How To Search For People On Pinterest

As most of you are already aware, Pinterest is a social network that allows users to share, follow, like, save and discover new interests by posting or as popularly known on the application, pinning images or videos to their own or others’ boards. The user can create several pinboards dedicated to common topics and browse what other users have pinned.

However, browsing what others have been up to can be proven a little difficult if you don’t know how to search for people on Pinterest.

 Worry not, because, in this article, we have compiled a list of methods you can follow to search for people on Pinterest.

How To Search For Friends On Pinterest By Name

How To Search For Friends On Pinterest By Name

This first method helps you search for people on Pinterest by name, by following these easy five steps, you can easily understand how you can find friends on Pinterest. You can see the ideas they save and share Pins or boards directly to their Pinterest accounts.

  1. In the Pinterest, Search bar enter your friend’s name, Pinterest username, or Pinterest Email address.
  2. Click Enter.
  3. From the menu, you have to Select People.
  4. To open your friend’s ID, you have to click on a friend’s picture.
  5. At the top of the Friends profile, you will see the following button. Click Follow.

How To Search For People On Pinterest using Android

How To Search For People On Pinterest using Android

How to search for friends on Pinterest? Here is another method android users can follow to find desired people on Pinterest. If you want to use Pinterest and are an android user to find friends by their names, follow these steps:

  • First of all, you have to open Pinterest. if you are using mobile then open your Pinterest app if you are using a computer or laptop then open the browser.
  • Log in to your Pinterest account;
  • Go to the search bar of your mobile or web browser.
  • Entering to Pinterest search bar will allow you to type from your keypad.
  • Type your friend’s name or anything you want to find on Pinterest in the search box. You may find your friends by using their profile titles or username. It will show you a list of relevant name searches. where you can filter them and find them easily.
  • On scrolling down, you have to tap your friend’s profile.  
  • You have to tap the Follow button now. It will show you on the upper-right corner of your friend’s profile page. It will allow you to follow your friend’s boards .and Pins You will observe your friends’ all Pins on your Home feed.
  • By tapping the Follow button, you can also follow a board on a friend’s profile. In this way, you can only follow your friend’s pin on a single board.

You can search and add friends on Pinterest by following the steps mentioned above. On Pinterest, you can easily find a friend and increase your followers by having amazing accounts relevant to your niche. You can invite them to follow you by typing their profile name or email addresses. It is the ultimate answer to this question; some possible ways how to find someone on Pinterest and how to follow someone on Pinterest.

How to find friends on Pinterest using iPhone or iPad

How to find friends on Pinterest using iPhone or iPad

Pinterest is a visual search engine. People are using Pinterest to discover new ideas and add friends. On Pinterest, you can find friends’ profiles search and add friends on Pinterest, follow, repin, and comment on someone’s post. This platform offers many other options as following all boards or only one in which you are interested. You can learn here more about how to find people on Pinterest on an iPhone or iPad.

  • First of all, open the Pinterest app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Log in to your Pinterest account.
  • How do you find friends on Pinterest, you will need to know the name, email address, or Pinterest username of your friend.
  • You will see the Pinterest search bar at the top of the screen.
  • Beneath the search bar, you will see the Tap people option. This guarantee returns Pinterest users rather than boards or pins.
  • When you type a user name, profile name, or Pinterest email address of your friend, it will show you a list of relevant users.
  • To open a friend’s profile, click the picture of a friend’s ID.
  • When you will tap Follow, It means you are following friends’ boards and pins.

How to find friends on Pinterest using Facebook

How to find friends on Pinterest using Facebook

You can easily search for them on Pinterest using Facebook, catch is their Facebook account should be linked to their Pinterest account, follow the steps below to search for people on Pinterest.

  • Open Pinterest and log in to your account first.
  •  Click on the Profile icon from the top-right corner.
  •  Select the Pencil icon next to the +icon.
  • Then, click on the Account settings option.
  •  Scroll down and click on the check box to activate your account with Facebook.
  •  Click the Continue or OK button to grant Pinterest access to your Facebook account. With this, Pinterest will find the pinners who linked Pinterest with Facebook.
  •  When connected, you will get back to the Pinterest home screen. Select the Search icon (magnifier glass)
  •  Now, type the username or Facebook name on it.
  •  From the list of suggestions, select the person to visit the profile page.

Find Someone on Pinterest Using Email

If you know the Email of a Pinterest user, you can find them without any trouble. Most of the users won’t have the same Email for two different accounts. In this way, you can narrow down your search volume and can easily find the person you need on Pinterest.

  •  Go to the Pinterest app or website on your smartphone or PC.
  •  Tap the Search Bar on the top. For PCs, choose People in the drop-down menu.
  •  Enter the Email address that you want to find on Pinterest.
  •  If the email you have entered is associated with any Pinterest profile, you will get the user results.
  •  Choose the profile and click the Follow button.

From these methods, pick a method that suits you and find the specific person on Pinterest. Once you have followed them you can easily share your Pinterest board with them, and can easily discover what they have been up to lately.

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