How To Scroll Through TikTok Handsfree

How To Scroll Through TikTok Handsfree – Easy Methods


Most users of smartphones do it with their hands; however, some users are unable to use their phones in this manner due to some reason or other. If you’re a TikTok obsessed user who wishes to know How To Scroll Through TikTok Handsfree, one specific accessibility feature could be helpful for you. By enabling this setting, you can browse TikTok hands-free.

How To Scroll Through TikTok Handsfree On iPhone

How To Scroll Through TikTok Handsfree On iPhone

We’ve discovered a secret TikTok trick that lets you automatically scroll through videos without using your hands. This is how you can browse through TikTok hands-free using iOS:

  1. Then, head towards Settings
  2. Tap Accessibility
  3. Choose the Voice Control
  4. Tap Create a voice control if you haven’t turned it on already, or turn it on. Voice Control.
  5. Click on Customize Commands and then, Create New Command
  6. In the box for phrases, you can type in a spoken word you like, such as “next” or ” down.”
  7. Action and select Run custom gesture. to Action and Select Run Custom Gesture
  8. You will be shown the screen. Tap the screen and then press Save.
  9. Then next, click the Application and choose TikTok.

That’s it! You’ve successfully set up your voice control feature on TikTok. Now, when you type “next” or the command you’ve set by keeping the TikTok app, it will cause the app to scroll until the following video.

How To Scroll Through TikTok Handsfree On Android

How To Scroll Through TikTok Handsfree On Android

Unfortunately, we’ve not found the same voice control function native to Android OS. But, we do have a solution. You can automate scrolling through TikTok with the Google Voice Access app. Here’s how you can navigate across TikTok without hands-on Android:

  1. Get the Google Voice Access application from the Play Store.
  2. Navigate to settings > accessibility. Find and choose Voice Access. Voice Access app.
  3. Click on the service to activate Voice Access.
  4. If you are asked, you can grant Voice Access access when requested. Voice Access app.
  5. Select Continue to continue. Then press Close to complete the setup.
  6. After that, you’ll see a blue floating symbol on your display.
  7. Click on that floating symbol to enable Voice Access. All ready!
  8. Now you can open TikTok and then say ” scroll down” to view the magical.

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