How to Reset Your ONN Bluetooth Headphones

How to Reset Your ONN Bluetooth Headphones – Simple And Easy Methods Explained


Understanding how to reset your ONN Bluetooth headphones can help you solve various problems you face with your wireless headset.

Bluetooth headphones are far more user-friendly than wired ones. However, they can be a bit finicky at times.

Does your headset appear to work one day, only to stop working the next day? It suddenly stops pairing with your phone, and you don’t know what’s wrong? Are the sounds coming from your headphones filled with static?

It’s not just you. The majority of people have problems due to their Bluetooth headphones. It’s not due to inferior quality headphones. The reason is that manufacturers haven’t developed Bluetooth technology as of yet.

The positive news?

You don’t need to buy another headset when you experience a problem with the Bluetooth connection failing. There are a few ways to fix most issues that arise when using Bluetooth headphones.

How to Reset Your ONN Bluetooth Headphones

How to Reset Your ONN Bluetooth Headphones
  • First, take off your headsets, then press power for a couple of minutes ( approximately 10-seconds)
  • Press your power key until you can see an orange and blue LED.
  • Connect the headset to your device whenever the LED turns on.

Why It’s a Good Idea to Reset Your Onn Bluetooth Headphone

Why It's a Good Idea to Reset Your Onn Bluetooth Headphone

If the earphone you have purchased does not start, it is most likely not damaged. All you need to do is to reset the device.

A simple factory reset can fix various issues associated when using the Bluetooth headset, such as the following:

  • If your Bluetooth headset isn’t able to connect to your laptop or smartphone, take these steps.
  • If your smartphone can’t find your Bluetooth headphones take these steps.
  • If your device can find the headphones, but they aren’t able to connect correctly,
  • If your headphones are unable to break off from your device, even though they are both fully charged
  • If you’re watching a movie with audio that is running slow,
  • If the music is filled with static,
  • If you’re able to connect to your Bluetooth headphones, there isn’t any sound to be heard even if you select them as the default Playback device.

Before You Reset

A hard reset isn’t the only option if your Bluetooth headphones cease to work. Also, it’s not necessary to purchase new headphones. Sometimes, the problem could be just as easy as a wrong pair.

Resetting the device or waiting a couple of minutes can solve the problem. Restart both the device that is the source and the headphones’ Bluetooth.

A reset is a simple and secure process. After you’ve reset your headphones, they can resume regular operation.

But it is necessary to have time to troubleshoot the issue effectively. Recognize that if you notice that a Bluetooth headphone isn’t working satisfactorily, it’s not in error. It is normal and is expected of Bluetooth Audio equipment.

How to Reset Onn Bluetooth Headphones

How to Reset Onn Bluetooth Headphones
  • Shut off the ONN earbuds.
  • Press the power button for ten seconds.
  • Wait for the blinking of the blue and red LED lights.
  • Re-establish a connection to your device.

Another Method to Rest Onn Bluetooth Headphones

Step 1. Before you begin the Bluetooth reset process, shut off your Bluetooth headset.

Step 2. Locate the Bluetooth headset’s power button.

Step 3. Depress the Bluetooth headset’s power button. (On specific headsets, it is necessary to press the power and volume buttons simultaneously.)

Step 4. For between 5 and 20 seconds, hold and press 5 to 20 seconds the Power button (together with the Volume + button).

Step 5. Disconnect the headset’s power (and volume +) buttons.

Step 6. On some headphones, the LED lights blink or stay illuminated for a long time to show that the pairing is reset.

Step 7. Delete the Bluetooth headphones name from your phone’s Bluetooth paired list.

Step 8. Switch off and then restart your device or phone after the data has been deleted.

Step 9. Pair the Bluetooth headphones again with your device or phone

Step 10. If the reset procedure is successful, your Bluetooth headphones will be paired with your device or phone.

Step 11 After the Bluetooth headset is reset, it can now be used usually.

Clearing the Memory of Associated Devices

Integrate the right Headphone inside the Carry Case and power it via USB.

For five seconds, press both of the buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds until you see the flashing LED sometimes. Then release the buttons.

The Headphone will erase any devices it has identified out of its storage.

Final Thoughts on How to Reset Onn Bluetooth Headphones

The wireless connection of headphones to Bluetooth devices could fail from time to time. Connection issues when pairing headphones can happen because of a variety of reasons.

If you try to connect your earphones or headphones to Bluetooth, but they don’t connect correctly, the most effective option is to reset your Bluetooth headphones or earphones’ connection.

Because different Bluetooth headphones come with varying reset methods, It is advised to go through the directions for your Bluetooth headset. You could press and hold two buttons, [PowerPower] or [Volume +], together for 15 seconds. You can also turn on the headset and then charge it up for 5 to 10 seconds. Or you can use the Reset button for a more extended period. Or you can plug the headset into the charging case and press the small button; if it’s AirPods, you can plug the headset in; the following is a comprehensive overview:

Method 1. Bluetooth headset has their reset procedure. It is highly recommended to read the Bluetooth headset manual to explain this Bluetooth headset reset procedure in-depth.

Method 2. If your Bluetooth headset comes with two power buttons and 2 volume controls, hit and hold [Power Switch and [Volume +keys] for 15 minutes. This Bluetooth device will reset factory settings and turn off and can be used following a restart.

Method 3:Try turning on the headset, then plugging the data wire in, and the headset will be charged for between 5 and 10 minutes. If the headset is charging even while being used, some headsets will automatically shut down and make it necessary for the user to reset default settings.

Method 4:Check to see if the headset has a reset button. Suppose it does, then press it for 5 seconds. You may get an idea via an illuminated light.

Method 5: Apple AirPods are resettable by holding and pressing the small button on the side of the case until the LED goes multiple times before changing to black, signaling that the AirPods are reset.

The wireless headphones you own can be reset when issues arise or if you wish to erase any network setting. It can be done with Jabra headsets, wireless headphones and wireless earbuds headphones, earbuds, and any other Bluetooth wireless headphones you own!

I hope that this post will be helpful to readers and can help you learn what to do to restart your headphones. Also, you can check out the manual for the earphones!

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