How To Use Sub Bullet Points In Google Docs

How To Use Sub Bullet Points In Google Docs


When you create bulleted lists with Google Docs, there may occur a moment when you’d like to make an additional bullet point that has been further indented.

While it is undoubtedly feasible, Google doesn’t make it highly intuitive!

It’s not difficult to know what you need to do. We’ll go over how to How To Use Sub Bullet Points In Google Docs and how to alter the appearance and formatting of sub-bullets.

How To Use Sub Bullet Points In Google Docs

How To Use Sub Bullet Points In Google Docs

Method 1: Create a Bulleted List

  • To include a bulleted listing in your document, click on”the ” Bulleted list (Ctrl + Shift + 8)” item on the toolbar located high up on your page. That represents what is being represented by the bullets and lines. Click on it to add the initial bullet point that is a beginning one.
  • To continue adding points, you must write something on the line that starts with the initial point. When you’re willing to go on, you can press ” Enter” at the end of the line, following every word. This is how you can add new bullet points.
  • In the next step, you have the option of adding sub-bullet points. It is done this way: after you’ve added the bullet point in a new way and the line is empty, click ” Tab” on your keyboard instead of typing the text. Enter the text you want to enter. Then you can add additional items by pressing ” Enter” at the end of each line or pushing the bullets further towards the right when you press ” Tab” on the line empty using another sub-bullet mark.
  • If you wish to switch back to using the normal bullet points, click ” Enter” on the line empty with an additional bullet point. For instance, in this example, we repeat that two times. You can then return to the bullet and sub-bullet points that you require. There you go

Method 2: Creating a Multilevel List in Google Docs

As the name suggests, Multilevel lists include more than one level.

Apart from the bulleted points, you’ll also find smaller bullets.

And multilevel lists don’t include only bulleted lists. They could also include lists that are numbered as well.

If you’re looking to make a multilevel list that can be used to create sub-bullets using Google Docs, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1. Create a new file by choosing “Blank page” in Google Docs.

You can also access an already existing Google Docs file by opening the file in Google Drive.

Step 2. Once you’re inside your Google Docs file, choose all the information in the document you’d like to include in your multilevel listing.

If you don’t wish to drag your cursor over the text by hand, you can select all the text within the file using “Ctrl/Cmd + A.”

Step 3. Once you’ve picked the text you’d like to add to the multilevel list, go to the Menu Bar, and select “Format.”

Step 4: Step 4: In the “Format” dropdown menu, navigate toward the “Bullets & Numbering “Bullets & numbering” option and click. This will trigger a second dropdown menu to pop up.

Step 5 On the following dropdown menu, you’ll see three options for lists The bulleted list, the numbered List, and Checklist.

To create sub-bullets, select”bulleted list” as the “Bulleted List” option.

The selected text is in the styles you selected earlier.

Step 6. The cursor should be placed at the beginning of the text if you wish to reduce its line indent.

Step 7. Click “Tab” on your keyboard to shift your desired message one step lower.

If you’d like to move the mentioned text to a higher stage, press “Tab” again.

Step 8. Now, If you would like to push the text you want to promote one level higher, put the cursor blinking in the middle of the text and press “Shift + Tab.”

Step 9: To change the color of text for both bullets as well as sub-bullets, Highlight the text you want to change and then click “Text color.”

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