How To Retrieve Deleted Hangout Messages – 3 Easy Methods

Google offers a variety of applications that are not only useful to use for private purposes, but also for professional purposes too. One of the most popular applications by Google is Google Hangouts, which allows users to connect with other Google accounts with ease.

It’s a chat-based app in which all chat messages will be stored in the hierarchy of conversations. It’s very convenient to utilize Hangouts on Google Hangouts as a medium to chat since it can be used in conjunction with Gmail, Android, or the Hangouts website. Since all messages are stored in the Google account There is no requirement to take any additional precautions to safeguard the data. However, sometimes, users could delete data through an error. Then How To Retrieve Deleted Hangout Messages?

Before you begin to look for a solution You should first determine the possible causes for the hangouts message being deleted.

  • The user has removed Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts application from the device.
  • The user deleted the conversation.
  • The user has performed the factory reset but has not backup the conversation.
  • The account is under attack by spyware or malware.

Is It Possible To Restore Deleted Hangout Messages On Android?

Of course, there is a possibility to restore deleted Hangout messages on Android because they’re not permanently erased and there is a chance of getting them back.

We are all familiar with the Google Hangout application as it has video chat, instant messaging, VOIP, and SMS features. It is well-liked by Android phones as well as iOS phones. The worst thing that happens is when chats are erased due to some reason.

Users erase them by accident, but then realize that the conversations were crucial and need to be restored. This is more difficult since the history of deleted chats is not stored by Hangouts. This means that after they’ve been deleted they are deleted from the app entirely.

Does this mean these conversations or chats are lost forever and can not be accessible? It’s not like that since we have the possibility of restoring messages on Hangout from Android.

How To Retrieve Deleted Hangout Messages

If you’re seeking ways to retrieve the messages you lost on Hangouts Here are the strategies to follow:

Recover Hangouts Messages From Archive:

Recover Hangouts Messages From Archive:

Recovery of your Hangouts messages is possible through unarchiving the chats. If your messages have been archived, you can retrieve them simply by unarchiving them using the correct steps and procedure.

The messages that are deleted in Hangouts are stored in the archive chats within Hangouts to ensure that they can be found in a matter of minutes as needed.

To retrieve lost Hangouts conversations from your archived area you must follow these simple steps that are listed in the following paragraphs:

Step 1. To begin the process, launch your Hangouts app on your Android phone.

Step 2. To proceed to the following steps, hit the gear button that is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 3. By clicking on the gear icon. This will bring you to the settings section in the program for you to continue with the following steps.

Step 4: On the Settings page there’s a chance to find an option to archive a conversation. It is necessary to click it to proceed. Follow up by clicking Okay.

Step 5. Then, find all your messages to be stored.

Step 6. You must return to the homepage within Hangouts application.

Step 7. Once again, you must tap on the gear that appears as a wheel to start the Settings section of the application.

Step 8. You’ll then be you will notice that the application will provide you with the choice to unarchive your conservation. You must click the Unarchive conversation icon option to reveal or restore all the chats you have in Hangouts to your inbox.

Step 9. This step will surely help you to get all the conversations you had that were hidden within an archived area of the app.

Step 10. It will show that every message and chat is retrieved in your Hangouts chat area.

When you adhere to the steps, as directed, and follow the steps exactly, within no time the chats you have made will be restored to you.

Tool For Android Recovery: EaseUS

Tool For Android Recovery: EaseUS

This Android Recovery tool EaseUS will help you get back the Hangouts conversations. If you’ve lost files photographs, files, or important messages, it’s best to utilize the professional edition of the tool to retrieve those back.

To retrieve the chats on Hangouts, simply follow the steps which are listed below.

To utilize this recovery software online, you have to get your device to be rooted, otherwise, the method will not work.

Step 1. In the beginning, you must first install the program on your PC.

Step 2. 2. Plug your mobile into the computer and begin the procedure.

Step 3. Then, open the EaseUs MobiSaver to Android and then click “Start.

Step 4. Once your device is linked to the computer software will be capable of scanning your phone.

Step 5. Once the scan has been completed successfully the computer’s screen will display the entire scanned information in neat order.

Step 6. Select the file you want to recover from the options available on the left side of the screen, which contains the data you want to be saved.

Step 7. In the left part of the screen, they’ll present you with the files available to be recovered using small boxes in each option.

Step 8. Check the box beside the options that you would prefer to restore on your computer.

Step 9. Click on the Restore option at the lower right of the screen to restore the files marked.

Step 10. After that, every file you’ve inspected will be restored to the device.

You’ll be able to receive your chats returned by following and carrying out the procedure precisely.

G Suite Recovery Tool

G Suite Recovery Tool

It is an excellent tool that can be used to restore your Hangouts chats that were lost quickly. The steps needed to recover deleted chats are quite simple with this Google Suite Recovery software.

The steps below contain all the information you must learn or do with the tool to retrieve your lost information.

Step 1. The first thing to do is to complete the process and download and install the G Suite Recovery program on your PC.

Step 2. The second step will be to launch the tool via the application menu. Once you are on the home page, you’ll find by clicking an “Add” option.

Step 3. Choose Add button. “Add button”option to continue the procedure.

Step 4. You have to enter the account information like email ID Server account ID, email ID, and the key file path for P12.

Step 5. Then, you have to click “Get User Mailbox” to add multiple mailboxes by using an administrator supervising the mailboxes.

Step 6. Now the next step is to select the one mailbox whose chats and other data you wish to save to your backup. Click on the Add button.

Step 7. The user will see the program which will list the mailbox you’ve selected. Then, click the Filter Set button and migrate button to proceed.

Step 8. It is important to remain cautious on the filter selection screen and ensure that the group chat folder has been selected.

Step 9. Once you’ve finished filtering click “I’m OK,” then click “Start Migration.

Step 10. You can select multiple data formats. Then, click OK. then click “OK.

Step 11. Then, choose the location to save the backup file to and then click “OK”.

Step 12: Once the process has been successful, you’ll receive an email confirmation that your Process is completed. Save the report in CSV. Click OK.

Step 13: To save the document, select Save the report to CSV. Click OK, and you’re done.


This article provided all information on the methods and tools that you can employ to restore or recover the messages deleted from Hangouts. In essence, the messages from Hangouts are restored when you remove them. Online software is available to restore them on your device.

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