How To Send Messages With Effects On Facebook Messenger – Easy Steps

You might like to send particular messages to loved ones using a special effect. With the latest update to Facebook Messenger, you can use cool effects to send animated messages to your friends. This guide will show you how to send messages with effects on Facebook Messenger.

This feature is probably familiar to anyone who uses Instagram. Messenger is now integrated with Instagram DMs from Facebook. Messenger also has new features like setting up custom chat colours, disappear modes, custom emoji responses, etc.

Many of us now look to Facebook Messenger and our friends for support. Because a large portion of society uses Facebook Messenger, it is the best way to communicate. Messenger has many tricks to help you improve your chat skills. You can also apply fire, confetti and new heart effects to your messages in addition to the usual gift wrap effect.

If Messenger is your preferred messaging app, you should try it. Here’s how to add cool effects to Instagram messages on the Instagram App.

Messenger Allows You To Send Messages With Effects

Messenger Allows You To Send Messages With Effects

You can now uniquely highlight a Messenger message if you wish. Effects on messages are currently in testing, but they don’t appear in any other version of Messenger or the Facebook chat.

It is easy to send a message with effects. To send a compelling message, first, you need to enter a chat. Next, tap on the magnifying glass icon to preview all the effects. Tap on the tab Effects edits if it does not appear.

To send a message to the chat, tap on one of the previews. There are four effects available in Messenger. These effects are visible to both you and the message recipient (if Facebook Messenger is installed on your mobile). These are the effects.

  • Text with a heart sends the text in a bubble with animated hearts.
  • Decorative text sends the text in the background with different geometric shapes moving in it.
  • Text with fire which surrounds the text in flames.
  • Surprise message displayed in chat as a wrapped parcel. Tap on the package to reveal the message.
  • Click on the effect you wish to send, and it will be sent to chat. Messenger clients, such as Messenger on Windows and the Facebook website, do not support these effects. However, the chat will display the same as usual, with the tagline (sent without love effect), (sent with gift wrap effect), or (3 sent with fire effect).

How To Send Messages With Effects On Facebook Messenger

How To Send Messages With Effects On Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger now allows you to apply special effects whenever you reply to someone or send them a message. Follow the steps below to update your Messenger app.

Step 1. Open any chat by going to the Facebook Messenger App.

Step 2. Tap the Emoji icon to add a message.

Step 3. You will see four options: Stickers, Effects, GIFS and emojis. Select Effects.

Step 4. You have four options for different effects. You can choose any one of these effects, and you’re done.

Step 5. This is how your new Facebook Messenger message will look.

Facebook has been busy with new Facebook Messenger functionality. One of the most exciting features is Watch Together. As the name suggests, the function allows friends to view the same video content together via video chat.

How To Add Fire And Confetti Effects To Facebook Messenger

How To Add Fire And Confetti Effects To Facebook Messenger

You can open a conversation on Facebook Messenger or start a new one. These effects are only applicable to text. It does not work with images or emojis.

  1. Type your message in the message box. Please don’t send it yet.
  2. Tap the Sticker button to the right of the message box.
  3. Tap effects.
  4. You can choose either the fire effect or the confetti.

That’s all.

Facebook has been adding new features to Facebook Messenger. Watch Together is one of the most exciting features that Facebook has added. The feature, named after the nickname, allows friends to view the same video content in a video chat.

Unfortunately, their latest feature, Vanish mode, is not yet available in the Philippines as of the writing of this article.

How To Make A Gift On Messenger

How To Make A Gift On Messenger

Sending a gift in Messenger is simple once you learn how to do it. Essentially, you’re adding an effect that wraps any message you type in pretty wrapping paper with a bow. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Open the “Facebook Messenger” app from your iPhone or Android device.
  2. Select the “recipient” of your message, then tap on the “message box” to type your message. Be sure you insert the message first, or the present icon won’t appear in the selection.
  3. Press the “down arrowhead” at the bottom of your screen to close the keyboard without sending the message.
  4. Tap the “magnifying glass” icon found on the right side of the message box. Once the text is typed, the “smiley face” icon becomes a “magnifying glass” icon.
  5. Select the “star” icon (Effects), then choose the pink “gift” icon, and your message gets sent automatically.

Other Neat Messenger Effects

Other Neat Messenger Effects

Thanks to Facebook Messenger, there are plenty of other effects available to liven up your texts. Aside from stickers, GIFs, and emojis, the effects options add visual appeal to the messages that you type.

At the time of writing, Messenger offers hearts, confetti, and fire along with your gift-wrapped messages. Following the exact instructions above, type your message, access the effects option (stickers), and tap on the effect you’d like to add.


This was a quick tutorial about sending messages using effects on Facebook Messenger. This feature helps add more color to Messenger messages.

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