How To Subscribe With Twitch Prime On Mobile!

How To Subscribe With Twitch Prime On Mobile – Easy Steps


Are you trying Subscribe With Twitch Prime On Mobile, but you can’t access it with your Twitch Prime sub? It can be frustrating when you’re in a hurry and want to give back to the streamer, possibly in an event like a Subathon or a charity stream.

The mobile app is very easy to sign up as usual; however, we have to take your hard-earned cash out of our pockets, not Jeff Bezos.

Normally, you’ll have a live stream through the app. You can click the Subscribe button. This allows you to sign up directly to the channel via the app.

You can purchase your membership via your phone’s pay system like Apple and Google pay. In this instance, there’s no option to make use of paying for the Twitch Prime subscription. Here’s how to utilize the benefits of your Twitch Prime subscription on your phone.

How To Subscribe With Twitch Prime On Mobile

Once you’ve figured out how to join the Twitch Prime channel from your PC, it’s now time to learn how you can do it on your mobile device. The truth is that currently, you aren’t able to make use of Prime on mobile devices. The prime subscription on an Android or Apple device.

As this feature is not yet supported by the makers of this platform (it will be made available shortly), the only thing you’re able to do on your phone is to join the channel. Paying.

To use your Twitch Prime service, you’ll have to follow the steps below:

  • Start the Twitch application on your smartphone.
  • Visit the Twitch account you wish to join.
  • You can select if you prefer to go to the channel’s page or the currently running stream.
  • If you choose to go to the channel page, select the “Subscribe” option on the right side of the screen (in the box with white text).
  • However, If you opt for streaming, you will need to click on “Subscribe” in the purple “Subscribe” button, which is just below the video.
  • If you don’t notice “Subscribe” in the list, click the “Subscribe” button, tap on the video, and the menu will appear. Select the “Subscribe” option at the bottom and confirm the channel’s subscription.
  • Once you’ve completed the earlier steps, you’ll be asked which tokens you wish to purchase.
  • “Sub Tokens”, also known as “Sub Token”, counts for one month. If you want to join the Twitch account for four months, you’ll need to buy 4 Sub Tokens.
  • When you have selected the time you wish to stay subscribed and automatically renew your subscription, click to like “Purchase Sub Tokens”.
  • Choose your option.
  • Input the details of the transaction, then verify your purchase again.

After you have completed all the mentioned things and completed the above, your benefits from the subscription can be released, and you’ll be able to utilize these benefits.

Get a free subscription

Get a free subscription

Twitch allows you to express yourself and collaborate with other members.

We strongly encourage you to share your joy with others.

If you are already subscribed to a preferred channel, one option is to buy a monthly subscription again.

You can donate active subscriptions or subscriptions to Twitch users or the community of your favorite streamer.

It would be best if you did the following to gift a subscription :

  • Open the Twitch mobile application.
  • Use the search bar to search for the channel you wish to subscribe to again.
  • Keep tapping on the stream.
  • Select the “Subscribe” option from the menu.
  • The option “Gift A Sub” will be available if you already subscribe to the channel.
  • Click on the package that you wish to buy.
  • You can choose from one, five, 10, 25, or fifty subs.
  • After you have selected the subscription package you wish to donate, you can enter the user’s name you want to surprise or donate it to your favorite streamer.
  • Confirm your purchase by reviewing the payment details.

After you complete the above steps, the community, or a particular user, will receive at minimum one free subscription or a Twitch subscription that lasts multiple months.

Twitch Prime Member Benefits

Twitch Prime Member Benefits

Twitch Prime membership offers streamers great value because it provides a steady source of funding and support for their channels.

A monthly subscription to Twitch Prime costs between 4 and 5 dollars, depending on where you are located.

Twitch Prime subscribers have access to even more great content.

Twitch Prime Sub gives you access to bonus games, loot, chat privileges, and a Twitch Prime subscriber badge.

It is very easy to get Twitch Prime today. You need an Amazon Prime account and an Amazon Prime Video subscription.

You will also receive a free Twitch subscription from month to month.

This exclusive benefit can only be used on one channel per month.

If you do not have one of the accounts we mentioned, you can sign up for a Prime account without a linked Prime account.

Twitch Prime is also a bonus for Amazon Prime users. We have seen that many Amazon Prime users end up on Twitch because of its simple setup.

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