How to See Who is Watching Your Twitch Stream

How to See Who is Watching Your Twitch Stream in 2021


You may have noticed that when you go live on Twitch, a list of people who are watching your stream pops up. You can also see the number in parentheses at the top right corner of your screen. But how do you know who is looking? This blog post will tell you everything there is to know about viewing who’s watching your Twitch Stream and what it means for branding yourself as an influencer or just starting out with streaming games.

Here is The Best Way to See Who is Watching Your Twitch Stream

1. Check out the streamers list!

You can find your viewers on the right panel on Twitch, next to where it says “following” and “viewers.” You might need to refresh your browser or do something else to make these numbers update. Your view count is also located in this same area (note: some people hide their viewer/follower count for privacy reasons)!

How to see who is watching your twitch stream

2. Viewer counts will only update around once every five minutes. This means if you go away from your computer while streaming or run another program, after a certain amount of time these numbers will become accurate again! Make sure not to have too many windows open when trying to figure out who is watching! Click for an example of what I mean.

3. If you are streaming to a certain channel, it will only show the people watching that specific stream instead of your own! You can use this feature to its fullest potential by creating alternate channels for multiple games or by sharing your main one with friends!

4. Twitch has its very own mobile app which allows you to do many things like watch streams and chat on the go! The app also updated recently allowing viewers to follow games as well as streamers (similar to the website). This is perfect for whenever you’re away from home but still want to check out what’s going on in-game!

5. It seems that if someone is not subscribed, viewing numbers will never update no matter how long they’ve been watching; however, the chat logs should update every time someone types something.

6. You can also view how many people are in your channel’s chatroom by checking out the viewer list on the right website panel as well as pressing F8 to view it as a live feed within your browser! This option is perfect for Twitch parties and other events.

7. Sometimes if you refresh too fast, the numbers may not update properly; however, this error eventually fixes itself after waiting a little bit or restarting your browser entirely!

If you need help fixing this issue (or any others), feel free to leave a comment and we’ll do our best to answer it! We hope these tips and tricks will make viewing easier for everyone! Thanks for reading and happy streaming!

5 Ways to Boost your Twitch Channel or Account


For many gamers who made a switch to streaming, their old Twitch channels have been nothing more than a ghost town. Maybe your friends and family were the only ones to ever follow you or maybe you just didn’t have any fans at all – this is usually due to a lack of followers, engagement, and interactions with viewers. If you feel like your channel cannot make it far as an individual entity (like it’s attached at the hip), then try one or all of these ideas on for size!

1. Your best bet is to find out what other streamers are doing right and copy them until you find what works specifically for YOUR audience: What games do they play? What kind of content should I post? How often should I be streaming? Do I need a camera or can I just use my webcam? What’s the right title to my Twitch stream and how long should it be? (etc.) If you want answers for ANYTHING, hit up Google.

2. Think of your Twitch channel like a website: No one is going to visit it if they don’t know it exists. Use social media(Twitter, Facebook & Instagram) to announce when you are planning on streaming so your friends/family have advance notice! This will also help build anticipation leading up to actually LIVE streaming!

3. When someone visits your channel, what do they see? Does the page load fast enough that viewers aren’t frustrated waiting for something to pop up? Is there enough variety in what you are doing? Are you reading chat messages to viewers or are they scrolling by too quickly for you to respond?

4. The #1 reason people don’t return to your stream is that there was no interaction in the first place! You can have a great-looking set-up, professional mic & beautiful webcam, but if you’re not talking with your audience then what’s the point? Saying “hello” when you log on and asking “how are you’ll today?” will keep them coming back each time. Make sure to save any messages that are sent in Twitch chat so you can read them out loud after their gone. This will allow the fans who weren’t able to catch the stream live(due to school/work) to see exactly what they missed!

5. When you are streaming, make sure you are having fun doing it. If you’re not enjoying yourself – why should anyone else? Despite how common this misconception is, remember that YOU are the personality behind your channel! Updating your fans about what’s going on in YOUR life outside of video games will keep them hooked and asking for more. It’s also beneficial to stream with friends or other gamers alongside you every once in a while just so viewers get to know who they can expect to see on future streams!

Remember: The most important thing about creating content for Twitch is finding the style that works best for YOU! If you enjoy gaming, don’t feel bad if others don’t follow suit(because without an audience, you have no followers). If you’re looking for a bigger audience, try collaborating with friends or other streamers to grow your fan base and build a community!

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