How To See Who Saved Your Instagram Posts

How To See Who Saved Your Instagram Posts in 2022


We see thousands of posts on Instagram every day. Everybody follows their favorite page, and they love a good video or photo. They may want to save the photo or video to view later to use as wallpaper or to send to someone. Everyone wants to know How To See Who Saved Your Instagram Posts
People sometimes save posts, but they don’t know how to access the photos or videos they saved. This is the question that’s weighing you down. We have this blog to help you locate what you’ve saved. All information about Instagram’s “Save” feature will be available. So, let’s get started.

How To See Who Saved Your Instagram Posts

How to see who saved your Instagram posts

You can save your posts and photos easily, regardless of whether you have a personal account. The activity saved and who saved it will be hidden from you. There is an easy way to find out how many people saved your photo or post. This feature is available in your Instagram account’s advanced insights.

To access this feature, however, you will need to change your account to one that is either a Creator or Business.

  • Open Settings on Instagram and tap the Account option.
  • You can now choose whether you wish to make your account a business account or a creator one.
  • Once the switch has been completed, you can view your profile to the right at the bottom. You can then view your posts.
  • To save your posts, you can tap on the post.
  • First, the post will load. Then click on View Insight. This option will be located under the image/video of your post.

This is how advanced insights will be displayed in your post. The number count will be displayed on the bookmark icon. This number is the number of times your post was saved to a collection.

Does Instagram Notify The User When You Save A Post?

Does Instagram Notify The User When You Save A Post

When you save a post on Instagram, it doesn’t notify the user. Like you, followers don’t know who saved their posts, and they don’t get notified. Your savings would appear in the total saves of a creator or business user, but they wouldn’t know who these saves are.

Check Out How Many Times Your Post Has Been Saved

Check Out How Many Times Your Post Has Been Saved

You must first change your account to a Business or Creator account. Select Settings > Account and then Switch to Business Account to do this. Follow the prompts for the complete process. Then:

  • To view your posts, tap the Profile icon. It looks like a silhouette.
  • To view the saved count, tap the post.
  • Click View Insights below the video or image. You will see a variety of stats. The bookmark icon indicates how many times this post has been saved to one of their collections.

It can be more important to track who saved your Instagram posts than just the number of likes. Saving a post to an Instagram Collection signifies that someone likes your content and wants to share or refer to it again. However, unless you ask your followers, it’s impossible to determine who saved your Instagram photos or which collections they belong to. This limitation could be due to privacy.

Are There Apps That Allow You To See Who Saved Your Instagram Post?

Are There Apps That Allow You To See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

Although third-party apps may claim to be able to see who saved your Instagram posts, this is not true. There aren’t any apps that can pull this information and tell which person saved your posts.


Finally, Though it is impossible to track who saved your post, your professional Instagram account will give you valuable insights and analytics that will show you how your followers are engaging with your content on Instagram and how many people saved it.

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