How to Turn On/Off Keyboard Light in Dell Laptops

How to Turn On/Off Keyboard Light in Dell Laptops – 2 Easy Methods


Are you interested in knowing how to disable and turn on the backlit keyboard that comes with your Dell laptops? In this article, we’ll show you two different methods to How to Turn On/Off Keyboard Light in Dell Laptops within Windows 10/11.

Understanding how to turn on and off the laptop’s lighting for keyboards will assist you to write more accurately when writing text, or use the keys of your keyboard more effectively while playing games in dimly illuminated areas or at night.

Modern laptops come with an advanced function that lets users turn on or off the light on their keyboard. The keys used to turn on and off the lights on your keyboard depend on the type of that laptop’s keyboard. The procedure for turning off and on the laptop’s keyboard lights made by Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, Vaio, Lenovo and Macbook is identical.

For more information on how to do it, read the article below.

  1. Check the keyboard of your Dell. To determine whether or not your laptop comes with an illuminated keyboard it is necessary to examine particular buttons on your keyboard. Keyboards that are backlit on laptops have an illuminated symbol (a rectangular “A” with beams of light that extend outwards) that is printed on the F6, F10 or right arrow keys. If you notice the icon, then your keyboard is backlit.
  • If your keyboard is equipped with multiple right Arrow keys, you just have to look at that one in the lower right-hand corner.

Make sure the BIOS on your laptop is current. BIOS is short for Basic Input/Output System and is a reference to the computer’s startup procedures for different hardware (keyboards as well as disc drives, graphics cards and so on.) The process of updating your BIOS assures you that you’ve got all options for setting the keyboard light.

  • It is possible to not bother with this step, however, you’ll have a limited selection of options when you turn on the keyboard light. Check out Dell‘s site for more details on how to update your BIOS to match your specific model of computer.
  • Press the Fn button and then tap the appropriate light icon. Now hold down Fn (typically located in the left-hand area of the keyboard) and then tap the key that has the icon of illumination on your keyboard. Press the key in succession to switch between the different backlight settings of your computer. If you don’t get any results when pressing the F10 key to switch the backlight setting It is possible that you need to press Fn and then press Esc to reset the settings and try again.
  • Every Dell laptop comes with a variety of light settings for keyboards. At a minimum, you’ll be offered three options: Off Dim, Bright, and Off. Be sure to switch through all the settings of your computer and choose the one that fits you and your requirements best.

The model of the Dell laptop and the functions installed, might or may not feature an illuminated keyboard.

How To Turn On/Off Keyboard Light In Dell Laptops

How to Turn On/Off Keyboard Light in Dell Laptops

There are two ways to disable and enable the illumination of the keyboard on Dell laptops:

  1. Allow or disable backlit keyboards for Dell using BIOS
  2. Turn On/Off Keyboard Light via Keyboard Shortcut

Method 1. Make Sure That You Enable Backlit Keyboard on Dell Via BIOS

Make sure that you enable Backlit Keyboard on Dell via BIOS
  • Make sure to restart your Dell laptop and hit the F2 button to take you to direct into Dell BIOS Setup.
  • Choose the keyboard from the left-hand side menu, and select one of the options: the Dim option (enable the keyboard’s illumination option at half brightness as well as Bright (enable the keyboard’s illumination feature to 100 100% brightness level.
  • Once you have enabled it after activation, click to exit. If you are prompted to select “Yes!” to store the modifications.

Turn off Keyboard Illumination for Dell from the BIOS

  1. Start your Dell laptop and hit the F2 button to take you to direct onto Dell BIOS Setup.
  2. Choose the keyboard from the left-hand menu, and select disable (the illumination of the keyboard is always off).
  3. Once disabled, click EXIT. If asked to select “Yes” for saving the modifications.

Method 2. Turn Off/On The Keyboard Light On Dell By Using The Keyboard Shortcut

Turn Off/On The Keyboard Light On Dell By Using The Keyboard Shortcut

The process of enabling and deactivating the light for the keyboard with keys is simple. All you have to do is find the appropriate key. Also, based on what model you have of Dell there are many keyboard functions to enable the backlight on your keyboard.

Note the quickest method to determine this is by searching for an icon that appears to be a glowing rectangle at the top of the key function.

  • To switch on the backlighting for the Dell Laptop keyboard’s backlight to turn on the backlight of the Dell laptop keyboard, use F5 or press the combination key Fn and F5.
  • If you’d like to switch off your Dell laptop light on the keyboard, simply hit the key F5 on the keyboard, or Fn and F5 to shut off the lighting.

The easiest method to determine whether your laptop is equipped that has a backlit keyboard is by looking for the keys F10 and F6 or right arrow keys (located within the lower left-hand corner). If none of these keys displays the icon of illumination displayed on them, then your computer doesn’t have an illuminated keyboard.

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