How To Trace And Find Out Who Owns A TextNow Number

How To Trace And Find Out Who Owns A TextNow Number – 3 Easy Methods


When you receive a message or call from a TextNow number, you need to verify the name of the person using the number. How To Trace And Find Out Who Owns A TextNow Number?

As per TextNow support, the owner of the TextNow number cannot be traced since TextNow does not provide details about who is the person who uses the specific number.

Don’t fret. In this post, I’ll provide you with three different methods that you can employ to locate and discover who is the owner of the TextNow Number.

What’s TextNow?

What's TextNow

TextNow first came on the market in 2004 as a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service that lets you call and text message through WiFi by providing a no-cost phone number. Today, we have an app that performs the same functions, but its offerings are growing. There are also WhatsApp, Telegram, and numerous other messaging apps which allow us to make phone calls and send messages to text via WiFi.

The distinction that separates TextNow from other message apps is that it has complete phone services integrated into the application. It’s similar to the network service provider you use, which provides you with the SIM card that allows you to access data networks for making calls and sending texts, and connecting with the Internet.

After sign-up, you’ll be required to enter the area code, and based on the location area code, TextNow offers an address. This number can be used as a number for a phone as well as a text message.

Can You Track The TextNow Number?

Can You Track The TextNow Number

It won’t be helpful if you intend to get in touch with their customer support. However, you can visit their profile for the TextNow number you would like to follow. If the person can enter the correct data, you’ll be able to track the person.

There’s no way that you can track someone’s TextNow number. There are methods you could attempt, and that could help you.

How To Trace And Find Out Who Owns A TextNow Number?

How To Trace And Find Out Who Owns A TextNow Number?

If you intend to reach TextNow support but plan to contact TextNow customer support, they aren’t going to help much. You could try looking up the profile you wish to follow if you have entered the correct details. You should be able to follow them and locate them.

What do you do to track down the person? There isn’t a method to determine who has the TextNow number. However, specific techniques can assist you in deciding who has the TextNow number and even be helpful for you. Find out more about them below:

Uncover The TextNow Owner Of The Number With Anonymous TextNow Search For Numbers

  • To determine who owns the TextNow number, you must first access the Anonymous TextNow Number Lookup website.
  • Enter the TextNow number you wish to identify in the TextNow number search tool.
  • It would help to wait until you receive your TextNow # Lookup report. It could take up to 3 to 5 minutes to use the TextNow Number Search tool to provide all the details associated with the TextNow number. TextNow number.
  • After you are sure that the TextNow reverse search tool is finished obtaining all of the data and you are redirected to a page on which you will be able to find all details regarding the TextNow number, you sought.

Learn The Owner Of The TextNow Phone Number By Creating A New Account

If you can use a captivating story to draw the attention of others or establish rapport with the person you are talking to, chances are that you’ll be able to determine who has the TextNow number.

Create an account with a brand new TextNow account, get an additional number and send an SMS message to the person. You’ll need to create an intriguing or exciting story to entice other users.

Trace Who Is The Owner Of TextNow By Looking At Their TextNow Number

TextNow is a TextNow number that is observable in the following ways.

  • If the person has registered an email with the correct address, you’ll be able to gather clues as to who the person is.
  • The last and first names will also be displayed along with the details of the account. If this is true, it will reveal the name of the person.
  • Check your call history and check whether the number is in the logs. It is then possible to determine the number from memory.
  • You could also check the text history to see whether you’ve exchanged text messages before with this number.
  • You can utilize your device’s IP address to track users; however, you can’t access any IP-related data.

As per its privacy policy, TextNow will capture several data about its users like IP address information, email address, and device information such as phone logs messages, etc. however, TextNow does not share any information with you.

Data related to users are only available to the user if you’re an investigator for a case or a government police officer with the authority to look into these records under an order of a court.

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