How To Use Roku TV Without Remote And WiFi

How To Use Roku TV Without Remote And WiFi


Using the Roku player that streams your favorite shows on your TV is a good idea, and it comes with more streaming apps than most other gadgets. The most irritating issue with using Roku on your TV is the misplacement of the remote control or not having wifi, a usual scenario of double problems.

Imagine you’ve lost your remote control, and suddenly, your television was disconnected from the wifi network; what should you do? Here is the complete guide for you on How To Use Roku TV Without Remote And WiFi?

How To Use Roku TV Without Remote And WiFi

Using Roku TV Without WiFi

Using Roku TV Without WiFi

If you’re thinking about whether you can use Roku without WiFi, you’re in luck. Even without WiFi, you’ll be amazed to find out there are ways to allow you to stream content on the Roku even without WiFi

Turn On Mobile Hotspot

The wireless Internet connection isn’t the only source of access when using an active 4G or 5G phone data plan. It is also possible to use it to stream video content to devices like your Roku devices.

Connecting your phone’s hotspot plan with Roku will consume lots of data from your hotspot allowance when you allow your Roku to upload and stream at top quality.

To connect your Roku to connect to your phone’s hotspot:

  1. Check to see if the hotspot feature on your phone is enabled in your phone’s settings menu.
  2. Hit the Home button on the remote of your Roku.
  3. Go to Settings > Network.
  4. Choose the connection you want to establish to wireless.
  5. Select the hotspot for your phone in the displayed access point list.
  6. Enter the password, then select Connect.

When the Roku connects, after which you can connect to the device just as you did the time you had WiFi however, the speed may vary since you’re now connected to the mobile data network.

Monitor data usage with a tool such as Glasswire to know the amount of information your Roku is using.

Mirror From Your Phone

When you aren’t connected to the Internet but have access to your wifi network, you could mirror your phone to your TV and then watch the content from your phone if you’ve downloaded some.

Connecting via an internet hotspot on your mobile is also possible, but since this already grants users access to internet connectivity, streaming on the Roku will be more enjoyable.

It is essential to determine whether the Roku and your handset are connected to the exact WiFiconnection, regardless of whether you can use the Internet through this connection.

Roku has support for simultaneously AirPlay and Chromecast casting, which means that the majority of devices you own are supported and can be utilized to cast to your Roku.

Cast your Roku to play any content on your smartphone before tapping the Cast icon on the player’s controls.

Select your Roku in the search results for devices to stream the content to your TV.

For mirroring your display, use the screen mirroring function on your phone, similar to Smart View on Samsung phones, for instance, and then select the Roku TV.

If you own the iPhone or iPad, play the content by looking to see an AirPlay symbol on your player’s controls.

Tap it, and then select Roku from the list.

AirPlay can be used only to cast and does not support screen mirroring.

Although Chromecast supports this feature, it’s unavailable on all Roku streaming gadgets, including those with the Roku Express 3700 and the Roku Express+ 3710.

It’s also only available only on the HDMI output of Roku Express+ 3910. Roku Express+ 3910.

Connect A Computer

Additionally, you can connect your computer or laptop with your Roku TV to make it a second screen for your computer.

This is only possible if your Roku TV has an HDMI input port, such as TCL manufacturers.

It isn’t compatible with streaming devices as they don’t take in the HDMI signal and have no screen.

Buy the HDMI cable at Belkin. Connect one of the ends with your Roku TV and the other to your computer.

The TV’s inputs are switched onto the HDMI port, where you connect your computer. You can then begin playing your content on your computer to view it on the large screen.

For Roku streaming devices, computer systems can use the built-in casting function of Google Chrome. Google Chrome browser that lets you cast to any Chromecast-supported device.

Play some videos, and then choose the menu with three dots in the upper right corner of the web browser.

Select Play and choose the device you want to cast from—Roku television from the available devices.

Using Roku TV Without Remote

Using Roku TV Without Remote

In contrast to losing internet access and your remote, losing it won’t restrict your options on your Roku device.

Replacing your remote is relatively simple, so pick any of the methods discussed in the following sections.

Set up The Roku App

Roku comes with an app that allows your mobile phones that allows you to manage your Roku devices with no remote.

To setup the app on your phone, follow the instructions below:

  1. Make sure that your Roku and your smartphone are connected to the same network. It could be the one the router set up or the hotspot on your phone’s network.
  2. Download the app on the app store on your phone.
  3. Start the app once it has been installed.
  4. Begin by going through the initial setup procedure.
  5. Choose the devices when you are on to the main screen in the application.
  6. The app will discover your Roku by itself, so tap it to choose it.
  7. Once the app has connected, after which you can tap after that the remote icon located on the screen of your main screen and begin managing your TV.

Order A Replacement Remote

Another alternative is to purchase an alternative remote to go with the remote on your Roku TV.

All you need to do is connect the remote to your Roku when you receive the remote to use it.

It’s also possible to purchase a universal remote such as one like the SofaBaton U1 that’s compatible with Roku devices, which can be used to control other devices besides your Roku.

If your Internet is down for a couple of hours, you should contact your ISP to determine what caused the issue.

Final Thoughts

For other issues that may be affecting the Roku remote, such as the volume button malfunctioning and the remote not connecting, you can try the latest Roku remote.

Troubleshooting methods such as resetting your Roku are possible when you don’t own the remote. All you require to do is download the Roku mobile application.

Casting your Roku does not require the Internet to connect; all it requires is for both devices to be connected to the same network.

It’s an excellent option for those who have lost internet access. However, you still have offline content on other devices that you could enjoy.

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