traffic to help strengthen that relationship.

In the instance of PepsiCo, the company was looking to use its relationship with Sony PlayStation to offer an exciting promotion to Mountain Dew at Walmart and Walmart customers during the holiday shopping season.

Snipp designed the turnkey promo sweepstakes for PepsiCo. Walmart customers would be able to receive a message in stores that asked them to send a specific keyword to a particular number. Snipp sent a text message to the promotion URL of the website where you can sign up for a chance to win a PlayStation 5 from Sony. These were almost impossible to buy because of the demand during the promotion that drove participation. To increase engagement, this sweepstakes allowed participants to participate every day!

Sweepstakes can be an effective marketing tool, mainly when the entry process is as simple as sending a picture via text! Snipp’s Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Engagement (C.A.R.E.) platform solutions let you utilize receipt processing in your sweepstakes or promotions to ease entry while providing you with crucial anonymous customer data!

We assist you with sweepstakes’ legal and technical aspects, including accounting for a geographical area, age-gating, and prize fulfillment. Find out more about our platform and how it can help you create, manage and analyze the results of sweepstakes and contests.

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