How To Reset DIRECTV Remote

How To Reset DIRECTV Remote?


Are you experiencing issues with your DIRECTV remote not working? It occurs to all of us. Perhaps it was dropped too many times, or you’re trying to replace an old remote in newer equipment. In either case, you’ll have to reset it. Whatever remote you own, as long as it’s got the DIRECTV logo on it, there’s an easy way How To Reset DIRECTV Remote?

DIRECTV Overview

DIRECTV Overview

DirecTV is a satellite TV provider that has the most coverage in Midwest, Nevada, California, and the Southeast. DIRECTV is a great value for money and offers a fantastic range of channels, including every popular, local as well as premium channel.

Satellite TV can be described as a trusted source of entertainment, and DIRECTV has very high standards in providing customers with an efficient service. DIRECTV promises satisfaction with the ability to customize its channel lineups and affordable plans. DIRECTV provides access to over 18.4 million subscribers. Here are a few of the most notable highlights:

  • Extensive channel lineups
  • The best DVR service with excellent storage
  • Live TV stream on your smart devices
  • All the most popular Premium Channels

DIRECTV‘s services provide these features, making it the perfect choice for your entertainment requirements. This is a brief overview of all DIRECTV plans. Sign-up today!

How To Reset DIRECTV Remote

How To Reset DIRECTV Remote

If you notice that the DirecTV remote isn’t functioning If it is not working, reset the remote, as well as the receiver.

Reset Your DirecTV Receiver

Every one of the DirecTV receivers is equipped with a red button. The button can be used to reset the remote.

1. Click and hold down your Reset button until it is reactivated.

2. If you can’t locate that red switch, disconnect it from power outlets, then reconnect it after 15 seconds.

3. You have now changed the settings on your DirecTV receiver.

Reset Your DirecTV Remote

1. Click the Menu button on your DirecTV remote.

2. Choose the Settings option.

3. Click on the remote control option and then press to activate the Select button on the remote.

4. Make sure you highlight the option Reset Remote option, then press the select button.

5. If you own a DirecTV Genie remote, you have four choices. Of them, select one of them: the reset remote option.

6. The remote will be reset automatically. If you’ve set up any code, type in the code you used to set it up.

Reset DirecTV Remote Manually

1. Hold and press and hold the Mute and Select buttons simultaneously on the DirecTV remote until the light blinks three times.

2. After that, press 9-8 1 from the remote, and hit on the select button.

3. The light flashing is flashing three times, and that’s it.

There are a variety of methods you can reset DirecTV remotes. The method can be used to reset DirecTV Rc73, rc71 RCR66, rc65, as well as IR remotes. Also, you can reset your Genie remote using the steps described above.

How Do I Fix The Problem With DIRECTV Remote?

How Do I Fix The Problem With DIRECTV Remote

It is the Genie remote that functions differently. It makes use of light to communicate to the receiver. If anything is blocking the receiver’s light source, the operation of the remote may be compromised. So, your DIRECTV receiver must be in a straight line of sight and be clear of obstacles. If you’re Genie remote isn’t functioning, before you figure out what to do to fix your remote to work with the DIRECTV Genie, you will need to change the following settings:

Check the strength of your battery

The batteries could be worn-out or old. It is possible to test the battery’s strength of your batteries using the remote control DIRECTV remote. To test the batteries, use the remote’s buttons and press them.

  • A solid green light means it is a sign that batteries are robust.
  • A flashing green light means that batteries work fine for the moment but will be replaced shortly.
  • The absence of light or slow blinking light means that the remote requires new batteries. Get rid of the batteries that are old to replace them with fresh AAA batteries.

Make sure to ensure that the remote is ready to manage the receiver.

  • Hold the Enter button for 3 seconds.
  • This will allow you to access a source menu that will modify the input on the TV.
  • Choose the source of DIRECTV’s input. For instance, HDMI 2: Satellite Receiver could be the title of the input. Find other inputs that you can configure on your TV.

Combine your Genie remote with a receiver

If you don’t see anything happen when you hit GUIDE make sure that the remote is connected to the receiver.

  • Point your remote at your Genie, Wireless Genie Mini, or Genie Mini.
  • Hold Enter and Mute simultaneously.
  • The screen will show applying IR/RF Setup. This means that the remote is connected.


If nothing seems to work for you If nothing works, contact your service department. service department. A knowledgeable agent can assist you with any questions. But, make sure you follow the instructions in this article and it will work!

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