How To Run Multiple Discord Clients At Once

How To Run Multiple Discord Clients At Once


As a default feature, Discord will only allow a single client to be running at the same time.

But here you will learn How To Run Multiple Discord Clients At Once?

This could be a challenge for users who utilize Discord to do more than entertainment and prefer keeping their contact information or activities distinct between various accounts. It’s unlikely to want Xx_360NoSc0pe_xX communicating with you in a business meeting, for instance.

You could certainly utilize the desktop and web client simultaneously or download the test build for public use and use it alongside the production build But is there a better method? The good news is that there’s a way to start multiple discord clients at the same time and not require any third-party applications or software Here’s how!

Can You Have Multiple Accounts On Discord?

You may have multiple discord accounts to use for both work and personal purposes or have created multiple identities for various gaming platforms such as Origin as well as steam.

How To Run Multiple Discord Clients At Once?

How To Run Multiple Discord Clients At Once

TRICK # 1 – Use Web Browsers (Recommended)

If you’re looking to keep it easy, the best method I’d suggest is to connect to different discord accounts via various browsers.

I am sure that you will have at least two web browsers running on your computer or phone, if so visit each one and log in with two different accounts.

Also, if you wish to have access to more than 2 accounts on discord please install additional web browsers

With the many browsers, you have many discord accounts that you can join simultaneously. Some of the most recommended and well-known web browsers that you can utilize are.

  1. Microsoft Edge
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Firefox
  4. Safari
  5. Opera

Then, you must open the Discord application on your PC to sign up for your first account.

So, if you’re using a Windows PC or a Mac then just open your browser, navigate to then click login.

TRICK #2 – Use Discord PTB

PTB (Public Test Build) PTB (Public Test Build) is the discord beta version that was designed to test and identify bugs.

Although I’ve been using Discord PTB for the last three months to connect to my second Discord account and for me it’s been working perfectly.

TRICK3# – Utilize Stack To Manage Multiple Discord Accounts Simultaneously

It is an application that permits access to multiple apps from the device, which means it’s not just discord, you can connect to other programs and apps along with Skype, Instagram, or other applications.

This is a feature that can be utilized by Windows and Mac Mac

How Do I Use Multiple Discord Accounts On Mobile Devices?

How Do I Use Multiple Discord Accounts On Mobile Devices

You can have different Discord accounts on mobile devices, Android and iOS in the same way as you would on computers. Download the app, then launch it in the browser as well or use it in two browsers.

Download Discord for your smartphone using the following hyperlinks:

  1. Android – Google’s Play store.
  2. iOS – Apple’s App store.

Also, you can open Discord using any browser on your smartphone. You might notice that the homepage changes to display only links to download. To fix this issue, you can access directly from your browser after logging in.

Other Ways To Use Multiple Discord Accounts

Other Ways To Use Multiple Discord Accounts

If you’re not happy with the solutions above Other options are:

  1. On your PC Install The Switch to sign in to multiple accounts on the same computer.
  2. Install Shift and add Discord as an application multiple times as you like for various accounts.
  3. On your smartphone, You can take advantage of the power of Parallel Space to make use of multiple accounts for apps.

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