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100% Working Method to Stream Netflix on Discord in 2022


Netflix is one of the biggest video-on-demand services in the world. It’s now available on almost every device you can think of, including desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, game consoles, and even smart TVs. Netflix allows users to pick up where they left off whenever they want to continue watching movies or TV shows using seamless cloud technology.

Since it’s so accessible, Netflix is sometimes used in group settings with family and friends. However, since everyone is most likely streaming the same show simultaneously over one internet connection, you might experience buffering or hear sound but not see any video on your screen. This can be especially frustrating when playing games while trying to watch TV shows and movies.

Luckily, there’s a way to stream Netflix on Discord with no audio or video issues at all! Read on to discover how you can host your own streaming party for Netflix without any black screen or audio problems.

If you stream videos, then this is the article for you. In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to stream Netflix on Discord. Keep reading our article if you are ready to stream Netflix on Discord.

5 Steps to Start Streaming Netflix on Discord Right Now

1st Step – Downloading the Discord App

discord app

The first thing that you need to do is download the discord app. This can be done by simply following this link here and clicking install. Then, once it is installed, run it and sign up for an account with discord or log in with your existing one. Once done, go back to your PC and click > Play on Netflix > Start Application (or minimize it) You shoulda blank the screen after doing so, but don’t worry.

2nd Step – Getting Started

Once you have downloaded and opened the application, a blank screen will appear on your screen. To stream Netflix on Discord, it is recommended that you download a program called “Remote For Mac” from here or maybe even an extension for Chrome from here. Once it is successfully installed, go back to your computer and open up Netflix. Make sure you are logged in with the same account on both. After doing so, choose any movie or TV show of your preference and play it. Your screen should look like this:

3rd Step – Setting up Discord

discord app setup

To stream Netflix on discord, click > Play on Netflix > Start Application (Or minimize the window) You should see a stream on your screen after doing so. However, this stream will be completely black. To stream Netflix on Discord, you need to set up the webcam for both devices before playing any videos on Netflix. To stream Netflix on Discord, go back to your PC and look in the bottom right corner of the window. Click > Devices > Webcam or Camera You will see a box pop up. Click Enable Webcam and follow the prompts to continue with streaming Netflix on discord A small camera icon should appear when done successfully

4th Step – Finalizing Streaming

Now that you have successfully installed everything you need to stream Netflix on discord, it is time to start playing! Go back to your computer and click Play On Netflix (Or minimize it) Then, go back to your phone and open up the discord app. Click > Play on Netflix and stream away! This article has shown you how to stream Netflix on discord. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us with Discord.

How do I Stream Netflix on Discord on Mac and Windows?

It is possible to stream Netflix on Discord directly from your browser. You can stream Netflix videos in a high resolution and best streaming experience without losing the sync while watching it over the internet using Discord’s video chat option. The steps are given below.

  1. Open your Discord window in your Mac or PC browser and click on the options button in the top right corner. Click on the “Go Online” option to stream the Netflix movie with the best stream quality over the internet. This will connect you to Discord’s video chat service where you can stream Netflix videos easily onto your screen using Discord’s video calling feature.
  1. Once you are online, open up a new tab of Chrome/Firefox/Safari browser and go to the website directly from that tab itself. You can stream Netflix videos without any additional extensions or plugins required for streaming it through Discord’s video calling option which uses industry standard WebRTC protocol for data transmission between two different computers via the internet.
  1. While the stream is being played in the Netflix browser tab, go back to the Discord window and click on the stream button. It’s a small drop down button placed next to the options button. Click on this stream option and select your Chrome/Firefox/Safari browser window where you are streaming Netflix videos from your desktop by clicking on the “Choose Player” option which opens up the stream list mentioned above.
  1. Now that both of them are connected with each other, you can stop or pause either of the streams without affecting the other one because they are separate streams playing at their own pace independently of each other. This feature is not available when you stream Netflix using certain third party sites which require uploading local video streams over a certain service which requires stream data to be sent from one stream source to another stream destination. This makes those stream sites incompatible with Discord’s stream chat feature.
  1. That’s it, you can now stream Netflix on Discord easily without any fuss and using only the latest version of Discord( ) as your streaming partner for video calling purposes while watching high definition NETFLIX videos on your PC / Mac browser directly from website itself!

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