How To Solve Payment Revision Needed On Amazon

How To Solve Payment Revision Needed On Amazon


Are you one of them who is facing a problem in solving payment revision on Amazon? Well, it is the most common problem that people face on amazon. This problem can arise due to a number of things and it will lead to this message. Here we are with the solution to How To Solve Payment Revision Needed on Amazon.

This message will pop up when you are unable to charge your card or when you are unable to charge your bank account. It might be due to insufficient balance and you might have exceeded your daily limit or you might be making mistakes when you are entering your card details and there can be anything else. 

We are going to give solutions to every kind of problem. So just follow these steps and solve your problem. I know it’s kind of frustrating to you when you will receive this kind of message. You might be hoping to receive the shipment message when you will enter the payment details but it’s very disturbing to see this kind of message. 

Though it is very easy and simple to solve. Firstly you need to understand what is payment revision message is on amazon. So let’s start with this and tell you everything we know about the payment revision messages on amazon.

Payment Revision Needed on Amazon

Payment Revision Needed on Amazon.

This is a kind of message that is sent to you when your payment is collapsed or there can be the case when your transaction is not completed. 

This means that you will not be able to buy the items that you were trying to buy as it will unable to charge you your card or your bank account. Then there will be a window that will tell you to revise your payment method.

Due to certain reasons, your payment can fail on Amazon. The basic reason behind this can be insufficient balance. 

So you need to make sure here that you have sufficient balance in your account and then amazon will only be able to bill you from your balance and not any funds. 

Those funds that are listed in pending. Or there might be the case that the user has entered the wrong credit card details like card number, expiration date or billing address.

You need to make sure that your card is not expired at that time as if this is the case then also the payment will get declined and then also amazon will tell you to revise your payment. 

When you will receive a new and updated card this may cause the transaction to fail and in case you have not updated the details when you are checking out on amazon then it will get failed.

How To Solve Payment Revision Needed on Amazon

Now you have to look for the reasons that are failing your payment and go and check your account balance first and make sure you have enough money. 

Make sure that you don’t have any pending payments. Another thing to make sure of is to check that you have entered the right card details. Anything wrong will lead to a failed transaction and it will ask you to revise your payment.

Another thing to make sure of is that you need to check your daily spend limit and you have not exceeded your limit for the day. If you have a new card then you need to update your card. 

Still, if you are facing a problem then you need to check that you don’t have any issue with your bank. If that’s the problem then you need to contact the bank and need to ask them what’s happening there. 

If they will tell you there’s some problem with amazon then you need to solve that. It is advisable to contact your bank first before you contact Amazon.

So after you will receive the payment revision message then make sure that you are not in any kind of scam as there are many fraudsters and scammers that are using this trick to same people. They will send these kinds of emails to people and pretend that they are from amazon. 

They put a trap for people to reveal their financial information. So when you will receive this payment revision message via mail then do the following things:

Make Sure That They Are Asking You Within The Official Amazon Website

This means that Amazon will send you a message via email and if there is a need to update the details of your card then it will send you a notification via email. Just check whether there is an email that will tell you to log in to your Amazon account and check if there is a need to revise your payment. 

If they both will match then you need to go further and need to revise your payment details. If there is a problem finding payment revision notification on your amazon account then there is something wrong.

Don’t Fall In Any Trap By Clicking on The Emails That Look Spammy

Here you need to make sure that you don’t click on any of the emails that will ask you for the payment details and then double-check that you have received a mail through amazon. 

If you have received any emails from amazon then inky click on the link otherwise it might be a trap mail for you.

You need to make sure that you don’t click on any text message asking for details as amazon will never inform you to revise your payment details via text. 

So ignore any kind of text that will ask you to revise your payment. There might a fraudster that is trying to get your information in your text link and he might steal your financial information.

Make Sure You Get The Notification on Amazon App

You will get the notification on the amazon app by amazon regarding the payment revision needed issue and also you will get that in your email too. If you have not received from this amazon then there might be a fraud for you.

Still can’t figure out the problem then try to follow the instruction that we have told you above. Firstly try to contact your bank or the payment provider if you facing a problem and you are unable to solve this. If your payment provider tells you to contact amazon then you need to contact amazon to resolve the issue. 

This was all about how to solve the payment revision needed on amazon. We told the reasons behind that you will get these messages and told you how you can solve this. Still, if you have any doubt then you can ask us in the comment section.

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