How To Scan A Discord QR Code

How To Scan A Discord QR Code: 4 Easy Steps


I no longer want to manually add my password and email every time I log in to my Discord. It can be pretty exasperating.

So, to find the solution to my problem, I searched through every nook and corner of the Internet.

And luckily, there is an easy troubleshooter for my problem, scan a Discord QR code.

Therefore, if you are also tired of manually adding your credentials every time you log in to Discord, scan a Discord QR code, and you no longer have to face the trouble again.

If you scan a Discord QR code to log in to your account, you can sign in on any computer using Discord’s QR code login feature without typing in your username and password.

Aside from that, the QR code login feature gives you complete control over login attempts. You can always refuse to accept a sign-in from a device that isn’t yours or that you’re not using at the moment.

How To Scan A Discord QR Code: Step-By-Step Procedure

How To Scan A Discord QR Code: Step-By-Step Procedure

We have already established above that scanning a Discord QR code can be proven advantageous for you, and Discord has a feature where just four simple steps can help you scan a Discord QR code. You can use any device of your choice to get the job done. However, do remember that once you generate a QR code, you have to scan it within 2 minutes; if the time has run out, generate a new code by refreshing your screen and then scan it. 

Fortunately, you no longer have to worry about your Discord being misused if you log in to your account on a different device. When you log in and scan a Discord QR code, you are no longer required to add your other credentials, such as your email or password; this protects your Discord profile from external theft.

Additionally, whenever you scan a Discord QR code to log in to your account, Discord sends you a message to check whether it is you who wants to log in and not an unwanted external person; doing this directly enhances the security provided to you, and ensures no one uses your account to malpractice.

That said, below are the steps you can follow to scan a Discord QR code.

  1. The first step is the easiest and most obvious; if you have the Discord application on your desktop, open it and log in with the required information if you haven’t already. You can also use a browser to scan a Discord QR code.

Once you successfully log in, visit the login page, and on the right side, you will find the QR code.

  1. Now that you have your QR code open the device on which you want to log in to your Discord. Once you open the Discord application there, select the “scan QR code” option, you will find this option under the “settings” option. 

Ensure your device has enabled Discord to use your device’s camera and other features.  

  1. Further, when you click on the scan QR code, a scanner will open on your device, point the camera directly above the QR code, and wait for a few seconds. 
  2.  After your device is done scanning, you will receive a message to confirm whether you want to log in to Discord on another device or not. Say yes, and you have successfully scanned a Discord QR code.

Scan A Discord QR Code: Advantages

Scan A Discord QR Code: Advantages

We have already explained how you can scan a Discord QR code; however, in the next segment, we have explained why you should scan a discord QR code.   

You can use any device to scan a Discord code, whether it is an iPhone, an Android, or an iPad, Discord lets you scan the QR code on all devices, but you have to make sure that you have allowed Discord permission to use your device’s camera and your job is done.

Additionally, QR-Code can store a good amount of information. This means they already have your login information stored in it; hence, you don’t have to manually enter all your login credentials when/if you want to log in to a different device. Just scan a Discord QR code, and it will do its job. 

Another advantage of it is that, even if 30% of your code is damaged, you will still be able to scan a Discord QR code.

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