How To Share Instagram Story To WhatsApp Status

These days, everyone wonders how to share Instagram Story to WhatsApp status as Instagram stories dominate the web due to their user-friendly interface and fun add-on features that make stories appear appealing. After you’ve spent the time creating a stunning Instagram story, you’ll feel the desire to share that similar story across multiple platforms to reach the masses.

It was impossible to share or download Instagram story videos with music from the Instagram account in the past. However, the help of a story saver (Instagram Video Downloader) makes it feasible for Instagram users. With this third-party application, users can save their Instagram story using music and then share the story as a video on any platform they want to share it on.

Here’s how to get the Instagram story you’ve created or someone else’s and upload it to WhatsApp status, Facebook story, or any other social media platform.

How Do I Connect Instagram To WhatsApp?

How Do I Connect Instagram To WhatsApp

Similar to its integration with Facebook, numerous users hope that an Instagram will join WhatsApp. It has been showing the first indications for a while now to be confirmed, and it will be possible to start a chat with both accounts on one platform and reduce the time spent switching between different apps.

The current version is available only to account holders of companies or content creators.

You can go to your profile and look for Edit profile above your photo. Select the option ‘Public Company Information’> ‘Contact options’ > WhatsApp.

You can then add the number you’d like to connect to and then tap “Send confirmation code,” after which, once you’ve verified your WhatsApp number, it is added to the contacts on Instagram. Instagram profile.

How To Share Instagram Story To WhatsApp Status

How To Share Instagram Story To WhatsApp Status

On the user interface of the Instagram, interface, If you’ve altered the video you have uploaded to your Instagram stories and feel comfortable with the outcome, before publishing it, click the icon of a downward button at the top to download the video to your gallery.

If it’s a publication on Instagram’s Instagram Feed, It can share it, and it will be automatically saved to the gallery if you have this feature activated. To enable it, visit your Instagram profile page and tap the icon with three stripes on the upper left portion. Then go to Settings> Original Photos. The switch should be green to ensure that all photos or videos you upload to your profile on the Fed are saved to your phone’s gallery.

Open WhatsApp; then, on the top, select status>and then add the status you want to add, and on the bottom, a mini gallery will open in which the most recent images or videos are displayed. There are options to share your story. There is no single best method to accomplish this.

The issue is well known, but the truth is, you cannot transmit a story to another app and not use the original music unless you are using Facebook, which is directly integrated with Instagram, so you cannot transmit a similar background with WhatsApp along with the music you have uploaded to Instagram.

The same way you post Instagram videos. You can also send the video to your contacts on WhatsApp stories, searching for the chat you would like to share it with and selecting the small image to the right in the message box. Select the gallery. Then, you can find the video you wish to send. Once you have selected it, press the green button.

Be aware that you will not be able to share those whose profile is not private. You can publish your posts or those of other users with a public account.

Since Facebook and Facebook control Instagram and WhatsApp, there is extensive integration among the apps. Stories-like statuses for WhatsApp along with Facebook were mirrored on Instagram stories. Instagram’s Instagram app lets you share on WhatsApp to bring WhatsApp and Facebook closer to each other. Here’s how.

The process can be used for Android and iPhone with some aesthetic adjustments.

  1. Open the Instagram app and navigate to the post you want to share via WhatsApp.
  2. Click on the three dots on the right-hand side of the image or video and then tap Share to.
  3. WhatsApp is now open, and you can choose your desired contacts/groups to share it via chat. WhatsApp allowed Instagram posts to your status; however, the feature was removed.
    1. Tap on Next.
    2. Then, tap the Send button to continue.
  4. Alongside WhatsApp, You can share photos and videos on Facebook Messenger. It is possible to share your photos and videos on Facebook Messenger. The messenger Sharing feature is accessible on the iOS application for videos and images.
  5. The link only has an image shared, so those with whom this post has been shared need to visit Instagram to watch the video.
  6. To avoid this, it is possible to take a picture of the Instagram post and then forward it to WhatsApp.

How To Share Instagram Photos And Videos On WhatsApp Status Or Contacts – iPhone

How To Share Instagram Photos And Videos On WhatsApp Status or Contacts - iPhone
  1. Download Repost for Instagram via the App Store.
  2. Then, you can start then the Instagram app and then search for an image or post you wish to send via WhatsApp.
  3. Tap on the 3-dot icon located in the upper-left portion of the page and then tap Copy Link.
  4. Open the Repost application, then wait for it to identify that post you have copied. Press the post after it is displayed.
  5. Once the application is open, you may select to remove, move or change how the colour is displayed on the label by selecting the mark. In other cases, tap the Share button in the top right corner to save your photos.
  6. If you’ve chosen an article with many photographs, Repost will ask you whether you wish to save the selected photo or all the images. If it’s just one image, the photo will be saved automatically to Camera Roll.
  7. All you have to do. The Instagram video or image can be stored on your Camera Roll, and you can immediately share it with anyone via WhatsApp.


It’s precisely the same as it works with the Android application version.

Download Repost for Instagram from the Play Store. Follow the instructions, and you’re ready to go.

Final Words

Here’s how to send Instagram photos and videos to WhatsApp by hand. These methods are compatible with iPhone as well as Android devices.

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