How To Search Reels On Facebook – Easy Methods

How To Search Reels On Facebook

Are you wondering How To Search Reels On Facebook on your smartphone?

Reels, an Instagram-like function similar to TikTok, was introduced on Instagram. Reels was also introduced to Facebook due to its huge success and high engagement rate. Creators can now promote reels on Facebook. (After syncing their Instagram and Facebook accounts). Surprisingly, Reels are now available to all United States users and Android users. However, it is more difficult to find the option to view reels on Facebook than on Instagram. Facebook has many content types and features, including videos, marketplaces, pages, etc. It can be hard to find FB reels among all the other windows.

This article will show you how to search Facebook reels from your iPhone and Android devices. As a bonus, we will help you save and find liked reels in your Facebook app.

How To Search Reels On Facebook

How To Search Reels On Facebook

The FB reels icon looks similar to the one we see on Instagram. It is easy to identify reels once you have found them. The location of the reels on Facebook for Android and iPhone is slightly different. It is easier to find reels on Android smartphones. To view Facebook reels on iPhone, however, you’ll need to know a few things. Let’s get to the point:

Three Ways to Watch Reels On Your iPhone

  • From FB Homepage: After opening the Facebook app for your iPhone, you’ll see a small menu with three options at the top. These options are ‘Stories, ‘Rooms,’ and ‘Reels. Tap on Reels. You will see a small section below that bar with some reel templates. Click on any reel to open the Facebook reels page. You can also slide the reels until you reach the end of this list and then click on the “See More” option. You can also view reels by clicking on this link. To create a reel, tap the first option, “Create reel(Make a quick video).”
  • Searching with the Search Bar: The best way to search Facebook for anything is to use the search function. Searching Facebook can help you find anything, from a user’s name and settings to all of your friends. Type reels into the search bar. The Reels option will appear. To go to the Facebook reels feed, tap on it. Scroll down to see all reels in the feed.
  • From Facebook Menu The menu is another way to search for reels on Facebook using an ios device. Next, click on the hamburger icon within your Facebook app. Next, click Reels to watch Facebook reels. This option is located next to Pages.
  1. Open Facebook app
  2. To go to the hamburger list, click on the link.
  3. To start viewing FB reels, tap Reels.

How to Search Facebook Reels on Android Smartphones

How to Search Facebook Reels on Android Smartphones

It’s much easier to view FB reels from an Android smartphone. You can also access the Reels feed on your Android smartphone. All you need to do to search FB reels from Android phones is open the app, tap on Reels, and go. It is located between Stories and rooms. After you tap on Reels, you will see a preview of reels above your normal feed. By tapping on any reel, you can access the Facebook reels feed.

Is it possible to search for a specific reel on Facebook?

It’s not. Searching for specific reels on Facebook can be challenging because the interface lacks a search icon. Facebook’s reel page doesn’t allow you to search for particular reels. You can search for hashtags and audio by clicking the search icon on the Facebook homepage. Although it’s not an exact solution, it can help you locate the reel you want. You can search for the account the reel was posted to and find it by recollecting the name.

However, if you are looking for, then search for a Facebook reel based on the content of the reel. Then use Facebook hashtags with audio to locate that particular FB reel.

How to Find Saved and Liked Reels on the Facebook App

How to Find Saved and Liked Reels on the Facebook App

Scrolling through the reels can lead to liking and saving videos you enjoy. Finding the creator’s name can be challenging if you wish to return to the Facebook reel. Facebook reels are changing this. All the spins you like and have saved can be viewed in one place.

Steps to Find Saved Reels on Facebook

  • Here’s how to access your Facebook saved and liked reels:
    • As we demonstrated in the tutorial, go to the Facebook reels feed
    • Tap the profile icon at the top-right corner
    • To open the section with all your favorite FB reels, tap on “ liked Reels.”

Another Method to Find Saved Facebook Reels

  • Finding saved Facebook reels is the same as finding liked FB reels. Follow the same steps, but select saved reels over liked reels.
    • Open the Facebook reels feed
    • Tap the profile icon at the top-right corner
    • To go to the saved reels section of Facebook, tap on ” Saved.”


Facebook reels are a powerful tool that you now have at your disposal. You can use reels to reach new audiences and increase your engagement. You now know how to search Facebook reels. Now you can create reels and post them to Facebook.

There are many ways to access the option of watching reels. You can find the reels icon on your Facebook homepage and navigate to the reels section. Check that your app is up-to-date. The profile icon is located at the top of Facebook’s page. You can quickly find saved reels that you liked on Facebook. But, it didn’t prove easy to search for a particular reel on Facebook. There are no guarantees.

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