How To Set Stop Loss On Robinhood

How To Set Stop Loss On Robinhood?


The traders can place various transactions on Robinhood to trade shares, EFTs, and such funds. The most common orders initiated through traders who use Robinhood comprise market orders, limit order stop orders, etc. But How To Set Stop Loss On Robinhood?

The kind of order will depend on the trader’s trading method. The stop limit is a combination of two types of order, i.e., ordering to limit and stopping.

Like the stop-loss orders, the stop-loss is partly the result of two orders applied to specific funds. It’s designed to limit or end the loss when selling stocks.

The stop-loss orders allow traders to place the market on a specific stock at a value determined by them.

It allows the broker to conduct the market transactions for the specific stock when it is confirmed that the price on the market is the same as the one provided in the trading journal of the trader.

In this case, the trader determines the minimum price the stock must be offered for sale through the broker. The funds cannot be sold for less than the cost specified by the broker.

How To Set Stop Loss On Robinhood On A PC

How To Set Stop Loss On Robinhood On A PC

Stop-limit orders allow you to have more control over the performance of your trade by setting up the trigger. A limit order will be activated when the option contract is at the price at which you have set the stop. The limit order will be put into effect if the contracts are sold at or higher than the price specified within your limit orders. Investors could use stop-limit orders if there is either a profit or loss.

There aren’t any commissions or fees per contract for trading options with Robinhood. But other platforms may cost you commissions or per-contract costs.

So, how do you set the amount to activate the stop-loss function? Here’s how to accomplish it with a computer:

  1. Log in to the Robinhood account you have created.
  2. Make sure to click on three dots horizontally in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Go to the option order screen.
  4. Click on “Stop Price.”
  5. Enter the desired amount.
  6. Choose “Continue” and choose between the one-day and 90 days options for time. If you’d like the stop-loss option set up for several days, you should select the 90-day option.
  7. Enter the number of shares you wish this setting to be applied to.
  8. Select “Review” to check your settings.

How To Set a Stop-Loss Order In Robinhood On An iPhone

How To Set a Stop-Loss Order In Robinhood On An iPhone

For those who prefer trading and investing while on the move, it is possible to use the Robinhood application available for iOS or Android. Here’s how to make a stop-loss purchase by using the iPhone application:

  1. Start Robinhood on your iPhone. Robinhood application for your iPhone.
  2. Scroll to the bottom to see the entire list of your stock options.
  3. Pick the option you want to set a stop loss from options.
  4. The stock’s past performance and other important information may be located here. Click on the “Trade” button, which can be found at the bottom of the right.
  5. Choose”Sell. “Sell” option.
  6. On the right side of the screen, choose “Dollars.”
  7. “Dollars” option “Dollars” option will bring several additional options when you click on it. In the “Conditional Orders” section, click on “Stop Order.”
  8. Click the Continue button.
  9. Input your stop price (which must be lower than the stock’s market price) and then click “Continue.” You may select “One trading day” as the time. The other alternative is to place a stop-loss set for 90 consecutive days. In other words, choose option two if you’re just in a position to hold for a few weeks.
  10. Enter the number of shares for the stop order you want to create the stop order. Then, select”Review” or the “Review” option.

How to Set a Stop-Loss Order in Robinhood on an Android Device

How to Set a Stop-Loss Order in Robinhood on an Android Device

For Android users For those who are using Android, the Robinhood app allows you to place a stop-loss order. Here’s how:

  1. Launch your Robinhood application.
  2. Your stock will be listed at the end of this page.
  3. Choose the company for which you’d like to set your stop-loss. Then, select the stock from the list.
  4. The stock’s historical data, as well as other crucial information, can be located here. Press the “Trade” button at the bottom right in the bottom-right.
  5. Select “Sell” from the drop-down menu that pops up.
  6. Select “Dollars.”
  7. Click the “Stop Order” in the “Conditional Orders” section.
  8. Press “Continue.”
  9. Set your stop price (which must be lower than the stock price) and click “Continue.” One trading day is a once-only option. Setting a stop-loss period of 90 days is the other option. You should consider option two if you plan to have the stop-loss in place for a few days.
  10. Choose”Review,” then click the “Review” option after entering the number of shares you’re planning to place your stop order.

Can You Set a Stop Loss After Buying?

Stop-loss orders are nothing more than market orders that aren’t completed; they are submitted to the broker. When you purchase stocks, you may place an order for stop-loss with a lesser value than the price at which they are currently traded.

If you place orders that are identical to the current market rate or an amount higher than the current market price, it will be activated automatically and instantly. This can transform your stop-loss purchase into a market order, which won’t be advantageous for you.

Establishing a lower rate than market prices is essential to ensure that the stop-loss trade you initiated is effective and limit the loss to a particular amount.

After you have purchased some stocks, you may also create the buy-stop limit order, which permits you to establish the minimum amount of the stock at which it can be sold, and the market can be executed.

Can You Put a Stop Loss And Limit Sell at Same Time in Robinhood?

A Stop-loss purchase allows you to determine the minimum price for the stock you want to sell your stock provided it is kept to a minimum.

On the contrary, the limit sell order permits you to set a reasonable price on your stock above which they could be sold. You can place both orders on your stocks simultaneously.

Combining these two orders allows you to dispose of your stocks with the highest profit. Your stocks will be within the bounds of a fair and foul price you set.

The primary benefit of putting the limit sale and stop loss together is that it can determine the best and least hostile prices for your stocks when you analyze the market. Therefore, it benefits you if you want to place these two orders simultaneously.

Can You Put Stop Loss On Robinhood After Buying Shares?

Can You Put Stop Loss On Robinhood After Buying Shares

Robinhood lets you buy shares on the platform through any order. You can place a stop loss on Robinhood after you have purchased shares.

You can set up an order to buy stop-loss that lets you list prices for the stocks you want to purchase. You can place an order to stop higher than the price to purchase the stock.

When you have listed the price of your stop, it’s in line with the price of the market, and your stock buying process begins. It acts as a benchmark that you can use to demonstrate your interest in purchasing the shares.

All shares purchased will correspond to your price or be lower than the price listed. You can buy shares through Robinhood and place a stop-loss purchase order the moment you purchase them.

It can help you increase the profits you earn and assist in minimizing the loss you incur when purchasing specific stocks.

Can You Put Stop Loss On Robinhood Crypto?

The organization and functioning of cryptocurrency on Robinhood are different from other stocks. Robinhood lets you place orders on EFTs, stocks, mutual funds, and other investments.

But, it could differ from the services they provide to cryptocurrency traders. The crypto-related management aspect is not taken into consideration by Robinhood crypto, which operates independently from other investments.

Therefore, the orders permitted on other stocks differ from those for crypto trades on Robinhood.

Robinhood crypto doesn’t allow you to make an order to stop losses for any crypto through Robinhood. It only allows two forms of orders: limit orders or market orders.

The traders cannot place additional orders on the crypto they want to purchase or already have in their accounts.


Stop-loss orders on Robinhood let you purchase and sell your stock at the most affordable price by allowing them to fall within the minimum to maximum range. The main principle behind stop-loss orders is to reduce your losses and increase profits by placing orders on all securities and stocks through this Robinhood platform.

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