How to Solve PayPal Won’t Let Me Send Money

How to Solve PayPal Won’t Let Me Send Money


Are you finding it hard to send money through PayPal? Although PayPal has now become the most popular method of payment all over the world. With this, you can easily and fastly send your money. 

But I know it’s very irritating when you are unable to make a transaction using Paypal. Worry not we are here with how to solve Paypal won’t let me send money. We are here for you with everything you need.

You are facing this problem may be due to insufficient balance on PayPal or there may be limitations on your account or there might be the case with your credit or your debit card and many more reasons like these. Worry not we are here with every kind of problem and also with the solutions to those. We will tell you here how you can resolve those problems.

It is very important to know why you are facing problems while making any transaction through PayPal. You need to follow the steps that we will tell you in order to solve those problems. These problems can be solved easily but sometimes it will take much more time than expected so you need to be patient here. 

So continue reading to know all the reasons and also how you can solve them. We will tell you here all the steps and you just need to follow the procedure in order to solve your problem.

Why There Is A Problem Sending Money Through PayPal?

Why there is a problem sending money through PayPal?

Firstly you need to know the reason behind why PayPal is not letting you send money. We all know that this platform is all about sending and receiving money. There might be something wrong that you are unable to transfer money. The problem may be due to insufficient balance in your account or maybe due to the limitation that is placed on your account by PayPal. 

So in this first check that you have enough money in order to make the transaction in your account. If you find enough money in your account then there might be some other issues. There will be limitations placed on your account when the user has not verified his/her identity. This might be the reason for your failed transaction if you have not yet verified your identity.

Then you need to reactivate your account in case you have not used your account for a long time period. 

In order to solve the problem if you are unable to send money on PayPal, you need to follow the steps.

In order to solve the problem if you are unable to send money on PayPal, you need to follow the steps.

1. In the first step, you just need to log in to your PayPal account. You can log in using your website or also through your mobile app. Then after you will login then you need to click the link to the resolution centre and this will be found at the top of the page.

Then you will see another link at the resolution centre and it will inform you that your account access is limited. So if there is a case that your PayPal has placed a restriction on the amount that you can send or receive for any reason then you need to solve that.

2. In the second step, you need to follow the instructions that will be given to you by PayPal in the resolution centre in order to resolve the issue and in order to reactivate full access to PayPal services and features.

3. Then in the third step, you need to click on the resolution centre link to dispute the transaction if for any reason you have to report an unauthorized transaction.

Here you need to note that PayPal will place a hold on the unauthorized transactions. So till this transaction is resolved you will be unable to send or receive money.

4. You need to contact the PayPal help centre for assistance if you are unable to send money or when you log in to your account. You can click the contact link that you will see on the PayPal homepage in order to get in touch with the help centre if you are finding it hard to log in to your account.

How To Solve PayPal Won’t Let Me Send Money

You need to follow these steps in order to solve PayPal is not letting you send money. This will resolve your problem with different funding sources.

1. PayPal Won’t Allow Me To Send Money From My Balance

Paypal won’t allow me to send money from my balance

Firstly you need to check the sufficient balance. If you don’t have sufficient balance then you can use that or the other funding sources. But if there is the case that if you have enough money and are still unable to send money then there will be the case that there is some limitation on your account by PayPal. Then you need to follow the steps to follow this. It will also not let you to send money if it has detected suspicious activity on your activity. You need to resolve this to enable us to send money.

There may the case that the recipients have limitations and due to that they can’t receive money or send money.

2. PayPal Won’t Let Me Send Money From My Credit Card

Paypal won’t let me send money from my credit card

There might be a limitation placed on your account and for that, you need to go through a security check in order to confirm your identity for PayPal. If you are trying to use an instant transfer and still there is a problem then you need to know that there is a problem with your debit card that is making it unable to process the instant transfer. There is suspicious activity so that might be the cause for this.

3. PayPal Won’t Let Me Send Money From My Bank Account

3. Paypal won’t let me send money from my bank account

These reasons may be similar to the payment methods that we mentioned above. This might be due to insufficient balance in your account. There may be a limitation that will be on your PayPal account that will be required in order to identify your identity and your bank account and are unable to process the instant transfer if you are using the service. 

There might be the case with your bank and for this, you need to contact your bank in order to gather more information. There might be a restriction on the recipient’s account. Then the recipient may have to go through PayPal’s security check or from the country and in this PayPal doesn’t allow to receive money.

This will hold a part of your balance which we will be a reserve and this is the amount that will be held in your account and used. Then you are unable to collect on your past balances from chargebacks, debit transactions, claims with the help of insufficient funds in the account, and fees.

This was all about how to solve PayPal won’t let me send money. We told you all the steps and also the reasons that are behind this. Now you can follow this and solve your problem. Still, if you have any problem then you ask us in the comment section.

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