How To Turn Off Offline Mode On Multiversus

How To Turn Off Offline Mode On Multiversus


MultiVersus, a free-to-play fighting game featuring popular characters from Warner Bros. Universe, is available for download. The game allows players to play in two-vs-two, one-vs-1, or create their match. For those who don’t have internet access, there is an offline mode. But How To Turn Off Offline Mode On Multiversus?

Many players have experienced the problem where the offline mode loads automatically even though they have internet access. Try to turn off the offline mode completely if you experience the same issue during a session.

What Is An Offline Mode In Multiversus

What Is An Offline Mode In Multiversus

The offline mode, as the name implies, allows players to play the game without the need for internet access. The developers confirmed that the offline mode feature was not intended to be active at the moment, so many players are experiencing the bug. There is an easy way to disable the offline mode. The steps are listed below.

How To Turn Off Offline Mode On Multiversus

How To Turn Off Offline Mode On Multiversus
  • Search “%appdata” in the Window search bar
  • After you have searched ” %appdata%”, a new folder will be opened. Click on “AppData” in the URL field.
  • Next, open the “Local” folder that appears on the screen. Next, open the MultiVersus folder.
  • Finally, in the “MultiVersus” folder you will find the “SaveGames” folder. Delete it and you are good to be.

How To Fix Multiversus Offline Mode Bug

How To Fix Multiversus Offline Mode Bug

The offline mode bug has nothing to do with the game servers. The age of players is the real reason players are stuck in offline mode.

If you have entered your age as below 18 at the beginning of the game, the game will not allow you to play online.

These are the steps you can take to alter your age:

  1. Quit the game.
  2. Go to the “\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\MultiVersus\Saved\SaveGames\” folder on your PC.
  3. Delete the “firstlaunch_save.sav” file.
  4. Start the game.
  5. At the loading screen, select your age ” More 22“.

You should be able to play the game online, except if the servers have a difficult time processing your request.

Other fixes for MultiVersus Offline Mode

Other fixes for MultiVersus Offline Mode

Fix 1: Alternating between Wi-Fi and Mobile Data

Switching between Wi-Fi or mobile data will help you determine if your MultiVersus problem is related to your connection. We recommend that you contact your service provider if your experience is different.

So, check your internet speed. If you are using wifi, turn ON and OFF your mobile data.

You can also switch between mobile network and wifi, or mobile network and wifi.

Fix 2: Wait until MultiVersus fixes the issue

MultiVersus may be stuck in offline mode. This could indicate that MultiVersus has a technical problem.

You can’t do much in this instance so wait until the MultiVersus team has resolved the issue or the MultiVersus server is online.


MultiVersus offline mode can be turned off by deleting the “SaveGames Folder” folder from your computer and setting Age 18 or above 18. MultiVersus offline mode is disabled and MultiVersus can be played online.

Alternately there may be a bug or glitch with MultiVersus. In this instance, wait until the MultiVersus team fixes the bug.

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