How to Stream Amazon Prime On Discord – Tried & Tested


Everyone nowadays wants to have fun while sitting at home just due to Covid. As earlier people love to go out with their friends to watch movies but all of this has been changed to online streaming. So are you also one of those who would love to watch any kind of movie or series with their family or friends while sitting at their own place.

Don’t worry we have got everything for you here. You can easily stream amazon prime on discord by reading the full guide. While streaming on discord you can also talk with your friends. It will make you feel as if you are sitting together and watching anything. So what’s better than this? I don’t think there is anything, Right? 

I know it’s in trend these days to watch movies with your friends online but I don’t think it’s common to watch on Discord. Everybody knows that all the streaming sites have been in trend for the past few years as all the made our years easy due to covid. 

We will tell you everything you need to know about discord and how you can easily stream amazon prime on discord. I don’t think you need anything else when you know this. Without wasting any more time let’s get started.

Something About Discord


Discord was created by Discord Inc. and it was originally recognized as Hammer and Chisel Inc.

I guess some of you don’t know what discord actually is. Don’t worry I have the details of that too so you need not worry about anything here on our page. You are at the right place for your query I must say. Discord was released in 2015 but it was not that popular at that time. After that in 2017, it was popular. 

It is available in 28 languages and allows instant messaging, VOIP and it’s basically a digital platform where you can make group or private calls, you can easily share your screen and it provides many other features too. 

Where You Can Use Discord?

You can use Discord on your PC or Mac. From that, you can easily download the Windows version or Mac version. There is also a mobile app for discord and you can download that from Play Store or App Store. 

You can create various groups or communities on discord that are known as servers. From that, your friends can easily find you and join you whenever they find you online. 

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How to Stream Amazon Prime On Discord?

It’s easy to stream amazon prime on discord you just need to know the steps. Those who never used discord may find it difficult to use but once you know how to use it then it’s the easiest thing you can use. 

Several things are done for the first time. Just like working from home, attending online classes, attending virtual meetings. None of us had the thought of that as something like that will ever happen. 

So let’s get started and make sure to follow these steps to easily stream amazon prime on discord.

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Login To Your Amazon Prime Account.

You can log in to amazon prime from any of your browsers from any of your devices. 

Then Open Discord.

After just logging in to your Amazon account you need to open another tab on your browser and on that you need to go to the discord website and then sign in to your account. You can also download the discord app on your pc and then launch the software. 

Open Settings.

After opening the discord application or discord on your browser, the discord dashboard appears there you need to select the settings icon at the right corner of your screen.

Go To Game Activity

In settings, you need to select the game activity and then click on game activity.

Click on Add It Option

After clicking on game activity, you need to click on add it option on your screen.

Select Amazon Prime

After Clicking on add it you will come to a drop-down menu and there you will have the option to select Amazon Prime to stream videos. 

Then Click on Add Game

After selecting Amazon Prime you need to click on Add Game. 

Select Screen

After doing all these steps above mentioned, you need to close the settings section and need to go back to your dashboard. The option of the select screen will come on the bottom left corner of your screen. Then after this, a screen will appear on your screen where you need to select the browser window where you want to stream.

Adjust Streaming Settings

Doing that you need to select the streaming settings based on your preferences. If you have a free account then you cannot select a resolution of more than 720p. But if you have a discord nitro account then you can go for a higher resolution.

That’s It

These were all the steps that covered how to stream amazon prime on discord and now you are done with the streaming settings. Click on Go Live that appears at the right corner of your screen and enjoy the streaming amazon videos. 

I guess all your doubts got cleared here about how to stream amazon prime on discord. But still, if you find any difficulty while doing so feel free to comment and ask your query. I hope that this article will be helpful for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am Unable to Stream Amazon Prime On Discord. What To Do?

If you find it difficult to stream amazon prime on discord then read the steps mentioned above. Still, if it’s not working then try to download or update the discord software or app, clear cache, or restart. 

Q. Can I Watch Amazon Prime With My Friends?

Yes, you can easily watch amazon prime with your friends. You just need to follow the basic steps that are:
Login and open your amazon prime on your browser.
Select and open the video you want to watch.
Then select the party icon to invite your friends and family.

Q. Is it illegal to Share amazon prime videos on discord?

No, It is not at all illegal to watch videos in discord with your friends. 

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