How To Send A Message To Someone on Kik

How To Send A Message To Someone on Kik

Are you new to Kik and having a problem navigating the app, well worry not, in this article we have comprehensively explained the ins and outs of the application. How to register on the app, how to share photos and videos, and most importantly how to send a message to someone on Kik, all of this is explained in the article below. 

Kik is vastly similar to the other social media platforms that are available on the internet nowadays, like Whats app and Facebook, Kik also helps you to keep in close touch with your friends and family. What differentiates Kik from other popular messaging apps is its priority towards privacy and anonymity on the internet, this particular feature of the app made it so appealing to the masses, and now Kik has millions of active users. 

On the core level, Kik is hugely similar to other social media platforms, operation wise it does not offer anything different or unique. You can contact friends and family by manually adding their registered email addresses or scanning their custom QR codes. 

Similarly, messaging on Kik works the same way it does on any other popular social networking platform. Kik also provides its users with multiple multimedia options to communicate with people, users can send everything from gifs and emojis to sketches. You can even host live video chats as you would on apps like Skype. You can also take part in anonymous chats.

You can easily download Kik on iOS, Android, and Amazon’s Kindle Fire, the application is compatible with most devices, and it is free of cost as well. Once downloaded, you only need to provide an email to register your account and select a user ID. That ID identifies Kik users, which means your personal information is more secure, you can contact people on Kik with either complete or partial anonymity.

 Once, you have downloaded the application on your device, its registration process is very simple, which has increased its popularity with teens who easily be on the application and talk to people they shouldn’t, taking advantage of the anonymity feature. Currently, the age restriction of Kik is 13 years, though the Apple App Store rates it as inappropriate for anyone younger than 17. If guardians or parents think that it is inappropriate for their kids to be registered on the app, they can submit an account deactivation request to [email protected] to remove their account.  

You can also report a user in case you receive an inappropriate text from them.

Now that we have covered the basics of the app, let’s jump to our today’s topic i.e how to send a message to someone on Kik.

 How To Send A Message To Someone On Kik

 How to send a message to someone on Kik

Sending messages on Kik is not rocket science, it is a simple three-step process. Here’s how you can send a message to someone on Kik.

Once you are logged in to your Kik account-

  • Tap the speech bubble menu, select a friend, and type your text in the message box.
  •  Hit Send once you finish typing and that’s it.
  • On some devices, the Send button is actually a blue speech bubble. So if there’s no Send, hit the speech bubble instead.

As we are well aware, emoticons add some color and character to your Kik messages, and sometimes they help you to express yourself better. You can also add emoticons you your message on Kik. to send a message to someone on Kik with emoticon- 

  • Press the “smiley” icon above the keyboard to reveal the emoticon window and tap on one to add it to the text.
  • If you are not happy with the selection, you can get more emoticons at the Kik store. Tap the “plus” icon in the emoticon window and you’ll be taken directly to the store.

How to share Videos and Photos on Kik

How to share Videos and Photos on Kik

Like other messaging apps, Kik allows you to send videos or photos.

  • There is a small camera icon underneath the chat box. Once you tap on it, Kik will ask you to allow camera roll access.
  • Press OK/Allow and select the image or video you want to send.
  • You can also type a message to go with the content.

You can also take photos, selfies, or videos from the image/video-sharing menu. Press on the large circle at the bottom of the screen to record a video or tap on it to take a photo. Hit Send when you finish, and that’s it.

How to share Other Content on Kik

How to share Other Content on Kik

Besides photos and videos, Kik allows you to send memes, YouTube videos, stickers, and more. Again, tap on the “plus” icon and select a small globe. The following menu gives you a few options:

  1. Memes – use images to create a custom meme
  2. Sketch – create a cool doodle and send it to your friends
  3. Stickers – add stickers to your messages (the Kik store has a great selection of stickers but some of them are not free)
  4. Top Sites – choose a website from the list of popular sites and send the link
  5. Image Search – browse the internet for images based on keywords you type
  6. YouTube Videos – find your favorite video and tap on it to share

How to send an Audio Message on Kik

Kik is a user-friendly messaging app with a lot of cool features. Still, you cannot send audio messages like with Facebook Messenger, but there’s a way to work around this problem. Press on the large circle to record video, cover your camera and say what you want.

The app also features read receipts so it’s easy to track if the recipient read your message. For example, S stands for sent, D for delivered, and R for reading.

You can also confirm your email on Kik, however, this step is not necessary to start chatting or find friends on Kik. However, confirming your email is still a good idea because it allows you to retrieve your password.

In your emails, find the “Welcome to Kik Messenger!” email, open it, and click or tap on “Click here to complete your sign-up.”

And with that, we have reached the end of the article, we hope we were able to help and assist you with your qualm, and from further on you won’t have any problem sending a message to someone on Kik.

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