How To Stream On Youtube From PS4?

How To Stream On Youtube From PS4?


You are convinced streaming games on the Playstation 4 on Youtube, Twitch, and other sites are the newest way to make cash online but aren’t sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered.

Learn more about How To Stream On Youtube From PS4?

Learn how to stream games from the PS4 to your PS4 onto your Youtube and purchase the most effective PS4 streaming device required.

In the beginning, you’ll learn how to connect your PS4 to Youtube. It is done through the Account Management tab. In the next step, you’ll learn how to begin the stream by pressing the share button, changing settings, and shutting down the stream once you’re done playing.

What Equipment Will I Require To Stream YouTube From PS4

What Equipment Will I Require To Stream YouTube From PS4

It doesn’t require much equipment to begin streaming. We suggest that you have:

1. DualShock controller with the share button (you must hit the share button to turn on streaming)

2. External headset or microphone

3. A good lighting ring for your home or DIY lighting

4. Monitors that stream to view chats separately from the game

5. Green screen (or a clear background in front of you)

6. Capture card

How To Stream On Youtube From PS4

How To Stream On Youtube From PS4

Indeed, YouTube is already built into the PlayStation, so you don’t have to purchase any additional equipment or software broadcasting your game.

Connect PS4 to Youtube.

First, connect firstly, connect your PS4 to your YouTube. This is the guideline to begin streaming quickly:

  • Locate your “Settings” tab on the home screen of the PS4 and click it to open the settings
  • Look for “Account Management,” then choose it.
  • You will see “Link to other services in the next section.” Choose it.
  • This will give you a range of links to other services. You must choose “YouTube” because we want to connect your PS4 to an account on Youtube. Youtube account.
  • Follow the simple steps until you can link your account. Click on login to access your Google account that is required to access Youtube.

Select Start Broadcasting

  • The time is now for step 2 on how to broadcast your game. The process of setting up this streaming platform is easy for beginners, so be sure to follow our directions.
  • The first step is to start the game that you’d like live-stream. After that, once it is loaded up, click the “share” button at the top of your controller.
  • The control button will open an additional screen on which you will see myriad possibilities.
  • Scroll down three tabs until you see ‘Broadcast gameplay. Select the button that says X within this tab. When doing this, you choose ‘broadcast gameplay’ that will open the possibility to connect to other services.
  • On the page of broadcast gameplay, There are two options to choose the service you’d like to stream to, Twitch and Youtube, according to your account.
  • Select the Youtube service and join it with your current account. You can do so if you’d like to stream games through Twitch. Twitch streaming service; you may select to use your Twitch accounts instead.

Set Broadcast Settings And Begin Streaming

  • There are now a variety of options for setting the broadcast parameters. You can choose the quality tags for your video and create your video’s title and the description. Complete all of these according to your preference, and then configure how you broadcast.
  • For instance, you can include the game’s name in the video’s title to allow viewers to find your game played during the broadcast.
  • And lastly, Don’t forget to invite your friends!
    • If you’re looking for more advanced streaming video streams, you should press the “Options” button in your control. It will show the complete options. We suggest checking the option “using the Playstation camera to stream.’
    • By pressing the square at the bottom of the controller, you can see how the camera appears within the 2nd tab in the advanced settings. You can try to see your live streaming appear and prepare for the live stream within minutes!
  • If you are looking for high video quality in your live stream, you must also be able to have a stable and reliable Internet connection.
  • Choose’start broadcasting’ to play the game. You can also stream in the final step!

Common Problems You Might Face While Streaming

Common Problems You Might Face While Streaming

Learn about the most frequent issues that occur when you try to connect the PS4 to Youtube. PS4 with Youtube:

The stream was cut off

  • If you notice the red dot signifying the recording has stopped, it indicates that you’ve stopped making the recording. The viewers will not be aware of what transpired, and they’ll need to search for your stream once more.
  • This kind of feedback can be extremely annoying, so we suggest verifying that you’re connected. The stream is usually cut off because you suddenly are not online.
  • Be sure to have a stable internet connection before starting your live stream.

Live Video Delays

  • In the middle of your game, you notice on the screen that your chat is filled at the speed of light with complaints from fans. They’re all saying you’re behind or not doing enough.
  • It’s not a problem; it happens occasionally. In essence, it means that your Internet connection isn’t the fastest for speed, and it’s unable to cope with all the HD video features of the broadcast. The most effective thing you can do is reduce the stream video quality. This should solve the delay within a matter of seconds!

Viewers Don’t Hear You

  • You can see that you respond to the questions and comments of the audience’s queries yet don’t receive any response. It is possible that they didn’t hear your voice?
  • It can be fixed in many ways. For instance, you can check whether the microphone and headset are properly connected. Check the audio settings, as you may have set the volume low. Additionally, you may have accidentally turned off your microphone. It happens when you hit the “mute” on the controller “mute” button on the controller.


We hope we’ve provided you with the knowledge you need to allow broadcasting via Youtube using your PS4 and configure settings and then find the most efficient and affordable equipment. Additionally, you’ll know how to quickly resolve common issues like delays, stream cut-offs, and audio quality issues without searching Google.

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