How To Stream HBO Max On Discord

How To Stream HBO Max On Discord In 2022


Are you interested in watching HBO Max on Discord with your friends to have fun? These instructions will enable you to enjoy your favorite HBO Max movies live alongside your friends! It won’t take long to master the steps. We’ve broken down how to stream HBO Max On Discord.

Discord allows you to binge-watch Netflix or HBO Max programs. It’s effortless and straightforward. However, you should be aware that this is illegal. Even though Discord allows more people to join your Live stream than before, you shouldn’t use Discord to watch Netflix and HBO Max as it violates their privacy policies.

This article will provide a detailed explanation and simple steps to stream HBO Max on Discord in 2022.

Can I Stream HBO Max via Discord?

Can I Stream HBO Max via Discord

You may be wondering if you can stream HBO Max on Discord. Then, YES! Discord can stream HBO Max without any problems. Following these steps won’t have to worry about the “No Sound” and “Black Screen” issues. You can also stream HBO Max with party extensions such as Teleparty. You can add the extension to your browser to stream HBO Max and share the link with your friends and family.

Anyone can view the live stream without restriction if they have the link. It is illegal to do this. Yeah! You should not stream HBO Max on Discord or any other app such as zoomTwitch, and Discord.

Sometimes, however, we feel compelled to do so. The Pandemic has made it impossible for us to get out and enjoy our friendships as we used. Live streaming is a great way to relax with friends over a movie or show.

How to Stream HBO Max on Discord with Sound?

How to Stream HBO Max on Discord with Sound

You can host a Discord party with your friends via HBO Max. You can watch your favorite HBO shows if you follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Download Discord to your iPhone, Android, or PC.

You must first download Discord to stream HBO Max. Download discord from App Store for iPhone, Play Store for Android, and other stores for iPads or Laptops.

Follow these steps after you have downloaded Discord.

Step 2 – Open Your Web Browser

You can open the web browser you are using to watch HBO Max. You can use any web browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Once you have opened it, navigate to the settings and disable hardware acceleration.

You can search for “Hardware acceleration” using Google Chrome. You’ll find “Use Hardware Acceleration whenever available” in the Chrome system settings. This feature should be disabled to ensure that the screen does not appear black or blank while streaming HBO Max via Discord.

It is essential to keep track of Hardware Acceleration settings in Discord and Browser when streaming HBO Max on Discord. This ensures that your stream doesn’t appear blank or black to the viewers in the Live stream.

Step 3 – Open Discord User Settings

After you have made the changes to your browser, go to your “User Discord Setting”. Scroll down to the Advanced settings. In Advanced settings, disable the “Hardware Acceleration” tab. After you do this, Discord will start again.

After you have closed your Discord app, you can re-open it. Click on Activity Status in the Activity Settings section below “Advanced” settings. You can now add the web browser you previously changed to as a game.

Chrome can be used to stream HBO Max. This is required to stream HBO Max via Discord with sound.

Step 4 – Start Screen Sharing Via Voice Channel

After you’ve made the changes to your Discord and Web browser, you can go to the Voice Channel. You will find the web browser you previously added in the “Discord Voice Channel”. The voice channel will display the web browser you’ve added to Google Chrome.

Right-click the icon to open the “Computer Icon or stream (name your web browser’s stream)” icon. A screen sharing box will appear. Click the “Go Live!” button below.

After that, HBO Max will stream on your Discord Channel without any problems. Your “Show Time” via Discord will not be interrupted if you clear your cache and Discord.

How to Stream HBO Max on Discord without Black Screen?

How to Stream HBO Max on Discord without Black Screen

Many people complain about “Black Screen” streaming HBO Max via Discord. This is because they are not careful enough to screen share HBO max on Discord. This is the most crucial step in “Hardware Acceleration”.

While Hardware Acceleration can help smooth out our online activity, live streaming HBO Max via Discord will only slow down our Discord party. You must ensure that “Hardware Acceleration”, both in Discord as well as on your Web browser, is disabled.

Here’s how you can stream HBO on Discord. Turn off Hardware Acceleration and use your web browser.

Discord Hardware Acceleration Offset

Follow the steps below to disable Hardware acceleration in Discord.

Step 1: Click “User Discord Setting” next to your Discord profile photo and open it.

Step 2: Scroll down to Advanced settings.

Step 3: Turn off your toggle in front of “Hardware Application”, and your hardware application will turn off.

Disable Hardware Acceleration on Google Chrome

Here’s how to turn Hardware Acceleration on Google Chrome if you are streaming HBO Max on Google Chrome.

Step 1-Open Google Chrome Settings.

Step 2 – Search for ‘Hardware Acceleration’ in your search settings.

Step 3– If is on, turn off “Use hardware acceleration when available” This is how Google Chrome will turn off Hardware Acceleration.

Discord: Best Method to Stream HBO Max

Discord: Best Method to Stream HBO Max

Here are some things you should know if you wish to stream HBO Max via Discord. It is illegal to stream HBO Max on any streaming service. You can use third-party tools such as Telepathy to stream HBO Max over Discord.

If you want to continue watching HBO Max content on Discord in any case, follow these steps.

  • Download and install Discord first on your computer.
  • Next, open the User Settings in Discord. This option is located in the lower-left corner of your screen.
  • Scroll down and click the Advanced tab.
  • You will need to disable Hardware Acceleration on the right. You will be asked to relaunch Discord.
  • After Discord is relaunched, scroll down to User Settings. Click on Activity Status.
  • Click the Add It option (blue icon) to add Google Chrome to your browser.
  • Click on ESC in the upper right corner under Activity Status.
  • Go to the Voice Channel and see Google Chrome appearing at the bottom as a game you can stream directly from.
  • Highlight Google Chrome, then click on the Stream Google Chrome button.
  • You will see a new window. Click on Go Live to open it.
  • You will then see a screen in the video preview connected to your web browser.
  • The screen will still be blank and black.
  • Open Google Chrome, and then go to Settings.
  • Just search for hardware and disable “Use Hardware Acceleration when available”.
  • After restarting your browser, you should see the video under Discord in your screen share. You can clear your browser cache and Discord cache if the video does not appear.
  • Finally, this will allow you to share HBO Max with friends via Discord.

This is all you need to know to stream HBO Max on Discord 2022.

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