How To Tell If Someone Deleted Their Instagram

How To Tell If Someone Deleted Their Instagram


More than a billion people use Instagram, spending an estimated average of 30 minutes per day on the image-heavy platform. It also consumes our lives and gives us unnecessary anxiety. 

Additionally, people suffer from a lot of body esteem issues because of how things are displayed on social networking sites. So, it’s not surprising that people want to distance themselves from this.

In this article, we have mentioned different ways you can tell if someone deleted their Instagram.   

How to tell if Someone Deleted Their Instagram Account

How to tell if Someone Deleted Their Instagram Account

If you are looking for ways to find out if someone deleted their Instagram account, you have come to the right spot because we have curated a list of methods, you can follow to find that out.  

Method 1: Directly Ask the Person

Many times, when we are worried, we tend to forget the easiest way out. If this person is close to you in real life, or if you simply feel comfortable with them, you can simply go up to them and ask them if they have blocked you on Instagram. If their answer is yes, don’t get upset; it might feel harsh at that moment, but at least now you won’t have to keep stressing about it.

Moreover, there is a slim chance that they have accidentally blocked you and don’t even have any idea of this whole incident at all. So, perhaps you might just be worried over nothing.

Method 2: Verify from New Instagram Account

Now, if you feel like you can’t ask your friends for this favor either, you only have one choice: to make a new Instagram account.

However, note that Instagram has recently launched a new feature for the privacy of its users. When you are about to block someone, instead of just one confirmation message saying Block (insert person’s name), it also gives the users one more option, called Block (insert person’s name) and any new account they may create.

So, if the person who has blocked you has chosen the second option, there’s very little you can achieve by creating a new account.

If you still decide to go forward with it, in order to make a new Instagram account, all you need to do is follow the steps given below.

  • Open the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  • Go to your Profile. Here, click on the small downward-facing arrow.
  • A pop-up menu will appear on your screen, containing the account you’re currently logged in on, any other accounts previously logged in on your phone, and another option, called Add Account, with a large plus symbol next to it. Click on it.
  • After doing it, you’ll see two options: Log in to your Existing Account and Create New Account. Tap on the second option, and all that will be left for you to do is fill in the required information the same way you did while creating your first account.
  • Now, from your new account, go to the Explore tab, and type in the username of the person who has blocked you in the Instagram search bar.

If you do find their account, it would imply that they have just blocked your official account, which is why you can find them from a new one.

Either way, you have an answer for yourself right there.

Let us start with our initial question: How can you tell if a person has deleted their Instagram account? In this section, we will discuss the few ways using which you can determine whether or not a person has deleted their Instagram account.

Method 3: Get Help From Your Friend

The first method is fairly easy. All you need to do is to ask one of your friends to search for the username of the person in the Instagram search bar, the same way you did to see if the person has blocked you.

However, if your friend can’t find their profile either, it means that they’ve deleted their Instagram account.

Method 4: Head Over to Their Profile

For the second method, you might have to get just a little bit technical, so bear with us.

Go to the Instagram website on your web browser, and type in After the last slash, enter the username of the person whose account you were looking for. After you’ve done it, the link should look like this: username).

If they have deleted their account, the result page will display a message saying: Sorry, this page isn’t available.

Method 5: Check Their Likes & Comments on Your Post

Now, let us move on to our third method for finding out if someone has deleted their account. You just have to be a little observant for this process.

All the likes and comments made by the person would disappear from Instagram, which is a clear indication of the fact that the account does not exist on this platform anymore.

How to Delete Instagram Account

How to Delete Instagram Account

Are you thinking about what a struggle it is, to maintain your presence on all of these social media platforms? Or do you just want to take a break from social media for a few weeks without the temptation of notifications? Let us help you with both of these problems.

If, and only if, you are totally sure that you do not want to use Instagram again (from your current account, that is) for some reason, all you need to do is delete your account to be carefree again.

The first step to deleting your account is to log into your account from any web browser on your phone and computer. Note that you cannot delete your Instagram account from the app itself.

  • Step 1: Now that you’re all logged in from your browser, copy this link (, and paste it on your web browser’s search bar to reach Instagram’s dedicated page.
  • Step 2: Log into your account from there, and select a reason to delete your account.
  • Step 3: Select the option: Delete.

With that we have reached the end of the article, we hope we were able to assist you to find out if someone deleted their Instagram account and the steps you should follow if you ever want to delete your own account. 

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