How To Turn Off Camera Sound On Snapchat – Easy Methods

While there are a lot of chat applications for social media, Snapchat is something unique. Snapchat is the fastest method to send your moments via videos or photos. Once you have opened Snapchat, it will take you to the camera’s display bit if you want to know how to turn off Camera Sound on Snapchat then this is the perfect article for you.

You need to tap for pictures or hold to play video. Furthermore, it lets you include a lens, filter bitsmojis, filters, and fun effects to your photos. This is why it is referred to as a camera app. You’ve often heard the sound of a shutter when you take a photo on Snapchat.

It can be irritating when you snap a photo in a dark area. Some people don’t want others to see the picture that has been taken. Whatever the reason, you might think that switching off the sound of your camera is the best solution if you’ve been unable to disable it and are unsure how then learn how to disable the sound from the camera on Snapchat, specifically from this page.

Is It Possible To Turn Off The Camera Sound On Snapchat?

Is It Possible To Turn Off The Camera Sound On Snapchat

There’s no way to do that. Snapchat won’t allow you to disable the sound of the camera by default. You may try searching to find Snapchat settings. It doesn’t have any option to let you shut off the sound of the shutter.

Can You Disable Camera Sound Directly From Snapchat?

Can You Disable Camera Sound Directly From Snapchat

When you use Snapchat to take pictures, you will be presented with the camera app with default settings to capture the picture. This is accomplished by using the camera included with your phone. It improves compatibility with other software and hardware on phones.

If you’re searching for a method to disable Snapchat shutters directly within the app, there aren’t any switches or alternatives to enable it. It is necessary to depend on changing the default camera settings or using alternatives that we’ve described below. The method you choose depends on whether you’re using either an Android phone or an iOS phone.

How To Turn Off Camera Sound On Snapchat?

How To Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound On Snapchat

For Android devices, the method you choose to use is dependent on the manufacturer of the phone. The reason is that some skins for that version of Android OS have options to turn off the shutter sound option within the camera app, and others don’t have the option.

Because Snapchat utilizes the default camera app, its shutter sound is disabled if you access it through that. Before we begin, let’s look at how to accomplish this on Android and iOS, with the second section dedicated to iPhones.

Turning Off Shutter Sound From Stock Camera App

Turning Off Shutter Sound From Stock Camera App
  • Open the ‘Camera’ app on your phone.
  • Based on the type of device you have, check the settings for the camera app.
  • To use it on Pixel and other Android devices, including the stock Android devices, you’ll be able to access it by tapping across the upper.
  • After entering the camera, search for any switches that disable the shutter sound, such as “Camera Sounds” on stock Android devices.
    • If you don’t hear any shutter sound, It could be due to the regional laws of the region in which the phone was made and sold, for example, Japan or Korea.
    • After that, you can snap photos as you usually do on Snapchat without worrying about the shutter noise.
  • It is also possible to utilize the ‘Do Not Disturb switch on Android devices to disable your Snapchat shutter sounds complete. The drawback of this option is that you might not receive important calls or emails if DND is on.
  • Another method to turn out the sound of shutters is by turning every volume level on your phone down to its lowest value. This can be done with the volume control and then moving the sliders.
  • Turning Off Shutter Sound By
  • Turning Down the Volume
  • Android or iOS users can lower the Volume when snapping a photo with Snapchat. Snapchat app.
  • Find look for the Volume down buttons located on the right side of your Android or iOS device and press it. It will not trigger any sound from the shutter when you snap a photo on Snapchat. However, it will not work with the majority of smartphone brands.

Turning Off Shutter Sound By Turning On Do Not Disturb Mode

Turning Off Shutter Sound By Turning on Do Not Disturb Mode

Turning on the DnD (or the Do Not Disturb Mode can make your phone go into silent mode.

The latest versions on Android and iOS come with DnD mode as default. You can find it in the notification area on Android and the Control Center on iOS. The activation of DnD will shut off the sound from the camera in Snapchat. It is possible to use this DnD mode to shut off the sound of your camera on Snapchat while muting other notifications.

How To Turn Off Snapchat Shutter Sound On IPhone/IPad

How To Turn Off Snapchat Shutter Sound On IPhone/IPad

The Snapchat application for iOS utilizes the camera’s interface and doesn’t rely on the camera app that comes with it. You can’t change the settings for the camera as you do in Android because there’s no toggle to change it. There are a few options to disable the shutter sound on iPads and iPhones. Look them up here:

For iOS 12 And Earlier

There’s a feature known as Assistive touch on iOS devices that allow you to control essential functions such as Volume, mute/unmute toggles, notifications, etc.

Go to Settings. Then, navigate to General.

Under ‘General,’ search for ‘Accessibility,’ then click it.

There is an option called ‘Integration Integration.’ Under that, you must activate “Assistive Touch.”

After you have access to the “Assistive Touch” menu, click on the “Device” icon to reveal the option that reads “Unmute.”

Tap it to switch off all sounds, including that Snapchat shutter sound on your phone.

For iOS 13 and Later

Slide down from the top or bottom of the iPhone homepage screen to open its iOS controls panel.

This is where you can utilize the volume slider and then turn it to the lowest setting to shut off the shutter sound on your phone.

It is also possible to use the physical mute button on the left-hand side of your tablet or phone to disable the camera’s shutter sound.

Also, you can utilize the volume down option on the iPhone to reduce it to silence. There is also a DND option available in the iOS control center, which can be used to accomplish the same function; however, activating it also blocks incoming messages and calls.

Final Words

Utilizing Snapchat is a fantastic way to record everyday moments in your day, apply various filters and effects on them, and share them with friends and your family. One of the most damaging aspects of the application is that it plays a fake sound when shuttering you hear whenever you snap a photo.

Snapchat does not offer an option to turn off the sound within the app. However, there are methods to turn the Snapchat shutter sounds for each Android and iOS device. We hope the strategies provided here will help you eliminate the annoying sound of the shutter.

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